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Missy Good

Date of Birth:

September 11, 1962 (click here for a cute picture)

Height 5' 10"
Marital Status:

Presumed single and available by dozens of adoring Merpups who wouldn't want to know the truth really.


Pembroke Pines, Florida. In a lovely new home..recently built. (click here to see Missy's office)


Some kind of tech-support thing trouble-shooting foot-warmers. Takes her all over the country. Really glamorous. Missy states NOT.


Mush, chocolate, mushy chocolate with strawberries, Pringles (not necessarily dipped in chocolate, peach pie with vanilla ice cream, Gab the Lab, writing thousands of pages featuring our favorite characters, and her newest purchase...a Pontiac Aztec.


Taxes, traffic, toothaches, turnips, cramps, sour milk, and network traffic constraints.


Other Tidbits

Does Missy have any Martial Arts Experience? Missy says: "(chuckle) Nope...the things I do have limited experience in are horsebackriding and the stuff that goes with it. (tack, saddles, bridles, etc.) Armor parts (I'm an SCA member) cooking (see previous) computers (obviously) Miami (obviously) and scuba diving. Anything else you see is pure imagination. I do try to do some basic research, however.

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Merwolf's Alternate Personas

 Not only has Missy kept us updated and supplied with the latest pithy comments about Gab the Lab and herself, she has also been known to swoop in under various guises and assist our panic

Here is the official listing of Merwolf titles contributed by Kerabe, Keeper of the Missyneudonyms

Merwolf the Absentminded
Merwolf the Admin
Merwolf the Administratively deficient
Merwolf the Amiable
Merwolf the Amiably Obedient
Merwolf the Amused
Merwolf the Animal Protector
Merwolf the AOL pissed off at
Merwolf the Astounded
Merwolf the Battery powered
Merwolf the Chef
Merwolf the Chuckling
Merwolf the Concientious
Merwolf the Editor
Merwolf the Efficient
Merwolf the Electricity deprived
Merwolf the Exaggerating
Merwolf the Expectant
Merwolf the Food critic
Merwolf the Forgetful
Merwolf the Geek
Merwolf the Head shaking
Merwolf the Hysterical
Merwolf the Incredulous
Merwolf the Indignant
Merwolf the Inquiring
Merwolf the Inventive
Merwolf the Laughing
Merwolf the Lefthanded
Merwolf the Mean
Merwolf the Meteorologically inclined


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