Merwolf Chat: January 8, 1999.

Note from Phil:

I am extremely sorry for the beginning of the chat being missing. I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off and got into the room late. ;(

Due to the nature/content of MY log, as opposed to that of a 'normal' user, some editing was done; only system messages, extremely obnoxious behavior and extraneous wizard chat was removed.

The first 3-5 minutes were not (to my knowledge) logged.


21:11:27 - Opening Log

Merwolf: Aww.. little beeping noises.

Cindy: TX has many talents

TrueXena: yes and i feel slightly offended

Chaseher: LOL

pooka: hi missy

Tiff: The teeth look the best

deboX: music please/

Merwolf: Sounds like an elevator

pooka: )KISS

Latsric: i like the outfit Isurus

XenasBard: wow

*** Jammin' in the Pub!!

WarriorBard: )abracada.mid

Chaseher: Why thank you..I purposely avoided Braces to keep them this way <G>

Roman: lol

Katherine: sorry i am setting on your head I can't seem to get off

*** Jammin' in the Pub!!

Roman: )Bitch.mid

deboX: missy, how are you?

Isurus: thanks lat


*** Jammin' in the Pub!!

Roman: )starwars.mid

Ripley: what did I miss I had to help my mom iwth teh TV!

Merwolf: Fine thanks... and you?

deboX: cool1

Latsric: it's okay

Tiff: Sexy

WarriorBard: holly pups 31 and up in the same room

Katherine: thanks

TrueXena: 56 on her all together

deboX: where is red?

gloworm: there's music?

pooka: missy any updates to ts

Merwolf: Does Phil have a number limit?

Ripley: good thing no one is claustrophobic!

Chaseher: hehehe....Hey Tiff you ever seen the Movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit....??? Oh heck never mind LMAO

Cindy: 100

Merwolf: To Tropical Storm? I thought I finished that one. (G)

Isurus: I think it's 100

Roman: yeah but is 100

Jen: lol

Katherine: 100

Tiff: LOL...yeah I have

WarriorBard: so whats the lag like

gloworm: well actually...

pooka: sorry the sequel

Roman: LOL

Merwolf: If you mean HW... I have one almost done - after the chat maybe.

pooka: hw

deboX: so who's what's that smell...?

gloworm: cool

pooka: yeah

Tiff: No we want you to add more Missy

pooka: )APPLAUSE

Merwolf: I thought I was doing a sequel already (G)

WarriorBard: 100 pups can join in tonight]

pooka: hw

Tiff: Oh yeah..well...guess thats okay then

pooka: i love it

deboX: we won't get 100 in here!

Merwolf: We don't have room for 100 avs in this room.

Cindy: THIS could be a sequel!

Roman: man I need to restart brb

Katherine: will be standing on the bar

Chaseher: If we were all Smiley faces it would work but then we wouldn't be as umm unique I'll say!! <S>

Ripley: I am keeping my chair!

deboX: ^brb

TrueXena: we ARE standing on the bar!

WarriorBard: well 100 overall

Latsric: there seems to be a cheetah on my head

gloworm: me too

Merwolf: No.. even with the tennis balls...

Tiff: Yeah....I thought I was standing on the bar already

Merwolf: I don't think 100 would fit.

Katherine: hows than

Chaseher: I'm standing on a Brat!! <G>

Rayner: I wouldn't worry about it lat.

*BG: Psycho Puppy: Hello

TrueXena: LOL

Isurus: This is really funny

Merwolf: I like the little animated Gabrielle.. that's cute.

pooka: so missy how was your work week

TrueXena: im just a painting on the wall

Roman: !@30,60 )Yes Hello everybody!

Tiff: Man, I wonder how long I can keep up this hip thing

Isurus: Hey! Who's standing on my foot?

Chaseher: LMAO


pooka: you said everyone was grouchy

*BG: Psycho Puppy: !Now!

Cindy: you dont have a foot isurus

Dana: where is the entrance

gloworm: where's the entrance?

TrueXena: awww we gotta go to the entrance

Isurus: where's the entrance

Roman: !@30,60 )Yes Hello everybody!

Chaseher: the we go

Ripley: man I gotta leave my good seat!

Katherine: why are we going to the entrance

Tiff: Where is it?

Merwolf: okay... where is the entrance?

*BG: Psycho Puppy: Lets go!!!

*BG: Psycho Puppy: !Lets go!!!

Chaseher:'ll hover to a new spot...LOL

Cindy: options...go to room

pooka: i guess its the village entrance

Isurus: What do you mean I don't have feet. OH MY GOD! WHERE DID MY FEET GO?

Brat: Why do we hav eto go to the entrace?

Latsric: i'm gonna get lost again

Merwolf: aw.. teh little dancing callie is cute, too..

Chaseher: Just hit Cntrl G and go to the Entrance tha way...

pooka: so missy how was your work week

*** ; Roman is Painting

Merwolf: okay....

pooka: you said everyone was grouchy

Ripley: I like to hover,

Brat: Thanx!

*** Jammin' in the Pub!!

Artemista: )daydream.mid

Chaseher: heheheheheheh

Merwolf: my work week? I'll tell you in a minute

pooka: okay

Roman: you're welcome

*Red™: )YES !@190,55 Hello! *Red™ is here!!

Dana: help squished mmm

deboX: where are we going?

*** Jammin' in the Pub!!

*Red™: )startrk.mid

Chaseher: Ok...headin to Entrance.....

WarriorBard: 63 and climbing

pooka: ut oh red is here

Dana: which entrance

Merwolf: PHil... what's up?

Artemista: hi all


deboX: red! hiya!

*BG: Psycho Puppy: GO TO THE ENTRANCE!

*BG: Psycho Puppy: ^!!!!GO TO THE ENTRANCE!

Katherine: why go to the entrance

pooka: and

XenasBard: what are we suppose to be doing?

pooka: then what

Ripley: do you think they want us to go to the entrance!

pooka: i think so

Roman: OK BG no need to scream we hear ya

deboX: red where are we going?

gloworm: then what?

Received file mg2.gif

*** t

Wulfwin: Ripley!

MONIEB: did missy make it over?

Roman: !@30,60 )Yes Hello everybody!

Candy: Hey Papa.. you didn't say hi back to me.

*** Red is getting to Chat room ready now..

Candy: Hey Ripley!

Cindy: is this a trick to get us out of the pub?

Candy: Hi Isurus.

*** It's will be open in a few minutes

Isurus: Hey Candy

deboX: ok what now?

ARTIST: hey tx

Brat: Whoa!

Candy: Hey Debox.. you're sitting on my head. <ouch!>

Latsric: oops..left my beer in the pub

Candy: Hi Roman...

Brat: Hey Artist!

Rohan: sure, Tiff

Maritimer: werw gonna get crowded

Wulfwin: Ripley, go for this one

gloworm: nice cow--milk anyone. Did you bring syrup?

Ripley: Oo I am in a tree!

TrueXena: Zap is trying to get everyone to the entrance? why is that? aint we spose to be talking to her in here?

Tiff: Well maybe a bit Rohan

*Zaphod: small AVīs people SMALL AVīS

Merwolf: I have no idea...

EM: So any SNAKES in this room?

Rohan: hey dbox

Chaseher: Who's behind that Grassy Knoll????

Chaseher: heheheh

Rohan: Oscar Meyer

Roman: Nice, is that the tree where X&G... you know?

TrueXena: hey Pooka glad ya made it

deboX: Dana! wow!

Merwolf: I"m just going a long with the instructions...

Cindy: Is this sort of a YMCA camp look or what?

Jen: lol

gloworm: truexena, you are quite large--but i mean that in a good way

pooka: she is here

Tiff: Jen that is cute too

*BG: Psycho Puppy: Hello

Dana: thanx

Merwolf: nice tree.

Chaseher: WAHOOOO sweet

Ripley: instructions are good!

Rohan: We all are going on with instructions

Jen: thanks

TrueXena: yes and you have a sad face and i think that is sad

Rohan: Cindy, love your avatar

Papa Pup: Do we get clean linens

WarriorBard: 65 and climbing

Ripley: gloworm is sad again

Cindy: )paidhour.wav

Tiff: Glow is really depressing tongiht

TrueXena: 68

gloworm: hold on

Candy: Hey TX...Glad to see ya.

TrueXena: 69 we have 69

pooka: missy are you still going to do reviews of xena

Tiff: Hey TX what about the other avatar?

Merwolf: Most YMCA camps - you are lucky to get a mattress on the bed.. but I dond't want to make it too gruesome

Papa Pup: Can we fix glow??

gloworm: okay, back to the bird

Chaseher: what??????

TrueXena: LOL

Merwolf: I am.. I just missed this weeks.

TrueXena: sorry i uhhhh had to say it

*Zaphod: lol

pooka: i really enjoy your take on them

Rohan: LOL, Missy

WarriorBard: mm Missy you didn`t hurt your self falling of the ladder earlier in the week did you?

TrueXena: we got 70 now

*** The Missy Good Chat room is now OPEN!!!!

Cindy: this could be amazon camp...that why we hang out in the trees

Merwolf: nope.. I have a hard head.

Rohan: where do we go

TrueXena: duhhhh

TrueXena: we are there Rohan

Rohan: ah

*Zaphod: LOL

Rohan: Maybe I fell off a ladder

*** Everyone please limit yourself to ONE PROP Avatars.

Jen: lol

gloworm: Thanks for your concern folks, but I'm a bird again.

*** Or none at all

TrueXena: okeydokey

Ripley: I almost got smushed my a car today trying to get it unstuck in teh stupd snow!

Dana: ok

pooka: so tomorrow there may be and update to hw?

Merwolf: we don't have that problem here...

Wulfwin: whoops

Merwolf: tonight, an update, if I finish relatively early.

Tiff: I almost ran over a stupid road worker today

*Zaphod: SMALL AVATARS guys

*** thanks.. ;)

TrueXena: nope that ant it

EM: No snow in Miami but ya had COLD

Rohan: do you do that

pooka: )APPLAUSE

Blue Dragon: )YES !@190,55 Hello! Blue Dragon is here!!

pooka: )APPLAUSE

pooka: )KISS

Ripley: I don't consider 42 degrees cold1

Rohan: Hey, who kissed who>?

pooka: i love dar/kerry

WarriorBard: holy pups 68 pups and going strong

Roman: Ok

Papa Pup: how romantic

Jen: me either

Merwolf: No.. we had other traffic jams... someone crashed into a trooper giving a ticket to a limo.

pooka: i kissed missy

WarriorBard: )AARG.WAV

Tiff: Ouch...

Rohan: Hey XB

TrueXena: LOL

Merwolf: tied up the major highway for eight hours.

WarriorBard: )DEBUT

gloworm: 42 degrees-oh man, its like 3 here

Rohan: ouchie..traffic ticket there

TrueXena: tee hee almost scared me there WB

WarriorBard: )fist

WarriorBard: )fist

Chaseher: Missy..Did you get your idea about the Camp in HW from a personal work experience or did you see the previews for the Herc Ep and get the idea??

Merwolf: big time.

TrueXena: i am the holywoman

*** PLEASE wear a 1-pioece avatar or go 'naked' ;')

Wulfwin: hi Rayner

Merwolf: I haven't been to a camp, and I haven't seen the herc ep.. it's just imagination.

Ripley: Our interstates here are nasty there is an inch of ice on them!

*Zaphod: "just" she say s "just"

Rohan: good imagination, I say

Chaseher: Yepp...Imagination like no other

XenasBard: hey Ro

deboX: So Missy, can we ask about you, or just the stories...? <G>

Roman: rofl

gloworm: Hey Jeff, is that speedracer?

*Zaphod: You hearde the man .... cut down those avatars

Merwolf: ask whatever you like.. can't gurantee I'll answer.. but...

Cindy: Sunny Day and Skippy

*Zaphod: =)

deboX: hahaha

pooka: hmmmm

Chaseher: Yeppers LOL

Rohan: Is skippy from Capt Skip?

Merwolf: very coincidence.. (g)

Rohan: Okay, Missy I have question for you

Merwolf: It's skippy for the peanut butter.. but after I wrote that, I thought of Skip.

Chaseher: TX ...what's that?

Merwolf: (G)

EM: What was your inspiration for Skiyy

WarriorBard: holy mother of the Pups 75!!! and climbing

Dana: skippy the bush kangaroo

Merwolf: for.. what?

Papa Pup: Don't know, just saw it on the AVI rooom

Chaseher: heheheh

Rohan: Hurricane watch question

Merwolf: ha

Merwolf: go ahead

EM: Model for Skippy?

Rohan: Is the puppy calling Dar at work mean someone was in apartment?

Merwolf: wasn't any... (G)

Chaseher: Good Question

gloworm: Are we ever going to find out about Kerry's pregnancy test?

Merwolf: The puppy calling work was duplicating something my Gab the Lab did just last week. (G)

WarriorBard: hey wulfwin nice backrub you gave me earlier

Rohan: ah...Thank you

*Zaphod: Wow ... smart doggy

Merwolf: Yes - we'll find out about the pregnanacy test.

Cindy: Are you ready to try Uber Uber...D&K find X&G's scrolls from Reflections?

Ripley: talented pets!

Wulfwin: you're welcome, WB

Merwolf: (laughing) That would be twisted.

Merwolf: not talented.. big paws.

Merwolf: she likes to climb up on my desk.

WarriorBard: )APPLAUSE

pooka: will kerry and dar every have a rift

Ripley: my dog can go bald

Merwolf: pooka - no.

*Zaphod: heehee

WarriorBard: )gabsong.wav

pooka: good

Merwolf: been there done THAT>

XenasBard: yeah labs do that

Rohan: LOL

pooka: i dont like rifts

Chaseher: Will you be alternating again with a Regular X and G story ?

Merwolf: have the bruieses to prove it.

Merwolf: yeah...

WarriorBard: )GUFFAW

deboX: how much of the stories is based on personal experience?

WarriorBard: )GUFFAW

XenasBard: :love it TX

Tiff: So we get to see what the secret presents were or are?

WarriorBard: )holywoman.wav

TrueXena: LOL

Merwolf: yes - later in this story.

WarriorBard: )holywoman.wav

Rohan: Rings?

Rohan: sorry

Merwolf: guess you'll have to see.

Merwolf: (G)

Chaseher: TX...LMAO

WarriorBard: )howl.wav

Ripley: give us a hint?!

TrueXena: :what?

Tiff: LOL TX

Rohan: Can I be the toilet scrubber for the camp?

EM: I think Steve could use a pet snake

pooka: will there be flashbacks in hw

Jen: lol

Merwolf: uck.. you don't want to be...

TrueXena: :what?

Rohan: LOL

gloworm: I'm with Mary D--can you write in that my sword is in your service thing?

Roman: lol

Merwolf: I LIKE snakes...

Candy: Missy, what moved you to start writing in the first place?

WarriorBard: )paidhour.wav

EM: With or without fangs?

Merwolf: glo... go back in the story or..??

WarriorBard: )thund4

WarriorBard: hey Tx are you advertiseing or what

Rohan: my celphone is now in your service?

TrueXena: :hey if im gonna be a wallflower (or is it wall tree in here?) i might as well stand out

Merwolf: what motivated me to write? And idea that woudnl't leave me alone.

WarriorBard: )fist

WarriorBard: )BOOM

Merwolf: what was that?'

pooka: will you ever give up your day job

TrueXena: LOL

gloworm: I'm not picky.

Dana: I heard you used to write pern stories Merwolf?

Rohan: Is Warrior your first X and G story?

Candy: Was it a X & G story.. your first Fan Fiction?

pooka: to write

Merwolf: pooka - no.. something has to pay for my ISP

WarriorBard: )DEBUT

deboX: missy, how much of the stories is based on personal experience?

WarriorBard: )DEBUT

Merwolf: I used to write short Pern stories, yes...

pooka: pern?

Merwolf: debox - before the ubers - none. (G)

TrueXena: Pern?

WarriorBard: )DEBUT

Merwolf: I've never killed anyone...

WarriorBard: )AMEN

Candy: So you like Ann McCaffery?

EM: Anne McCaffrey Dragon series = Pern

Rohan: Ohh. Love Lessa and Bree..I cried when her dragon died

pooka: tx i think we think alike

TrueXena: what is Pern?

pooka: scary

*Red™: )YES !@190,55 Hello! *Red™ is here!!

Dana: a lot of similarities between your stories and anne mccaffrey - the affinity with animals for instance

Merwolf: yes - but those were six, seven page stories.

Merwolf: a little different than these.

deboX: ok, anything you can tell us about...? <S>

pooka: i have another ? about hw

WarriorBard: )AARG.WAV

Chaseher: These are books I would gladly purchase!

Rohan: how do you feel about your popularity

Merwolf: can't tell you? my credit card numbers...

TrueXena: :thinks we are not gonna know

Tiff: Good ? Rohan

Merwolf: how do I feel? wide eyed, most of the time, to be honest.

EM: How do you keep finding ideas -- your muse is prolific!

WarriorBard: so Missy do you have some thing messy lined up for steve then?

Rohan: The better to see then

Candy: I've been hearing about books of your stories? If they are available how does one purchase them?

Merwolf: the characters are prolific...they wont' shut up...

Merwolf: steve will get what's coming to him...

Ripley: I have voices in my head like that too!

Jen: he heh good

Rohan: Voices in your head? Hmm...something we share

deboX: hey red... nice party!

Merwolf: there's a page up by MaryD's...

EM: Yipeee

pooka: will you go into dar and kerry's background more

Rohan: Excellent, Red

Tiff: Not like that Rip....she is sane

Ripley: Heeyy!

Merwolf: yes...I kind of have to. We have to meet Dar's mom.

TrueXena: Missy? What kind of music do you listen to when your in the car?

pooka: i cant wait

Chaseher: Do we drive you insane??

Jen: lol

Merwolf: mm....light rock.

pooka: so cool

WarriorBard: do you want the voices to shut up then?

Ripley: me? nope only hit one curb!

TrueXena: kewl

Dana: do you have the pern stories on the net Merwolf?

Merwolf: no.. the'yre fun...

Merwolf: Dana.. nope.... that's not allowed.

pooka: what is a pern??

Dana: darn

Ripley: it was ices fault

Dana: oh well

Merwolf: Anne feels very differently about fanfic than Renpic does.

EM: Will Dar's dad make show in HW?

Merwolf: EM - yes.

pooka: anybody what is a pern

TrueXena: lol pooka

Rohan: Pern is a planet inthe Dragonrider series

Wulfwin: pern is the world created by Anne McCaffrey and there are a series of books set in that world

Dana: pern - planet - based on the stories of Anne Mccaffrey - mostly aobut dragongs

TrueXena: ahhh thank you Rohan

Chaseher: Have you ever thought of taking your writing to a higher level...I mean outside of Fanfiction and Uber all together?

pooka: okkay

TrueXena: did ya see that Pooka

Ripley: no I am gonna have to by Anne McCaffrey!

Rohan: Hey, that is what I am here for.

Ripley: um noW

Merwolf: I've met Anne, she's nice, she signed a croquest mallet for me, but she doens't like people writing in her worlds.

deboX: jeez... good thing there's a log here!

gloworm: About Dar's Dad, but you said Cait would be in circle and she never made it

TrueXena: yeah tell me about it deboX

Merwolf: no... I have a day job. G()

Dana: that's a shame

Merwolf: Cait was in circle.. she just didn't geta speaking role.

Rohan: I read your post about the technogabble..unreal

gloworm: Ah.

TrueXena: LOL

deboX: hey TX, any word on the Merwolf jackets?

Merwolf: yeah.. but it's true... (G)

Cindy: Did you send Kyle's head to Mary D? Where is the rest of his bod

Jen: yeah, me too zzzzzz lol

Dana: I think the character of cait - and the girl she hangs with is cute

TrueXena: not today, i sent off an email yesterday and nothing yet

Merwolf: Yuck.. no. .his demise will be explained.

Chaseher: Are you going to expand on Cait and Paladia's relationship any at all or stay focused on X and G and now little Dori <S>

TrueXena: will Call her tonight when the chat is done

*Red™: think Secans head is too rotted to send her? ;)

Merwolf: Cait is very cool.. and watch for the rewrite of Circle -s he may make a reappearance.. I've added a bunch.

Maritimer: a spot for Kyle's head is reserved at the Merpup Den

Rohan: Whoohooo

deboX: cool

EM: Yeah the birth of Dori was so SWEET

*Zaphod: cool

Merwolf: I was jsut putting in some flashbacks earlier.

gloworm: So with all this stuff hanging, HW is going to be as long as TS

*Zaphod: or longer ...

pooka: longer i hope

Roman: cool

Fayezer: I love flashbacks

Merwolf: I don't know.. I never know how long they're going to be.

TrueXena: yeah and i wont be spoiled tonite with that story cuz i was pushed into reading it

deboX: i love epics

Rohan: TS snowballed *beg* into a massive story. we loved it

gloworm: What's this about Circle rewrites?

pooka: dar and kerry really could be ongoing

Merwolf: yes... it was supposed to be two sections..

WarriorBard: :that surprise vist my dars father at the end of TS was a big shock I was on tender hooks for hours untill the next part came out

Chaseher: What made you decide to end TS where you did?

*Zaphod: uh huh

Merwolf: I'm putting Circle into one storyfile - and adding to it as I go.

Tiff: Did you expect this kinda response to your first true Uber Missy?

TrueXena: yeah but they couldnt shut up :o)

Merwolf: Tiff... not really, no.

Rohan: For the most parts, have we pups been behaving?

Merwolf: I was surprised.. because I didn't think folks would be interested if it wasn't X and G

WarriorBard: ^ouch

Spudhaid: Do you ever let readers' opinions dictate what goes into your stories?

Merwolf: I have no misbehaving pups.

Ripley: I have!

Tiff: So it shocked you some? Pleased?

Dana: will dar reunite with her mum

pooka: you were going to end it after chp 2

Rohan: sorry about breaking your board!

Merwolf: Spud.. no... I listen to everyone... but they kind of go where they go..

pooka: im glad you didnt

gloworm: I was kinf of gunshy when you first posted it, and it took me all of about 3 graphs to get hooked. Now I'm reading all uber stuff

Merwolf: shocked me.. yeah... the acceptance was much higther than I thought...

TrueXena: yeah we are sorry bout the board

Merwolf: a lot of people said that, glo.

Rohan: TS brought in a whole new batch of merpups

Merwolf: don't worry about the board.. it was funny....(G)

*Zaphod: heehee

Merwolf: I think folks are...

gloworm: I miss the board.

Tiff: I read LR...right before TS....and then I was totally hooked

Maritimer: Missy: Do you feel you have more freedom when writing D&K vs. X &G

Chaseher: I didn't start reading it untill chapter 11 was posted LOL...then I took a day off to read all that LOL!! Thanks again for the hook up TX LOL

Merwolf: kind of gunshy about X and G right now...

pooka: why

deboX: why?

Merwolf: yes and no.. because my X and G aren't really like the shows, so..

Rohan: That is okay..we like them like that

Papa Pup: It seems people enjoy the X&G relationship.. no matter who is living it

EM: I like your X&G better

TrueXena: not a problem Chase :o)

deboX: they're better!

Cindy: Your X & G are the real ones

*Zaphod: love em , yeah

Merwolf: it's fun to write Xena, because she can just smack the crap otu of people when she wants to.

Isurus: cool I made it

Merwolf: and she never gets arrested.

Rohan: Can she come to my house then?

pooka: so can dar sort of

TrueXena: LOL

WarriorBard: I think you made Xenaverse history with TS with the amount of feedback you must have gotten about it with so many people getting into the uber thing

Chaseher: Did you want to stay with the way the show was going or are you glad that you have kinda stepped away from that??

deboX: ha!

Dana: i find them very similar to the show

Tiff: Yeah I agree....your X and G are the ones I see when I watch the show now

BG: holy gods there are a lot of people in here

Merwolf: I wanted to stick with the show...

Papa Pup: tuff gal,

Merwolf: but I jsut coudn't...

Merwolf: yes - I'm glad - because Uber shows off all the bard's skills much more, I think...

Holly: Will there be an uber Cait?

Merwolf: eveyrone can write what they want.. not belocked into X and G

Cindy: You have plenty to show off

Rohan: Who are your favorite fanfic authors?

Chaseher: Are you going to continue to draw some things from the show ?

Merwolf: An uber cait.... maybe.

Tiff: Hey Brat

BG: hey XB

*Zaphod: COOL

Merwolf: some things - probably..

Ripley: hey brat

EM: Uber gives you room to expand

deboX: I agree... Lucifer Rising got me hooked on uber...

pooka: hi brat

Stellar: hi all

Tiff: Is Colleen kinda like the Uber Eph?

Merwolf: my favorite fanfic authors? I cant say, because I'll leave one of them out, and get in lots of trouble.

TrueXena: TS got me hooked to get to LR :o)

Merwolf: colleen is, yes.

*Zaphod: lol

TrueXena: LOL

Brat: Someone say my name?

Rohan: Oohh,,,we will protect you , Missy

Chaseher: I kinda thought her Kerry's sister was the Uber Version of Eph!

Merwolf: Oh no.. I have to see them all in about two weeks!!!

Tiff: Nah thats Lila

Jen: lol yup

EM: Sharon [LR] won't be back to Xenaverse

Merwolf: No.. her sister isn't strong enough tob e Eph.

Jen: and a lot of us too

Rohan: Are you aprehensive about the convention?

*BG: Psycho Puppy: Hello

Merwolf: No.. I had fun at the last two.

deboX: Yay! Santa Monica... here we come!

Rohan: People will want your autograph..I cannot go!!!

Tiff: I do love when you recommand other stories those Missy...haven't done me wrong yet

Chaseher: So.....Who's the Uber Version of Pony then? <S>

Isurus: Who's going to be in New York?

Merwolf: she hasn't shown up yet.

Tiff: I will be in NY

Merwolf: I can't wait for Santa Monica...

Ripley: I can't either

EM: Pony Uber = Mike?

Chaseher: Sweeeet Somethin to look forward to <G>

Roman: rofl

Ripley: go that is

BG: NY all the way!!

Merwolf: I'm really looking forward to meeting folks...

deboX: me neither!

*Zaphod: sigh

Toes 12: how do we get out of here?

Nanook: Toes in here?

TrueXena: I am with ya on the I CANT WAIT deal Missy

Jen: dancing, right debox?

Rohan: I shall wave out my window as your plane goes by

Chaseher: I'm workin on the NY thing...

Merwolf: it's going to be fun.

deboX: Missy, are you going to come dancing with us?

Papa Pup: I have about 20 names on thre pup in NY list

Wulfwin: you guys are making me jealous

Isurus: cool. I'll be there

Merwolf: those little dancing avs are so cute.

Xenalli: me too

pooka: i wish i could go

TrueXena: yes i have reserved dinner for Sat just to get a chance ta meet ya :o)

Tiff: You need to resend them Pop.

Merwolf: it's not the con...

BG: how d we get the cool avs?

Ripley: I am jealous, Santa Monica is way warmer then here!

Tiff: Oh and I am gonna call Meow Mix this eek

Merwolf: it's meeting the other fans that's the best part.

Tiff: week

Nanook: Hey ..I missed that is Missy coming to NY?

Stoley: I second that

deboX: missy, are you going to come dancing with us?

Papa Pup: I will .. this week

Merwolf: at SM? I'll come to the club.. (G)

Merwolf: sure...

deboX: Cool!

Jen: cool

pooka: we need music

Chaseher: Yes but who will get more attention....Missy or the Con LOL!!! <S>

TrueXena: oh and the fans want to meet you too :o) (least this pup does)

Jen: lol

Rohan: Missy will get more attention

Chaseher: yepp

Holly: Is Dar openly gay at the office?

pooka: hey i cant go so someone take pictures please

Brat: Im not going to the SM con but mebb the NY one

TrueXena: MISSY chaser for sure Missy!

deboX: Are you coming by yourself?

Merwolf: I was at Valley Forge, and at Burbank last year.. I think I liked Valley FOrge better.

gloworm: photos guys/ we want photos/

pooka: and post them on the web if possible

*Zaphod: yeah , plenty of pictures

Wulfwin: yes, pics!

TrueXena: im taking plenty of pics and video :o)

Merwolf: yep.. I;'m roomig with Lunacy though.. (G)

pooka: especially of missy

Rohan: If they ever have a con in Oregon, I shall be there

EM: Why Valley Forge?

Rohan: Uh, does she snore?

deboX: ah, will Lunacy come too?

Shazb: make sure she stays off the puter!

Tiff: So are you gonna go to the NY con too Missy?

Jen: ROC <G>

Roman: LOL

pooka: hi shazb

Wulfwin: that sounds interesting, stay away from the nutbread

Merwolf: Because it was Renee's first con.. and she was really cute...

Merwolf: (G)

Shazb: hi there

TrueXena: ohhh yeah I have a pic of Zap that he wants autographed by you too Missy ill bring him along for the dindin

Maritimer: shazb babe

Chaseher: Eat the nutbread...pass on the henbane


Tiff: She was really cute Missy...glad Luce called

Shazb: Hey Nic

deboX: we have to go now?

Merwolf: Lucy's bit was a circus... to omuch press, and all.

*Zaphod: Yeah , thanks TX ... and NO pink

Merwolf: it wasn't very personal... renee's was.

EM: Hope Renee gets to go to a con again

TrueXena: right no pink Zap

ARTIST: yes pink zap

*Zaphod: NO

Rohan: She looks really slender on the show, is she that in real life?

Merwolf: I think it's her choice...

TrueXena: LOL renee

Ripley: Zaph looks good in pink!

pooka: shaz how much snow so far

Isurus: you made it chakan

Candy: Lots of pink Zaph

Merwolf: Rohan - she looks very SOLID in real life.

*** Page from k'Acknor©: raise it to 70.. ;)

*Zaphod: oh boy

Shazb: about 4-5 inches

Rohan: Wow.

Merwolf: if that makes any sense.

deboX: Missy, will Lunacy come with us too?

WarriorBard: ouch 57 in this room!!!!!

pooka: same here

Merwolf: I dunno.. you have to ask her...

ARTIST: yes pink

Tiff: Renee has a great handshake

TrueXena: Missy are you Solid in Real life?

Merwolf: Yes, she does...

pooka: missy would you like some snow

Chaseher: WOW....a handshake with Renee I'm jealous now

Merwolf: crash into me.. you'll find out.

BG: snow..sigh..we have enogh

Merwolf: (G)

Jen: yeah, i'll mail ya some...

TrueXena: ohhh ok :o)

pooka: missy doesnt have any

Ripley: Oo I will mail snow too!

Isurus: We have plenty of snow here in Indiana

BG: we should give her some

Merwolf: no snow...

Tiff: Yeah....funny to find someone with smaller hands then I

LUVJOX: !HI everyone

Latsric: i got some snow too, anybody want some?

Ripley: we only have lke 2 adn 1/2 feet!

Holly: Is Dar openly gay at the office?

Isurus: and more on the way

*Red™: Hey LJ

gloworm: No crashing into Alpha Female--its against the rules

EM: Nah, just wiggle into Missy and show your fangs [vbg]

Chaseher: Ohio is Snowed Under....

TrueXena: hey she said i could!

Rohan: Missy, If I can pick my husband off the floor, I can lift you , so watch it!! <g>

Merwolf: Holly, Dar has a 'if you ask, she'll tell' policy

Roman: lol

BG: oohh go!!

Merwolf: yikes.

deboX: How many pups are you going to pick up, Missy?

Wulfwin: go Rohan!

BG: LOL debox

Merwolf: (g) I don't know.. depends on how many fit the critieria

Dana: lol - interesting phrasing

Shazb: Hey Rayner

TrueXena: i thought the point was for missy to pick up her fans?

Tiff: Whoo...I like that Missy

deboX: wasn't it though?<G>

fOLLY: what kind of pick-up of missy?

gloworm: again photos, my friends

Jen: lol

Rayner: Hi shazb

Roman: haha

Merwolf: I"ll have to bring vitamins.

Rohan: Will Najara make an apperance by chance?

TrueXena: but if she wants me to pick her up by all means!

deboX: what's the criteria?

Merwolf: (laughing)

pooka: is someone going to pick up missy

Stoley: only if she wants to be

Rohan: *blushes* I did not mean that way

Merwolf: I hope not... they'll get hurt.

Jen: i don't know... she's pretty tall

LUVJOX: Missy, I'm new to your writings. Do they have a reading order?

Maritimer: were gonna have to add pick up lines to the Merpups Den

TrueXena: Ill pick her up if she wants me too :o)

Jen: lol

pooka: hahahaha

Merwolf: the order they're listed on in my site.

LUVJOX: Like, read one before the next.

gloworm: those were great

Merwolf: or on Mary D's.

LUVJOX: Ok. Thanks. I thought that was it.

Shazb: Off of Missy's page

TrueXena: Luvjox start with A Warrior then go down the page ;o)

Merwolf: We try to keep them in order...

Merwolf: sort of.

TrueXena: LOL

BG: :whew...lots of people

Merwolf: So, Phil.. was this what you had in mind?

LUVJOX: Ok. I've read A Warrior and the first one I read was Winter's ENding

Rohan: I am impressed with your trust in us, missy

Ripley: :you're telling me

deboX: hahahaha

*Zaphod: LOL

Merwolf: why?

Chaseher: hey....who's on top of me

Brat: :this is fun!

deboX: Red... you're awfully quiet tonight? <G>

Rohan: you open yourself in your personal life to strangers like us

TrueXena: DL chaser

Tiff: Where are ya Chase?

Roman: lol

*Zaphod: feels like i have 4 and not 2

FIRE(DM): I got lagged out, then my ISP was all screwed up... took me almost a half-an-hour to get back on! Sorry I'm late!


LUVJOX: Is that Pringle queen I see down there? Rohan?

Merwolf: (chuckle) It's not that facinating...

Poison Ivy: wow!


Rohan: Hiya, LuvJox

Merwolf: I have some pringles here tonight.

Merwolf: (dinner)

BG: mmm..pringles

LUVJOX: Kathy here. How's it going?

Wulfwin: and some nuts too

gloworm: Poison, your leg is, oh nevermind, leave it

BG: haven't had dinner

Ripley: I have chocolate coverd coffee beans! <g>

Roman: lol

pooka: no chocolate

Merwolf: those are good, too...

Candy: PRINGLES! Incoming! Wolfhole.

pooka: ah

BG: oohh..Rip I love you!!!

EM: Should we be worried about Kery pregnant and hurling?

Chaseher: Did someone say Coffeebeans???

Isurus: I haven't eaten either

Latsric: Maj? are you smoking?

Ripley: I knw I am lovable!

deboX: Missy, do you have a Kerry in your life? A friend of mine wanted to know... <S>

TrueXena: Missy other than Xena do you watch much TV in your spare time?

WarriorBard: mmm Missy this has been bugging me for a while any chance in a future X&G story how about having a flashback to the In sickness and Health where they relive what happen in that part of their life

Candy: Shuddering Orgasm..

Merwolf: no.. Kerr's not preggers.. been there, done THAT.

Brat: Did someone say chocolate?

Merwolf: deb - nope.

pooka: what spare time

Ripley: aww <blush>

gloworm: Why is she puking then?

deboX: are you looking?

Merwolf: Aw... I hated that ep.. do I have to?

Stoley: good question

Merwolf: Uck.

Maj|k: not really smoking, just picked that, though it went with the glasses

Merwolf: LIce.

Latsric: just checking:)

Tiff: I have not got lice

Merwolf: deb - isn't everyone?

Shazb: no you don't have to Missy

deboX: <G>

Shazb: I hated that ep also

Roman: lol

Nanook: Hey, did Toes ever get in here?

TrueXena: hummm

fOLLY: lice,yuk, don't feel obligated to relive ISAIH missy

Merwolf: Though the lice talking was funny...

Wulfwin: hey, Tanya, that you?

Chaseher: bout this....This bugs me....Dahok is Rampant in Hercs world...wich is X and G's world as well and apparently there to have nothing to do it with!!! That's like....not right....ya know!!

Merwolf: Saying "You killed Kenny, you bitch" was hilarious.

Rohan: sorry, was kicked off

Shazb: It would make for some fun for Wordee some day

deboX: Missy, you know what I mean!

Brat: LOL!

gloworm: I've noticed she's kind of vague about that.

Merwolf: I'll leave that to Wordee..she'll do a much better job. (G)

Chaseher: K

Merwolf: vague about what?

Merwolf: I"m trying to keep up...

Dana: i notice you don't use callisto much - is there a reason for that

pooka: will there be a sequel to hw

Dana: ?

Merwolf: Hmm... not really...

TrueXena: she is dead might be a reason

Merwolf: I never thought about it.

gloworm: answering deBox's line of questioning


Merwolf: Probably - (sequel)

Tiff: Good answer TX

Ripley: good one TX!

LUVJOX: Hey Red, you didn't think this would be busy. heehee

Brat: Whooo!

Dana: I mean the flashbacks

Merwolf: glo.. it's kind of a public forum, you know?"

TrueXena: sorry :o/

*Red™: ;)

Shazb: It looks like D&K are here to stay

gloworm: not that I blame you

Merwolf: yeah...(G)


FIRE(DM): Where is missy?

Shazb: at least they're series won't end..

Chaseher: HEHE she's right....

Merwolf: They're kind of growing on me...

Brat: Growing on me too!

WarriorBard: hello is there any one out there talk about lag time or what!

*Zaphod: eeew

LUVJOX: Bye all. I just wanted to see how many folks got here. Talk with you soon Red.

fOLLY: boy, we all love them (d and k)

Shazb: I think it's the techno stuff you get to throw in

dai the flu: god fucking damnit

XenasBard: Hey it's sky from elfquest

Dana: ybe luv

Chaseher: Me too since I saw the wonderfull book cover for HW and TS today

TrueXena: OK MISSY big Question from me.......Paper of Plastic?

EM: Bye Luv

dai the flu: to many ppl

Merwolf: paper or plastic what?

Ripley: bags?

Merwolf: I prefer styrofoam...

Maritimer: Missy: why do you think ubers are sooo popular now?

Merwolf: in coffee cups..

TrueXena: LOL

Chaseher: LOL

Tiff: Ignore TX Missy....she is a wallflower tongiht

Maj|k: Where do you get the names for your characters?

TrueXena: HEY!

Chaseher: a dancing WallFlower at that

Rohan: Missy, it is nice that MaryD is helping you out.

TrueXena: tiff i thought we was friends?

Merwolf: Mart - because X and G are really kind of .. hard to watch the last few bits...I think it's more comforting for folks to read uber.

Candy: Well, Missy, I have enjoyed your writing greatly. Hope you keep writing for a long time. If not about X&G, then something else.

TrueXena: hey?

Ripley: you were thinking TX?

Merwolf: Mary is a lifesaver.

ARTIST: a funny dancing wallflower

Tiff: We are just gotta get better questions

Rohan: I don't know why she is not here?

Merwolf: thanks.... (G)

Merwolf: she's probably sleeping or something..

TrueXena: yeah i didnt make a deal with you for the 9th

deboX: hey! Quit the slapping!

EM: Yeah are your server hits down?

Rohan: cherry or lime?

Ripley: oh yeah good ponit!

Chaseher: yes where is Mary D....I had a Avatar head for her and everything

Merwolf: I havne't checked teh hits this week...

dai the flu: to many ppl

Brat: Misy, What inspired you to write about the retreat in HW? Any similarity to the Herc ep: For Those Just Joining us? *grin*

Merwolf: I'ts been busy at work...

ARTIST: hey ripley only one more day

Merwolf: No.. it really wasn't.... I haven't seen that yet. It was just part of the story.

Rohan: I laughed at your post about Disney going down

Dana: quite a few famous fantasy and scifi writers started out writing fanfic - do you consider branching out into that area

Merwolf: (G) Disney wans't laughing... (G)

Brat: Pretty good coincedince!

Chaseher: There we go...a head in honor of Mary D

TrueXena: LOL

Dana: i would be your number one fan

Tiff: I have to thank you Missy.....because of you and TX I have met a lot of people...that are here tongiht that I really have fun with now.

EM: Your retreat was funnier than Herc's

Merwolf: I don't know.. I knoid of like my day job....

Rohan: For once, Disney was not laughing..haa haa

Brat: I second that Tiff!

Merwolf: that's the best part of the whole thing..meeting other's so cool.

Cindy: Missy have you found a new house yet?

Shazb: fun w/plits and frads...hmmm

ARTIST: yes made a lot of friends here

Merwolf: Hopefully, an update will be around tonight...

Rohan: If we get your book, will you autograph it for us poor pups?

Merwolf: sure...

*Zaphod: yeah ...

Merwolf: yep....

deboX: And will it be insulated?<G>

Tiff: How is the book thing coming?

Roman: rofl

Rohan: Thank you!!!

Dana: you'd have ready made fans lol

Chaseher: I've made a ton of Friends...<S> and its all because of One bard...with good Fanfic taste

Maritimer: Missy: why do you think ubers are so popular

Ripley: lots of them!

Merwolf: book thing is chugging along, I understand...

Merwolf: that's kidn of cool...

Nanook: Hey, did I miss anything, had to let the dog out...

TrueXena: will you get a maid?

Wulfwin: so is Dar gonna get a concussion at the camp?

Rohan: Is that sort of scary to have a book with your name on it?

Merwolf: Dar's safe,f ro now.

BG: yeah..I've met some of the nicest people through fan fuc

fOLLY: missy, do you have any pick-up lines to add to the top ten list?

BG: fic

Tiff: Why you want the job TX?

TrueXena: so you can write insead of housework?

Merwolf: Rohan.. it's going tob e very cool.. my mom wants one.

Dana: oops bg

Rohan: Love the steve irwin jokes..My favorite show

TrueXena: sure i can go AWOL for missy any day!

Fayezer: is it too late to correct typos b4 the book comes out?

Merwolf: pick up lines.. (G) i'll have to come up with some.

Merwolf: It'll be edited first, yes.

Rohan: Pick me up to go with you, TX

Merwolf: I might even spell check it.

deboX: ha!

Shazb: I think introducing your self is sufficient <G>

Rohan: LOL

Roman: teehee!

Merwolf: and change the it's to its...

TrueXena: no problem Rohan

Fayezer: good

TrueXena: LOL

Katherine: lol

EM: If you fix the mistakes then we won't be able to groan

Merwolf: and the I"ll to I'll

s.: missy, so your mom is cool with all this stuff?

Oscarama: Are you changing anything for the TS book or will it be as is?

Rohan: Who will you dedicate it to?

Tiff: Oh yeah....can't be one of those horrible bards that doesnt spell check their work.....gotta love the FanFic list

gloworm: All you need is "Hi I'm Missy Good," remember?

Merwolf: she think sit's extremely strange, but nice.

Fayezer: how 'bout the "could care less" to "couldn't care less"

Rayner: Missy , will there be any kind of committment ceremony for dar and kerry?

Fayezer: a common mistake

Merwolf: I don't spell check them. (G)

Rohan: Your mom sounds nice

Merwolf: she has her moments...

Brat: whoa, im impressed!

Nanook: How much time do you usually spend at night on writing?

Wulfwin: have you told her about the pup community (your mom, I mean)

TrueXena: we couldnt tell missy :o)

Tiff: Sounds exactly like a daughter

Merwolf: about three to four hours.

Katherine: your amazing

Rohan: ah,mushy merwolf moment all.

Stoley: When do you sleep?

Maj|k: Where do you get the names for the characters?

Merwolf: she coudn't avoid it....

gloworm: Your mom thinks its strange?

Merwolf: I sleep between 1 and 6.

Brat: I'm in awe.. how do u manage to write updates, work, and still keep up to us pups?

Merwolf: when Gab lets me, that is.

Rohan: need more sleep. you sound like TX

Merwolf: lots of vitamins.

*Zaphod: And where do u keep those little cards with the names on them =)

Merwolf: (G)

Brat: LOL

TrueXena: LOL sleep when your dead is what i say

EM: and Thai food?

Dana: raise hands for those you don't sleep much lol

Merwolf: I don't.. as everyone knows...

WarriorBard: do you know who is going to publish the book yet

Isurus: What's the names of your other 2 dogs?

Brat: Sleep? who need's it? *g*

Wulfwin: two hands up over here

BG: what's sleep?

Ripley: what is sleep?

Tiff: We are gonna be in big trouble when Missy finds a sig other.

Merwolf: yes - it's being done privately... see the link at MaryD's...

ARTIST: sleep whats that

Isurus: three hands up over here

Merwolf: Or if they promote me. G()

Wulfwin: sleep's no longer in my vocabulary

Candy: Hey, you can sleep when your dead.. why waste the time now?

Stoley: Beats me

Katherine: ok

Merwolf: I like that head with the third eye.

Chaseher: Cooool

Rohan: Or is that a nose?

BG: is what happens when I'm not on the Merchat

Canuck: Why thank you, I got it from my mother....

gloworm: Let us talk to your boss. <BEG>

Canuck: <g>

Roman: lol

EM: Mickery /o ears?

Merwolf: Hey.. I'll be right back.. I need to get a cup of coffee.

Tiff: So Missy do you recognize names in here from the list...or are we

Tiff: all one big blur?

Canuck: she's still in a little pain after the surgery..<g>

Roman: teehee!

gloworm: Cool, break time

Fayezer: break time... every one run to the bathroom

Jen: lol

pooka: i got booted

TrueXena: k we will wait with baited breath for your return :o)

Ripley: heheh hey Artist she said Coffee!

Dana: ^brb

Brat: Artist.. dont say anything about coffee!

Wulfwin: lol

Chaseher: My NN never changes Ever

Latsric: coffee..good idea

TrueXena: run to the latrine while ya all can!

pooka: anyone else get kicked

Maritimer: are you a real Canuck, Canuck

Wulfwin: don't get started on coffee!

ARTIST: yes should i say it guys

Wulfwin: NO!!!!!

Candy: I thought she only liked hot chocolate.. where did the coffee come in?

Brat: It wasnt me this time!!

Cindy: Missy do you eat Frosted Flakes?

Tiff: :P`````Its the head

Wulfwin: don't make me come over there, Renee

Canuck: You betcha a reall Maritimer?? as in eastern??

Nanook: I still want to know if Toes ever got in here?

TrueXena: Hey Renee? i got something to show you!

Ripley: Yes Artist leave the Coffee Statement alone!

TC: hi shari and nicole

Stoley: haven't seen toes

Rohan: Jen, where did you get your avatar?

Tanya: hey Artist pup

deboX: Hey, I'm a Maritimer!

Maritimer: Oh ya. All the way baby

WarriorBard: hey Tx and artist pups you gotton over your duck`s asses yet?

Canuck: Where exactly??

Jen: Rohan, in a room here

Ripley: why are you way over there anyways Artist?

Chaseher: Coffee....Coffee Beans....Chocolate.....Chocolate Coffee's all related <G>

Tanya: wulf you are hilarious

Roman: teehee!

Rohan: Cool..

EM: Wulfin ... like the Avatar

Maritimer: Halifax

Wulfwin: they got on to other animals now

Tanya: not the duck';s ass thing again!!

Canuck: wierd...

Rohan: I like supergabby

Merwolf: okay..

Canuck: me too

ARTIST: come on guys please

TrueXena: What does that tell ya?

Candy: Duck Ass... Turkey Ass... Goose Ass.. Etc.

Rohan: BACK

Fayezer: she's baaaack

Maritimer: really

Jen: yeah, spent one night going thru the stack

Brat: LOL

Katherine: ass

Tanya: anything ass with us guys!!

Canuck: "'s a small world after alll..."

Ripley: don't forget Smart Ass adn Dumb Ass, mom added those too!

Canuck: <g>

Roman: LOL

Rohan: Okay, someone wanted to know if you recognized some names here

Maritimer: we should talk later Canuck

Merwolf: (chuckle)

Canuck: heh heh..

Merwolf: screen names? Yes...

Candy: Tanya.. I didn't see you among the crowd.. HUGS!

Canuck: okey dokey...


Merwolf: wasn't I supposed to?

Rayner: Missy will there be a committment ceremony for dar and kerry?

TrueXena: ooops she is back glad i didnt hit enter on that comment

*Zaphod: heehee

Merwolf: Commitment.. maybe.

Rohan: We figured you were so busy, why remember us?

WarriorBard: hey Tanya the BG bartender my big Sis how yer doing over there

Shazb: a sequel or two from now..

Wulfwin: hi Tanya

Holly: What's your favorite moment in any of your works?

Tanya: hey WB!!! I'm cramped!!! NO ROOM!! How are you big bro?

Chaseher: Wahooo so were set through this spring

Merwolf: teh kiss in the Centaur village.

WarriorBard: )AARG.WAV

Brat: Hey Tanya!

deboX: gotta be the kiss...

*Red™: rain ;)

Rohan: but then, we are very unforgettable

Tanya: hey Brat!!!

EM: Why the kiss?

Tanya: how do I kiss people?

Tanya: on the net that is *g*

Candy: Tanya, you didn't say hi to me, pout. sniff...

Rohan: The kiss was a classic..did it come to you as you sat down to write?

Ripley: hey brat you are dancing on Air!

Dana: that was brilliant imagery

Merwolf: Just because.. it was that scene that inspired Distance...

Tanya: I can't see you at the bottom!!! Who is that?

Brat: Yeah.. fun!

Merwolf: that whole sequence, witht eh dive, and the arrow, and all.

Rohan: It is strange, but I actually dreamed of Dar and Kerry at the camp

fOLLY: very cool scene missy

Candy: If you turn the log on.. you can read what everyone is saying without having to sort through the faces.

EM: A true diving catch

Chaseher: Brat and Tiff are going for the animated dancing record in a palace chat room by a Gab and Callisto look alike

Dana: you wrote it so clear - it's very vivid in my minds eye

Merwolf: (laugh)

deboX: it was the best scene... and the kiss in TS too...

Brat: LOL

Rohan: and a band of terrorists and Steve cool

Ripley: I will just stick with my Alien with a halo

Tiff: LOL You know it babe

Ripley: I deserve a halo

Brat: Shake ur booty!

Merwolf: I'll have Gab the Lab pictures up tis weekend.. I have the digital camera at home.

pooka: i like that rip

Tanya: HEY CANDY!!!!

Stoley: pics are good

deboX: how about your pic?

fOLLY: oh way cool re gab pics

Brat: Ohh.. so we finally get to see Gab the Lab?

*Zaphod: Cool ... what about that santa pic ??

WarriorBard: not to bad standing next to our Godess so pretty good Zaphod was getting anoyed that he was sm Bro and I was Big Bro strange he must have some nuts loose after been paint

EM: Oh Oh ... pics of a dirty lab

*Red™: kewl!!!

Merwolf: I'll try.. but taking yourself with a digtal camera.. is tough.

s.: missy, make sure you get yourself in a picture or two!

Rohan: Missy, will you be suprised if someone writes fanfic concerning Dar and Kerry?

Candy: Finally... BG... has seen me.. my night is made. <wink to Tanya>

Nanook: do you have any other pets besides Gab the lab?

Tanya: LOL CANDY!! know I luv ya!!

ARTIST: i can draw a body part for ya

Merwolf: rohan... not really... I'd be flattered, but not surprised.

Rohan: Speak up, Zaph

Tiff: Missy I started reading your stories at work and got my assistant hooked...she doesn't have a computer so I have to print them for her...and she is constantly begging for a pic of you

fOLLY: yes, missy we need decent phots of you, and we will take them at the con if we have to

Ripley: Hiya Candy

Tanya: Aww...Zaph knows I luv him as the small bro!! But you won out as bigt bro!!

Merwolf: Well,I will try...

Candy: We need to fix Missy one of those Blow jobs... <wink>

Rohan: hmm..good. *starts to put pen to paper*

pooka: huh

deboX: what?

Dana: i email all your stories in my department - got 32 people hooked - it's constant emailing lol - but fun

Chaseher: Missy....did you know when you wrote the scene in the apple tree for X and G that it would be the fall back to Gab becoming Preggers?

Ripley: He is a Big Brother to me! Only cause he is taller!

WarriorBard: luv yer Sis

Merwolf: Yikes... that's a lot of bandwidth...

TrueXena: nah missy could use a Shuddering Or....never mind :o)

Merwolf: yes...I knew that....

EM: Does this include "dirty" pics of Gab the Lab [teehee]

Merwolf: I wanted to give them that.

Candy: LOL.. you got it, Tanya.. <grin>

FIRE(DM): <Sorry, Lagging>

Ripley: Hey TX! The weekend party hasn't begun yet!

Shazb: I like that you have a soft spot for X

Katherine: lol

Merwolf: dirty Lab pictures? Okay...

pooka: and a picture of the florida

pooka: room

Tanya: heheh..this is kinda fun do you like my hair?

Merwolf: I do... she's my favorite.

TrueXena: no but i wanna give Missy one anyways ;o)

pooka: adorable peach wasnt it

Shazb: after Gab runs in the pool and the garden!

Merwolf: Sure...

Dana: when xena said that she would fall off a cliff for gab in one of your stories - were you thinking of bitter suite

WarriorBard: )APPLAUSE

gloworm: By dirty you do mean muddy, right. After all she's only half-alt

Rohan: You write Gabrielle with much maturity. THANK YOU

Merwolf: I wrote that BEFORE BS.

Candy: Where are you? I'm reading the log and forgetting to even watch the screen...

Chaseher: How far in advance do you have stories plotted or do you just work with what you have written to pull them together?

Merwolf: Rohan... she's my second favorite. GG

Dana: oh - scary foresight

Rohan: ARrghghhg

Tanya: I'm right at the top Candy..with the alcohol *g*

EM: I get a kick out of your Gab the Lab comments

Merwolf: not far... I know where they end, but getting there is always a surprise.

EM: Yes I do mean dirt as in Mud

deboX: Missy, what do you think of Jules' Nano series?

gloworm: I love gabby

Merwolf: I like Nano very nuch...

Candy: Oh, I see ya now.. with the drink.. sure ahve figured that.

Merwolf: it's one of the few things I've gotten to read parts of.

EM: though I couldn't resist a tongue in cheeck ques

deboX: Doc is terrific!

Ripley: gloworm you are frowning again

Brat: I just finished the Nano series.. Too hilarious!

Tiff: So are you amember of the mile high club Missy?

Jen: lol

Tanya: wouldn't do for the BG not to have a good prop to suit right Canjdy!!

Wulfwin: lol

gloworm: Hey, not again

Katherine: glowroom is depressed tonight

Brat: BTW Rohan..thanks for the warning.. i almost spewed but caught in time.. lol

Merwolf: Nope.. I usually fly alone, and that kinda keeps me otu of the club.

pooka: and why do you sit in the newark airport

gloworm: Just introduce yourself

WarriorBard: )fist

Stoley: doesn't everyone?

pooka: i dont

Rohan: Your welcome, Brat..That is what I am here for.

Merwolf: continentals hubs are Houston and Newark...

WarriorBard: )gabsong.wav

Candy: That's right.... BG has to keep her image... though Renee keeps kidding herself with wearing her halo.

Brat: Heeh!

Merwolf: I get stock at one oro teh other...

Dana: have you travelled overseas merwolf - if you come to brisbane I'll show you around lol

Rohan: LOL

pooka: newark is an armpit

Ripley: I have a halo too! See I found it!

Merwolf: no.... not yet.. but I'd like to...

Tanya: LOL CAndy...we all know Artist is deluded anyway

Wulfwin: no kidding, renee, give it up

WarriorBard: )GUFFAW

Merwolf: I like newark airport...

ARTIST: hey stop about my halo

WarriorBard: )holywoman.wav

pooka: no the city


Katherine: I like you halo

Tiff: I am flying in there for NY Con

Merwolf: they have a good Chinese fast food in the center of concourse C that I like.

Wulfwin: at least my avatar is honest

WarriorBard: )howl.wav

TrueXena: Missy? when your typing and playing on the puter...what is playing in the background? Music, or TV? or is it silent?

gloworm: Damnit, I'm not decressed

Tanya: )GUFFAW

Shazb: maybe you'll get to come to CT after EDS buys the state!

ARTIST: thank you

Rohan: Missy, we appreciate you answering our questions

gloworm: I mean depressed.

Candy: Yeah, we know she made it out of tin foil.. and spray painted it gold.

EM: What no THAI food in concourse <g>

Merwolf: tv.. usually Discover channel.

Roman: rofl

Nanook: Do you ever get to bradley International in Hartford?

Ripley: then cheer up!

Merwolf: Shaz.. (G)

Latsric: Wulfwin..that sure does suit you:)

pooka: the crocodile man

Merwolf: no problem, Rohan.. I think I missed some, though...

ARTIST: i did not

Wulfwin: I;m adding to my arsenal, lat

Tanya: yep...we shoudl get her a straight jacket Avatar!!

Merwolf: No..but you never know.. they send me all over.

ARTIST: leave the artist alone

Dana: i like the crocidile references you have in your stories - where I come from we have them on the back yard

Latsric: should I be worried?

Rohan: I am sure they will re-ask them

Chaseher: So is that why its Dar and Kerry's Fav channel to watch? The Discovery Channel that is

Ripley: yes and some crayons!

Wulfwin: ohh, I gotta see if I can find one

Merwolf: I love Wild Discovery... Steve is fun.

pooka: im not far from there you are welcome anytime

Tiff: Oh hey Missy...was cleaning my closet the other day and found a EDS fanny pack

Candy: Duct tape might help keep her halo from slipping over her forehead.

Wulfwin: that's up to you, lat

Merwolf: (laugh)_

ARTIST: i'll do more butt drawing

Tanya: LOL....heh...DUCK tape maybe

Merwolf: I have EDS shirts, bags, socks...

Dana: we don't have the crocidile show in australia

Merwolf: yes...

Brat: I get the Croc dude on Animal planet also

deboX: I saw my first EDS commercial last night...

Merwolf: they share my taste in TV

Wulfwin: oh, lat, guess what I have

Candy: Duck ASS tape...

Dana: too many real ones

Ripley: oh no you and your Butt Fetish Artist!

TrueXena: yeah saw him the other nite said something strange like "Crash Hot" about a smell

Rohan: Here in Oregon, EDS is a school system term

*Zaphod: i wonder why =)

Merwolf: EDS doens't do many commercials...

Tanya: LOL Candy

Latsric: What, Wulf?

Tanya: my dad has heard of EDS

Merwolf: we're pretty low key...

ARTIST: you guys enjoy it

Shazb: You got to have them watch Judge Judy, it's right up their alley

Merwolf: Ross Perot started teh company.

Latsric: LOL and running like hell

Wulfwin: let's try that chickedn thing!

TrueXena: So have all of TS fans now Tanya :o)

Chaseher: But EDS has many skills right ? <G> LOL

Roman: haha

Latsric: save me Ray

TrueXena: LOL

Candy: Chicked thing?

Rohan: What kind of food do you cook for your reinactment

Merwolf: EDS certainly does, yes.

gloworm: What is the fascination with Judge Judy? I'm not a big fan

EM: Ross is NOT lowkey

Tanya: LOL..unfortunately he's not a TS fan

Ripley: Judge Judy kicks butt!

Papa Pup: I liked the Iran rescue he did for his people

Katherine: I like her to

Stoley: Her her

Tiff: Does EDS monitor alarms too?

Tanya: I love Judge Judy

Chaseher: hello?

Merwolf: a variety.... two meat, a starch a vegetable.. something weird for desert...

TrueXena: print the story for him he cant resist for long

Brat: Judge Judy is great!

Dana: don't think much of judge judy

Candy: Judge Judy rules..

TrueXena: LOL TIFF

Merwolf: My mom watches Judge Judy...

gloworm: I just dont' get her.

Rohan: Wierd? My favorite is cheese Pringles on vanilla ice cream

Tiff: I am serious TX

Maritimer: Judge Judy rocks

Shazb: Judy treats idiots like idiots, it's great

Tanya: true TX...but..umm..some marterial these stories involve aren't really for my Dad *g*

Ripley: she is way better then Miles Lane!

Merwolf: and Judge Wapner on Animal Planet.. who does pet trials

Wulfwin: Candy - lat was being a chicken last night in the chatroom and I wanted to see if they really do run around with their heads chopped off

Merwolf: those are bizarre.

Shazb: people's court!

Brat: Oh yeah!

Spudhaid: Do your co-workers read your writings or know about them?

gloworm: How about graham crackers and butter

TrueXena: oh oh well his loss

EM: LOL - - Pet Trials

Tanya: I rememebr Judge Wapner on People's court

Merwolf: Yes.. that's me...

Merwolf: some of my coworkers do, yes....

pooka: is dar going to suffer a concussion at some time

Latsric: I was being chicken..i was looking for lost marshmallows

gloworm: what's you?

Rohan: what do they think?

Candy: YIKES! Wulfwin.. did you do a Bobbit on her?

Chaseher: I run Judge Judy Back to back at 5 and 5:30 and I run Judge Joe Mills and Judge Joe Brown....might as well call us Court TV LMAO

Stoley: why does everyone want Dar to get hit in the head?

pooka: i dont

Wulfwin: I didn't go for that part!

Dana: so do your coworker realise your popularity

TrueXena: do your coworkers know of you half-alt bardhood?

WarriorBard: Missy what is the strangest thing that has ever happen to you

Tanya: I don't want Dar to get hit

Brat: LOL Chas!

Merwolf: Dar wont' get a concussion.. but she might get into toher trough.

pooka: i just figured id start worrying now

Merwolf: er.. trouble...

Merwolf: what part?

EM: Will Dar compete?

Tiff: Well gotta run folks...gotta go get in character. Thank you Missy for answering my questions!!!!

Merwolf: Dar will compete.

Rohan: Bye Tiff

Merwolf: anytime...

Dana: by tiff

Ripley: bye tiff!

Tanya: bye Tiff

Jen: night Tiff

TrueXena: have fun Tiff kick there butts

Wulfwin: bye tiff

Chaseher: has there been an update I havn't read...cause ya'll keep talking bout Dar gettin a Concussion!! Hmmmmm

*Zaphod: bye

pooka: night tiff

*Red™: later Tiff

Stoley: bye tiff

Brat: Bye Tiff!

Merwolf: okay..I just missed some questions...

Canuck: later tiff

*BG: Psycho Puppy: nightie night tiff

Maritimer: by Tiff

ARTIST: by tiff

Nanook: bye tiff

EM: Will Dar compete?

WarriorBard: bye tiff

Rohan: Tiff and the Byes..

s.: bye tiff

Papa Pup: Bye Tiff

TrueXena: i had one but cant remember i

Roman: bye tiff

TrueXena: t

Merwolf: I was going to give Dar a concussion.. but changed my mind.

gloworm: So, do your coworkers know about your other life

Candy: See ya Tiff.

Nanook: night john-boy

Rohan: LOL, Missy

Merwolf: Some of my coworkers do...

Ripley: is anyone else getting a headache?!

Tanya: LOL Nanook

Stoley: yes!

gloworm: what do they think?

Chaseher: Oh ok Whewwwww Writers Privelage there <G>

Roman: LOL

Tanya: no headache yet

Candy: What do they say, Missy?

Wulfwin: already had one, Ripley

Merwolf: well, those that do are fans, so they think it's hilarious.

Merwolf: (G)

Ripley: Yet being the key word right!

Jen: me too Wulf

Fayezer: no headache, motion sickness

Canuck: I think I may be getting one...then again it could be that third eye....

TrueXena: Do they (coworkers) read your work?

Brat: :Why am I the only dancing nut?

Merwolf: four or five of them, do.. yes...

WarriorBard: Missy what is the strangest thing to ever happen to you

Tanya: do you really want us to answer that Brat?

Merwolf: strangest thing....

Maritimer: the log is killing my eyes

*Zaphod: us pups ?

Chaseher: Merpups

Jen: lol

Rohan: besides getting hit by lightening twice

gloworm: do they pester you for updates like we do (in a nice way, of course)

Brat: I was only merely thinking out loud

*Zaphod: LOL ROhan

Wulfwin: god, Tanya, I was typing the exact same thing before you did!

Merwolf: um... a candidate for a job at EDS, during an interview with me and four other supervisors, asked if they could go touch my cubicle, and wanted my autograph.

Ripley: you do that too Brat?

Tanya: suuureee Brat *g*

pooka: why not save the log and read it later

Tanya: we think alike Wulf!!!


*Zaphod: ROFL

TrueXena: LOL

Brat: Har-dee-har-har!

Dana: you must get like a zillion emails a day - how do you cope with that

ARTIST: don't think it's not the 9 yet

gloworm: that's funny.


*Zaphod: i can understand that

Maritimer: lol

Chaseher: LMAO


Canuck: <g>

Roman: LOL

TrueXena: id do the same i dont know what im laughing about?

Holly: Did they get the job?

Ripley: Tanya and Wulf think alike...oh man that is trouble!

WarriorBard: you are nuts Brat and so are the rest of us

Jen: lol

pooka: har de dar dar

Merwolf: I try to answer the ones that have questions... but it's tough.. I wish I could answer all of them, but I run otu of time...

Wulfwin: that's frightening Tanya!

Tanya: LOL....oh yeah Rip..a whole WROLD of trouble

Tanya: I kow sure is!!

fOLLY: how many emails in your box right now?

Brat: Here Comes Trouble!

Merwolf: 834.

Rohan: You need a secretary, Missy

Wulfwin: I was trouble enough before!

*Zaphod: OUCH

Papa Pup: you guys are going to blowup the palace

pooka: yikes

Holly: Did they get the job?

Canuck: holly moo, that's a lot of emails

Dana: omygoddess

gloworm: So let me see. Get a job interview with EDS, get Missy's autograph. I can turn on a computer. I could maybe get an interview...

Rohan: and a laundry person

Ripley: you and me both Wulf!

WarriorBard: laughing myself out of the chair

Merwolf: Holly.. um.. no.

Brat: Thank you WB!

Latsric: I can vouch for that Wulf

Tanya: gee,,we thought our emails were bad

EM: Will Dar compete again?

WarriorBard: you said it

Merwolf: EM.. Dar will compete.

Maj|k: How do you pick the names for your characters?

Wulfwin: thought you wold, lat

EM: Thanks

gloworm: Compete, what does that mean?

Merwolf: That's a good question.. they jst sort of name themselves.

Merwolf: Dar and Kerry were the hardest.

Rohan: Missy, are you doing okay with this? Getting tired yet?

pooka: martial arts

Ripley: is it those Voices again!

Merwolf: Nope.. I[m used ot typing. (laugh)

Chaseher: I wanna see Dar get into a bout with Steve....and accidentally umm take him out

Tanya: you heard the voices in my head Rip?

Jen: hee hee my last name is in TS

gloworm: Oh, I got it.

WarriorBard: your quite weclome Brat

Merwolf: Accidentally?

pooka: she did that already

*Zaphod: Yeah , pickup line #6 ???

Merwolf: She woudn't accidentally do it.

Rohan: I want Kerry to take him out

Ripley: accidentally on purpose!

Brat: I feel honored to be named after a character in TS

Tanya: yeah...accidentally...cure Chaseher!!

fOLLY: can't gab help with email? she helped lick the stamps for the thank you notes, though she ate mine

Tanya: sure

Chaseher: Well...ok On purpose....but we gotta avoid the law here

Merwolf: Gab would chew the email.

TrueXena: ok then on perpose kick his butt

Rohan: I don't think the name Rohan will come up in HW do you?

Spudhaid: Do you think you'll ever collaborate on a story with another bard?

Dana: you need an agent missy lol

Tanya: LOL....heh...that's better chaseher!!

Jen: lol Rohan

Merwolf: (blink) You neve rknow.

Rohan: uh oh

Merwolf: Spud... also, you never know.. no one's ever asked.

Chaseher: hehehehe <G>

Roman: LOL

Ripley: If they start drinking liquor my name might pop up <g>

Roman: haha

Wulfwin: better watch it Rohan!

*Zaphod: heehee

Tanya: LOL RIP

pooka: would you quit your day job to write full time if you could afford it

Ripley: hehe

Wulfwin: lol

Brat: When I first started reading TS, I did a double take with the name Colleen.. felt i was right at home! *grin*

Rohan: What can happen to me? I already asked for a toilet scrubbingjob

Candy: Thanks Zaphod for setting all this up. <smiles>

Stoley: I would!

Merwolf: If I coudl afford it? Well... that would take a lot of work.

pooka: and

EM: Missy --- include another dive scene in detail for us cold pups

TrueXena: LOL Rohan

Merwolf: EDS does pay the bills...

Tanya: no one ever uses my name in a story

Chaseher: Ok...say the pups support you so you could support our habbit!! <G>

Roman: haha

Merwolf: EM.. okay.. no problem.. I like those.

Tanya: :

Tanya: (

fOLLY: missy you are already more productive than most writers who write full time

Jen: yeah, a nice warm beach

Tanya: :(

Ripley: cold is an understatment

WarriorBard: any one seen Ripley you around here

pooka: if you could afford it

Rohan: Tanya, write your own stories

gloworm: I think Kerry should punch (accidentally) Skippy. Just because

*Zaphod: LOL

Tanya: WB!! RIp is right next to you

EM: Thanks ... I miss snorkeling up in the cold north

Dana: missy the next stephen king

TrueXena: warm? did i hear warm?

Wulfwin: she's right next to you,WB

Rohan: and I will write mine too!

Ripley: I am right here!

Merwolf: IKerry punch Skippy.. you guys are so violent.

Rohan: Moi???

Merwolf: (laugh) I feel like MaryD's here.

EM: Loved John Pennycamp

Wulfwin: so?

gloworm: Not CPT Skip

Tanya: we are the armed Merpups Missy!!

Ripley: us violent?

Chaseher: Nahh were just used to Xena whippin Butt!! <G>

Roman: LOL

Candy: Hey we're pups.. we're suppose to be violent.

Ripley: NAH.

Canuck: maybe she could accidently trip him....

Rohan: Just because I am wearing a red cape and spandex

TrueXena: yeah but we dont ask for heads

WarriorBard: Oh there you are your so small I missed you

Wulfwin: what'd you expect?

Merwolf: Mary D - OFF WITH HIS HEAD@!!!

Canuck: into a pile of menure

Jen: lol Rohan

gloworm: hey, we're Xena fans, not Betty Crocker, right

Wulfwin: YES!!!!

Canuck: <g>

ARTIST: we just talk a lot

Roman: lol

Rohan: MaryD is a kick!

Ripley: I am sorry, I am easily overlooked!


TrueXena: LOL gloworm

TrueXena: we talk alot?

Merwolf: I remember the first time she sent me a mail wanting a head.

Rohan: I bet you died

TrueXena: really? wow first i have heard

Jen: lol

Wulfwin: if you think we're violent now, you should come over to the talkcity chatroom sometime!

Katherine: lol

Merwolf: I did.. it was so amazing.

gloworm: let's call Mary D, anyone got a number? Wake her up

Candy: Yeah.. she needs headquarters.

Merwolf: I didn't expect it from her...

Rohan: did you give her one?

Chaseher: LMAO Rip....hehehehe an Alien with a Halo how could we miss you!!!

Tanya: can we get these emails Missy/

Merwolf: it was Secan, and yes...

Rohan: She is Sneaky..

Merwolf: I certainly did.

Canuck: :headquarters...he he

Nanook: yeh...I'm sitting next to Missy!!!

Ripley: obviously SOMEONE missed me!

Merwolf: what emails?

Dana: how do you feel about the impending end of xena missy (sob)?

Tanya: Mary D's head emails

TrueXena: I think you have answered this before, have you Meet MaryD in RL yet?

Merwolf: oh.. the MaryDones?

Brat: Rip.. hard to miss an alien with a halo!

Rohan: did you see merhaven? MaryD head shelf? riot

Ripley: I deserve a halo!

Merwolf: No.. I hope I do someday, though...

WarriorBard: hey Tanya you tryed out the massage table yet Wulfwin is going to give me a deep back rub when I get to the BS

Wulfwin: Ripley...NOT!!!

fOLLY: I thought we might try to call maryd from the pup dinner in sm

Wulfwin: with oils and everything!

Candy: Nope.. haven't seen MaryD's head shelf... shrunken or regular?

Tanya: you got me one WB!!! You're awesome!!

Ripley: YES I do, I have been good today, I didn't throw anythign at you Wulf

Merwolf: that woudl be cool.. I ahve an international calling card.

Rohan: Regular, not decaffinated

Merwolf: We could do that.

ARTIST: II'm the only angel here

Rohan: upp. decapitated

Katherine: regular

Tanya: yeah right aRTIST

Wulfwin: I'm bringing the oils, Tanya!

Rohan: She should be here

Ripley: Artist one word for you....NOT.

fOLLY: we need her number

Maritimer: MAry D's heads are at the Merpups Den

Spudhaid: you need a powerful speakerphone too

Tanya: oohh...good one Wulf!!!

Candy: either way.. heads on a shelf... YUCK.

Wulfwin: Artist...NOT!!!!

WarriorBard: I love oils

ARTIST: pictures guys

Rohan: Missy, we may be crazy, but we love you...

Rohan: stories that is

Ripley: we are crazy, what are you talking about Rohan!

Merwolf: I think you guys are great... this is such a fun thing.

Candy: Yeah, we love ya, Missy.

Katherine: yip

Brat: :crazy?

Stoley: Second

Tanya: where are you Rohan!! We're freaking nuts!!

Rohan: whew, I am glad you think so,

pooka: )KISS

Dana: great fun

Candy: Crazy <---keyword of this group.

EM: We think you're great and thank your muse for her outpourings

Rohan: who kissed who?

Merwolf: My main pet

Wulfwin: we're nuts and proud of it!

WarriorBard: )AARG.WAV

s.: )YES

Tanya: exactloy wulf

Canuck: )TEEHEE

Ripley: yes who is kissing adn not telling!

Tanya: )AMEN

ARTIST: okay i'm saying it

WarriorBard: )fist

ARTIST: ducks ass

Wulfwin: ARTIST!!!!

Brat: oh gosh! not that !

TrueXena: Ok BOUND, since i have just started it there was something that i wanted to know. why would Xena wash her hands in the creek before getting water for the skins?

Merwolf: thoughtless people.

Tanya: they play the Messiah!! this is awesome!!

Ripley: Oh man Artist starts with her Duck Ass fetish!

pooka: what is your pet peeve

Jen: getting tickets for only going 6 mph's over the limit? <g>

Roman: teehee!

TrueXena: wouldnt she want to get the water first then clean up?

EM: One tightass law officer

WarriorBard: Hey no more Duck ass Artist pup

fOLLY: a little curtesy goes a long way

Jen: i know

Katherine: probably

Rohan: Missy, are you ever going to post a pic for us? Or should we just picture Dar for you?

Merwolf: I'd have to go back and reread.. I just do action as it occurs t me.

nanapea: OK Missy, I'm confused. You say you don't watch TV much but you have access to satellite feeds?

EM: Works for me Rohan

ARTIST: coffee anyone

Merwolf: Rohan.. I'll try.. taking a digital pic one handed it going to be tough.

*Zaphod: heehee ... after Santa Monica there should be plenty of pics

Merwolf: Yep...

Candy: Say, Missy, when am I going to get a picture of you for the ALBUM?

TrueXena: ok not a problem just something that stuck in my head

Maritimer: there is a Missy pick at the Den Rohan

Ripley: only if it is flavoured coffee!

Wulfwin: Renee, just stop!

Merwolf: I have access to sat feeds.. but I dont' watch BROADCAST TV.

EM: Have Gab Lab hold camera [giggle]


fOLLY: missy, don't you have any rl friends who know how to point a camera?

Rohan: Does it have a timer?

Merwolf: I do watch Discovery, and history...

Jen: i've tried that Missy, it doesn't work too well

EM: Good point Rohan

Rohan: Maritmer, missed it..sorry

Merwolf: Not at my house, no...

Tanya: LOL

Chaseher: being in TV...I was wondering how you got the Coordinates for the sunday feed....I'm assuming you get it at

Katherine: or a neighbor

Merwolf: my mom an digital cameras... not a good idea.

Chaseher: 8:44 am right??

*Zaphod: Beth ???

Merwolf: yes - i have a sat dish.

Brat: I second that Missy!

Ripley: like my mom and a VCR I bet!

Merwolf: uh huh...

Rohan: LOL, Missy. I would not trust my mother with anything electronic either

Stoley: mothers and VCR's scary!

pooka: did you finish the florida room

Katherine: moms scarry

Brat: mothers + cameras = Trouble!

fOLLY: how long have you lived with your mom? I figure you have lived away from home before

Ripley: my mom calls me when she wants to record something, or order a movie off Cable!

Jen: lol not my mom

Merwolf: And Gab...well...

TrueXena: hey Chaser I got a friend in SC gets it too on wildfeed

Chaseher: For any of you who have a Sattelite too can watch Xena as it feeds <G>

Roman: teehee!

Rohan: she is just a bit to picky, right? Gab the Lab I mean

Merwolf: Always - someone has to take care of things, you know?

gloworm: Gab has figured out the phone

Tanya: my Mom lives ina diff city

WarriorBard: yeah thats like giving the pups a lot of cakes and saying FOOD FIGHT!

Rohan: That is sweet.

Merwolf: I coudl probably train her to take a picture...

Merwolf: I'll see what I can do.

Jen: lol

pooka: okay dont answer my question about the florida room in florida

TrueXena: LOL

Wulfwin: lol

Ripley: Ooo did I hear food fight?!

Dana: so does mine - if I lived with my mum we would kill each other

Rohan: Train your mom? I dont think so

Merwolf: Pooka.. didn't get it.... say it again?

fOLLY: it is cool that you can be grown up enough to do that, missy

EM: Train Who Mom or Gab the Lab?

Chaseher: That's Cool TX.....

pooka: did you finish painting it

Tanya: cool Wulf :)

Stoley: Mothers aren't trainable.

*Zaphod: OK , 4:00here and the bed is calling my name really loud now.

Merwolf: I"m an only child....

pooka: and is that how you hurt your head

WarriorBard: )howl.wav

Brat: :Food fight? where?

Tanya: bye Zaph!! Little bro

Chaseher: Hold back the Coffee Beans guys....Missy's here

Rohan: Nighto Zaph..guten nicht

TrueXena: Later Zap

Merwolf: night Zaph...

Ripley: bye Zaph!

Stoley: bye Zaph

Tanya: )KISS

Dana: bye zaphod

pooka: nght zph

*Zaphod: So thanks alot Missy , it was fun ,i loved it and have fun at the con

*Red™: later ZB

Candy: Bye Zaph.

Brat: Night Zaphod!

Rohan: hey, who kissed who?

Jen: nite Zaph

EM: Wiedersehn

Canuck: nighty night Zaph

Wulfwin: well, pups, I gotta go, it's been hilarious, Missy, thank you so much for doing this, and thank you to everyone who helped set it up

TrueXena: Missy do you wish you had sibs?

*Zaphod: See ya guys

Oscarama: bye

Tanya: I kissed my little bro Zaph!!

*Zaphod: @417,23 !KISS!!!

Chaseher: night Zaph thanks for the help earlier

Merwolf: hey Zaph.. wish you could come over for it...

*Zaphod: )kiss

pooka: )KISS

Dana: bye wulfwin

Merwolf: no problem.. it was lots of fun.

ARTIST: night zaap


EM: Bye Wulfin

Ripley: Stop with teh kissing already! it is to early to start that stuff!


Latsric: Night Wulf

Rohan: kisses are a the mile high club

Canuck: later Wulfin

Fayezer: where's Zaph from that it's 4:00?

Rohan: RUN

pooka: okay dont answer my question about the florida room in florida

TrueXena: Missy do you wish you had sibs?

Stoley: It's never too early

Merwolf: Germany, I believe.

WarriorBard: god you two are keen aren`t you for a food fight

Ripley: Zaph is in Germany

nanapea: Xaphod is in Germany

Brat: Bye wulfwin, ya little devil!

pooka: waaaahhhhhh

Rohan: Love Germany. very beautiful country

Merwolf: Do I wish I had sibs... soemtimes, but then I talk to some people who have them, and then I don't.

Tanya: yep..Zaph is German pup

pooka: nitht wulf

TrueXena: LOL

Merwolf: if you know what I mean.

Fayezer: Thanks

Rohan: LOL..I am oldest so it is better

Ripley: I would LOVE a food fight! I don't get to wrok tomorrow so I NEED a food fight!

Tanya: I have a 5 year old brother

Maritimer: lol, True

Tanya: kinda funny because I'm 20

ARTIST: food fight is like a ducks ass

EM: Oldest too

Katherine: I have 10 sibs, no you don't want them.

TrueXena: would you rather have a bro or sis? if you had a choice?

Candy: Missy, you're better off without sibs... <lol>

Zann: You could have my sibs. <g>

Roman: haha

Dana: my brother is 11 years younger then me - it has it moments

Rayner: Missy, If there was a con in Toronto could You be persuaded to come?

Stoley: Older brother who loved to hit me!

Tanya: everything is like a duck's ass to you Artist!!

Merwolf: now.. what was the question about the florida room?

Rohan: and now I have a husband and I am still oldest bwahahaa

Merwolf: I'd rather hav ea brother.

Maritimer: My sis is 15 years my senior Tanya

Ripley: I am the youngest of all my siblings, 14 years difference between me and my youngest sister!

Canuck: I have 3 sibs all older...personally I like it

pooka: i have 3 out of 5 left

TrueXena: did you get it painted?

EM: Hey my mom was older than my dad

Merwolf: Toronto Con.. sure.. I'd love to see Canada.

Tanya: who just asked the Toronto con question?

WarriorBard: yeah and Im in the channel lsles of the coast of France and 70 miles from United kingdom

ARTIST: of course

Rayner: I did Tanya

Brat: Im the youngest with two older sisters

Chaseher: 13 years between me and mine Rip

TrueXena: pooka im trying

gloworm: Canada is cool. I've been there like eight times (not far from Ohio)

pooka: thanks

Tanya: one is supposed to know about the Toronto Con yet guys

Ripley: and I still get picked on!

Stoley: Agree

pooka: adorable peach i think it was

fOLLY: missy do you have some long term goals, things you'd like to do?

s.: canada is way cool!

WarriorBard: so it a very early morning for me

Merwolf: Closest I got was a visit to Michigan.

Maj|k: I'm definately going if there is one in Toronto!!!

Maritimer: Canadians rock!

Chaseher: Glowworm is from OHIO?

Rohan: Love the hydrofoil over the channel

Rayner: I said if?

Canuck: I think I beat you out Rip....18 years between me and my closest sister

PD: Missy, sorry to be late - maybe this was already asked ..

Dana: I love wolves - has anyone read the wolves of time series by williliam horwitz

Tanya: we have too much to do first

Merwolf: complete my MCSE.

Stoley: Did I hear Michigan?

BD: I'm the oldest, too many sibs, I love'em all ...

Merwolf: soday...

TrueXena: ok pooka, just type MISSY really big before you question it usually works :o9

Merwolf: sokay..

Ripley: I feel so insignificant now Canuck!

PD: Have you ever been to one of those retreats?

EM: MCSE in Networking?

Merwolf: yes...

Canuck: Canadian's do rock...perhaps I'm a little bias though

Canuck: <g>

gloworm: What's wrong with Ohio?

Roman: haha

EM: Oooh thats tough

Rohan: Uh the geek talk..I dont understand it

Canuck: That's okay Rip

Tanya: LOL Cannuck..we do rock big time!!

pooka: !missy

s.: yes we do!

EM: Hats off to you

WarriorBard: hey rohan you have been on the boat across the channel

Merwolf: I'm here...

Chaseher: Nothing...I live in Ohio....just wondering where your at?

Holly: Are you going for your CCIE?

Rohan: WB, YES

pooka: like that

Ripley: Hey Midwesterns are cool too! Yeah we are!

Katherine: finally

Candy: Well, this has bee fun Missy.. and thanks for coming here to talk to us... I've got to head out now. You take care and keep up the wonderful writing. See ya all.

TrueXena: yeah now ask the question with it

Merwolf: Nope... just MCSE, probably with Internet.

gloworm: Hey Mis--I can't believe how handy you are, tool belt and all <VBG>

Rohan: Bye bye

Dana: bye

Stoley: bye

Merwolf: Nop roblem.. thanks for asking me...

Maj|k: Canadians and American pups are the best, anyone else just doesn't compare :)

Tanya: bye

pooka: i might have more luck sending her an e-mail

Maritimer: bye

Roman: bye

WarriorBard: ^bye

TrueXena: cya rohan

Katherine: your right

Tanya: bye

Brat: Bye whoever that is down there!

Dana: oh majik - that's what you think

Ripley: bye

TrueXena: LOL Brat

Holly: How many MCSE test so far? (1/6 for me)

s.: bye, bye

Chaseher: Dayton....

fOLLY: so I hear rumors of your stopping other robberies

Merwolf: four.

Rohan: Missy, do you ever get tired of writing?

Canuck: Hey missy I've got a question....I was at work today and was ringing through groceries...what kind of milk does dar like?? (1% etc..)

Brat: weel, I cant see who!!

Merwolf: Rohan.. not yet...

Merwolf: 1p ercent?? (laughing) Whole Milk.

pooka: i bet whole milk

WarriorBard: So Missy what do you see in the future for Dar&kerry then?

Canuck: Strange I know....but it's been bugging me

pooka: alright dar

Jen: cream

Merwolf: She'd proably drink hafl and half if she could.

pooka: thats good too

Merwolf: Don't know.. they havne't told me their future yet.

Maritimer: ewww whole milk, skim for me

Canuck: <G>

Roman: rofl

Ripley: Half and Half is good!

TrueXena: LOL

gloworm: I graduated from Miami

PD: Missy have you ever been to one of those retreats?

Rohan: Milk from the cow and make her own butter, right?

Canuck: here

Stoley: 2%

Tanya: I go to Queen's

Merwolf: No.. I haven't.....

s.: half and half might be kinda grosss

gloworm: sorry, ignore that

Tanya: skim is the one!!

fOLLY: missy did you go to Y camp?

Ripley: never drink milk fresh from a cow!

Stoley: HandH in coffee o.k.

s.: skim is great

Jen: skim here too

Chaseher: Sweeeeeet....One of Our Directors at the station went to Miami...

Rohan: I have made butter before. it is good. You should have Dar try it

Canuck: :this from the girl who's parents have threatened to get me my own cow

pooka: oh boy milk talk

Merwolf: iNo.. but SCA events are held down here at them...

Merwolf: (YMCAcamps)

Tanya: LOL canuck!! where do you live?

fOLLY: where is stark?

Dana: lol

Rohan: uh, making butter not me makingbutter,,ooomy

pooka: no one cares about the florida room tx

Merwolf: I've been to three in Florida.

Canuck: In

Maritimer: i'll see if I can make chocolate milk from my avitar

Shazb: That cabin you described is just like my camps

Brat: Chase. where areya?

Merwolf: I'd have to check where Stark is located exactly.. it's somewhere upsteate.

Shazb: including the spider webs

Rohan: DO you have any questions for us, Missy?

Merwolf: what is this question about the Florida room?

Tanya: I'm in Ontario Canuck

gloworm: Missy, can you humor pooka and tell her about your florida room

fOLLY: geez, that would have been the hilton of y camps compared to where ai went

Chaseher: I'm right here Brat....see...Glow's on top of me!!!!!!!!

pooka: hey

Dana: the prison nearby - will that play part of the story

Merwolf: I have a picture.. I'll upload it tonight.

Shazb: I went for 2 months every summer


ARTIST: have you checked out the album page

pooka: okay i'll forget about it

Merwolf: of the florida room, that is.

Tanya: Gabs is sitting on my head!!

Brat: OH.. now i see ya!

Tanya: hey XB!!

TrueXena: FLORIDA ROOM, did id get done?

Maj|k: who just said there were from Ontario?

Holly: I'm in Toronto

Dana: will they have a breakout of the prison lol

Merwolf: I don't know why they call it the florida room, btw... and partly.

Katherine: lol

XenasBard: hey all :)

Tanya: I did!! I"M FROM ONTARIO

Merwolf: done,t hat is....

Chaseher: I'm the Head with a Halo Brat hehehee

Canuck: I do beleive that was Tanya

TrueXena: lol

pooka: my neighbor has one

Shazb: cuz you have to wicker furniture in it!

Canuck: Which part Tanya??

Maj|k: kewl, where in Ontario?

Ripley: Hey XB!

pooka: its covered in snow

Brat: aww.. not another proclamined Innocent! *grin*

Merwolf: I got the blinds up... but the floor still has tob edone.

Tanya: Right now I'm in Toronto...I got to school in Kingston though

EM: Does Dar like Dark or Milk or both chocolates?

XenasBard: hey Rip...feeling a little small?

Ripley: I am innocent!

WarriorBard: So missy I have to admit you have converted me to uber fiction after reading TS I loved it so much I went and read as much as I could find of uber fiction stories

TrueXena: there ya go pooka :o) happy?

Merwolf: dark, but any chocolate will do, really.

Katherine: I'm sorry

gloworm: Missy the Toolwoman Good. Doesn't rhyme

Ripley: I am a little small it is a fact of life XB!

Maj|k: kewl, I'm in Lindsay, close to Peterborough

Holly: Tanya do you go to Queen's?

Nanook: Do you have any other pets besides Gabs the lab?

Merwolf: uber is very cool.. I didn't think I woudl like it.. but I was wrong.

Tanya: yes I do Holly

Canuck: :people prefer one choclolate over another??

XenasBard: LOL

EM: Yes a true Choc-a-holic

Merwolf: I have a wolfhound cross, anda mini schnauzer.

Merwolf: three dogs, all together.

gloworm: names, please

TrueXena: well when ya got Dar&Kerry who could go wrong?

ARTIST: no you are not ripley

Shazb: I bet uber lets you get into the nitty gritty of places and things you know

Tanya: My uncle used to live in Lindsay!! I've been there many times

pooka: i have a greyhound

Merwolf: yes... ti does...

Ripley: Yes I am! I have done NOTHING today!

Maj|k: kewl

Tanya: Hey Holly?? Where are you?

pooka: and a cat

TrueXena: what are the others names?

Ripley: honest!

pooka: called missy

Rohan: Missy, do you have any silly questions for us?

Holly: I'm in Toronto

Merwolf: Okay, Fire...

Tanya: cool! Where in Toronto? What school do you go to?

Nanook: I have 3 dogs also,german shepherd,australian shep,and collie

Holly: York & Ryerson (graduated both)

gloworm: oh yeah, we've been badgering you all night. Ask away

Katherine: what are there names

TrueXena: ok im confused???? but then i stay this way

EM: Ask us some questions Missy

Ripley: I have a dachshund, small dog for a small person!

XenasBard: how do I stop these advertisments?

Merwolf: Mine? Bonnach the wolfhound, andAeron teh shcnauzer

Dana: you'll have millions of answers

Tanya: I volunteer at the Humane society because I can't have animals

Rohan: press on the x

Shazb: Folly, did you get that??

XenasBard: I have a sheo/collie mix

Holly: I live in the burb's west of the airport.

Merwolf: I've always had dogs.

Tanya: I live right near York Holly!!

fOLLY: yes

Stoley: I'm getting a border collie

pooka: do you have a borzoi

Rohan: I have a cat, Freeloader. he thinks he is a dog.

nanapea: Missy, how did you get into IS? Did you study CS?

Holly: poor you...

Dana: dogs are interesting

Ripley: I used to have a tea cup poodle

Tanya: I live in Thornhill to be kidding

Merwolf: Luck.. I ansered an ad in the paper fora tech temp service.

EM: I babysat a lizard over the holidays

Cindy: Missy, what do TPTB think of your fan fic?

TrueXena: LOL

Canuck: Have a big golden retreiver (100lbs)...thinks she's a lap dog

Tanya: just as long as I don't go there then everything is fine *g*

Brat: I am owned by two cats

Merwolf: They havne't read it, if that's what you mean.. (G)

nanapea: And you just learned as you went along?

Fayezer: Missy, you think you'll live in Florida forever or is there somewhere else you think would be nice to live?

Stoley: Tech temp = consulting contract?

Maj|k: Thornhill is nice, I went to a Sledge Hockey tournament there two years ago.

TrueXena: have you gotten any feedback from the PTB about your work?

Merwolf: do you mean, what do they thing of peopel writing it?

Ripley: I have had a 100 pound mut trap me in a car

gloworm: I read on the webpage how you got into EDS. I was surprised.

pooka: missy do you want to ask us anything

Cindy: Maybe they should <G>

Roman: teehee!

Katherine: Missy did you say there would be a update tonight?

Nanook: dogs always love you no matter how crabby you get

nice 107: hi

Ripley: she sat on me!

Tanya: yeah's very suburbish...but very huge too

Merwolf: Well, I think they are intrigued by it...

Dana: i'm a cat person

TrueXena: yeah

pooka: i think im invisible

Tanya: I love all animals

TrueXena: do you think they read it and get ideas from some of it?

Nanook: do you like snakes?

gloworm: Dana, I love dogs, but I've got two cats, because they are low maintenance

fOLLY: they should be intrigued, you are truely the queen of altfic

Canuck: anything w/ four legs and fur...well almost anything

Tanya: yes I like snakes

Maritimer: I have a plastic fish and a bouncing tigger for pets

WarriorBard: I guess there wont be many posts on the lists tonight then for a change

Rohan: You dont have to answer this Missy, But how are things on the new server? Need more mola?

TrueXena: your not invisible

Merwolf: I got a good response from Steve Sears...but I'd never accuse them of reading it. Steve was a very imaginitive person.. don't think he needs to read fanfic.

Nanook: yikes....

Maj|k: I have two cats and I disagree that they aren't smart. I taught my cats to roll over and to beg.

Merwolf: new server is fine...

Dana: i don't mind dogs - love wild dogs - dingoes and wolves and foxes

Tanya: cats are very smart

Dana: but I could not have one of my own

*MegBot™: )YES

Ripley: my dog is dumb!

Chaseher: Ok people...Ya'll have a great evening..Missy Thank you for answering as many questions as you could and thanks for doing this it was alot of fun!! Night Night all!!!

fOLLY: will you risk giving us a message board again?

gloworm: My cats are smart; they got me wrapped around they're paws

Tanya: bye Chaseher

Rohan: Night, Chaseher..

Merwolf: nighters... thanks for coming...

Tanya: )KISS

Nanook: i was going to say how about 2 legs and fur, then thought how it sounded

Katherine: night

Dana: bye

Brat: Night Chaseher!!!!!!

Ripley: bye Chaseher!

Canuck: night Chaseher

TrueXena: cya Chaseher :o)

Maj|k: see ya

pooka: night

EM: NIte Nite

Roman: bye chase

TrueXena: )kiss.wav

Rohan: ugh,,someone is kissing again..yicky the germs

Stoley: bye

Merwolf: (laugh)

gloworm: Yeah, message board, any possibilities?

Tanya: LOL Nanook!!

Cindy: Do you know if ROC or LL have ever read any FF? It would be weird to the basis for a fictional character, huh?

Merwolf: Message board.. not that kind.. (g)

Tanya: I'll kiss you Rohan!!

pooka: )KISS

Rohan: arrghghgh!!!!

TrueXena: )KISS

Tanya: yeah..I heard that they have

TrueXena: lol

Rohan: Thanks. I think..

fOLLY: we loved taht board , it was eaasy to use

Ripley: oh geez, the kisses are flying again!

fOLLY: it jus tgot abused

Merwolf: Cindy.. you never know.. but I suspect a lot of them have ventured on the net and checked it out.. how could they resist?

TrueXena: brat? you tired yet?

Dana: will you include more mystical moments in dar and kerry stories

pooka: good one tx

Rohan: Yeppers, Missy. That board was great! Till we broke it.

gloworm: Papa pup, you're scaring me

Merwolf: I mean, Lunacy posts the reviews to the Netforum...

Tanya: mystical moments...I like that

Cindy: Red, where is your horsey?

Merwolf: they read that... it has to intrigue them.'

Shazb: I just read somewhere that Renee surfs quite a bit

Tanya: yeah..I read that too about Renee

Dana: like soul mates in the original stories - shared feelings pain

fOLLY: was renee surfing before or after steve

Merwolf: When DJWP does that little doll thing, then Renee comes up wtih a tiny doll in a story... welll.............

Rohan: Intrigue, seduction, confrontation..ooooh, and that is just the reviews

Cindy: Have any of the bards ever had feedback from Ren Pic?

Tanya: ummm both I think

gloworm: Renee probably flipped when she read some of the things Gabby does!!!

Merwolf: None that i know of..

Stoley: it's not their style

Tanya: good one Missy

gloworm: in fanfic, I mean

Rohan: Renee's mom is flipping TOO

WarriorBard: I luved that scene where Kerry went into the Room when Steve was telling them that he had fixed the conection probs until Kerry kicked his ass all around the table when she told them she&Dar had fixed

Shazb: my favorite is the abs of steel in Quill

TrueXena: thats what Im thinking too Missy! i think they take ideas

Cindy: I have heard of some producers being upset about fan fic...

Jen: what do you mean before or after Steve? did they break up?

Brat: I loved that scene also!!

Tanya: yeah..good scene

WarriorBard: it

Dana: conincidences do happen

Rohan: Missy, will Michele or Elani make a comeback?

Tanya: true Dana

Merwolf: (g) That was fun to write...

Maritimer: mmmmn, abs

Dana: exspeically when many creative people write about one subject

Merwolf: I don't know... they havnet' yet.

Tanya: LOL Maritimer

Merwolf: Steve was less than upset about fanfic.

Tanya: no..they didn't break up

gloworm: That Elana scene was the best. I think because it was so unexpected.

Jen: ok

Merwolf: Yeah.. that was fun.

Tanya: yep...I agree

Rohan: Breadsticks..ughh..I cannot eat them anymmore

Merwolf: (laugh)

Tanya: LOL Rohan

*MegBot™: rofl

Jen: i can't wait to see ROC's new do and if they write it into a script

gloworm: What do you mean Steve was less than upset about fan fic

Merwolf: glo.. I mean Sears... we talkeda bout it a lot.

Shazb: I was at speghetti Freddies and they have great breastix, I started gigling

gloworm: Gotcha

EM: RJ Stewart says hair cut for story

TrueXena: Hey gotta thank you Missy, the whole time you have been in the Palace, I aint had one cig :o)

Merwolf: how cool si that?

Katherine: me either

Maritimer: shazb you always giggle

Ripley: way to go TX!

pooka: freaking isp

Dana: bye truexena good for you

Tanya: I liked ROC's long hair :(

TrueXena: now if i could keep you around always i could quit

Brat: Me either.. lol

*MegBot™: LOL

Cindy: I have to tell you Xena was on here at 9 and I opted to come hear you instead...gotta go with the real thing!

Merwolf: "m sure we'll get used to Ren's short hair...

Tanya: bye TX

Shazb: not me <g>

Roman: haha

*MegBot™: lol

Rohan: Merwolf, the key to a smokeless room

Ripley: wear a patch TX!

Merwolf: (laugh)

TrueXena: you leaving Tanya?

Jen: i'm sure it'll look goog

Jen: good

gloworm: I was going to ask renee for a lock of hair, but I figured she'd send the stalker police after me

ARTIST: me too

Tanya: nope..sorry.though someone said you were

Rohan: Tanya looks like something from Absolutly Fabulous

TrueXena: yeah really Rohan

Merwolf: I have to say.. it often puzzles me how the smartest people choose to smoke.

Tanya: LOL gloworm

*MegBot™: rofl

Dana: she should auction for charity - her hair

Tanya: I love that show Rohan!!!

EM: Yep glo that'd qualify

Maritimer: fabulous show

Rohan: Oh no. Like Davy JOnes hair or ELvis

Ripley: AbFab is hilarious!

Nanook: Do you have any bad habits, Missy?

Tanya: LOL..nah..

*MegBot™: LOL

TrueXena: yeah loved that show to Rohan

Merwolf: I bet she gorws it out again...

WarriorBard: it makes you wonder about Renee new haircut what about the episodes allread film where she has full hair but are shown out of order ie Amazon Reuion?

nanapea: I'm with you there Missy

Dana: yeah - everyone would want to get hold of ren hair

Merwolf: Nanook..eating chocolate. (G)

TrueXena: she has to, i dont want her with short hair

Merwolf: I kind of like the new haircut.

Rohan: Chocolate is a requisite for excellent writers

gloworm: why is eating chocolate bad?

pooka: im worried they are going to do another cliffhanger with them on the cross

Stoley: Short hair makes her look older somehow.

Tanya: there;s Elvis hair!!

Rohan: Tanya is now Elvis

TrueXena: i havent gotten to see more that that one shot

Shazb: I bet it'll make life easier for her, esp. rock climbing

Jen: yeah, well we've all done it i'm sure

Dana: good question gloworm

Ripley: Elvis is in the building!

Deb: just don't cut kerry's hair, ok!

Cindy: I like the new cut...makes her look more mature

Merwolf: well, she asked if iI had any bad habits..

Katherine: easier to take care of

EM: Hey I have short hair and I don't act old

Merwolf: Kerry's hair is safe...

Rohan: Chocolate is not a bad habit

Jen: chopped our hair off for no good reason <g>

Roman: LOL

*MegBot™: LOL

Stoley: As long as LL doesn't cut her's it's o.k.

*MegBot™: rofl

Canuck: if that is true rohan...why am I failing my english class??

gloworm: And... I repeat, chocolate is bad because

TrueXena: THANK YOU!

Rohan: wrong kind of chocolate

Merwolf: Oh.. i don't know... that pic of her with her hair back in Day isn't bad.

EM: Ha short hair is easier to care for -- I'm lazy

gloworm: if that's your worst habit, you should be up for sainthood.

Dana: fat fat fat - (sob) that's what is wrong with chocolate

Nanook: As long as it's long enough to run your hands through , who cares?

Maritimer: englis not good

pooka: scary i was turning into callisto

ARTIST: hey i'm being good here

Katherine: your right

Tanya: LOL Dana

Canuck: ah, Missy...can you recomend a good, writer inspiring, chocolate??

*MegBot™: LOL

TrueXena: yeah but how they have it in the Vision scene really has me scared

Tanya: that's what weight weight weights are for!!

gloworm: Renee would look good bald (well...) so I'm not worried

Jen: lol

*MegBot™: rofl

Merwolf: um.... okay... godiva dark chocolate assortment.

Tanya: true Gloworm!!

pooka: sheesh tx we think alike

Ripley: or a really good metabolism!

pooka: scary

fOLLY: so missy, how did you develop you insight into people, your scenes ring dead on

Rohan: Missy, Xena seems to have matured greatly and yet, calmed down in your stories. We all really like that

Canuck: godiva??? hmmm

Shazb: Missy, you have excellent taste!

Merwolf: I have to say.. I dn't believe renee woudl look good bald. Sorry.

Katherine: me either

gloworm: She wouldn't look bad!

Dana: maybe gab's hair is cut off by the centurions - they often did that to women to humiliate them before execution, burning etc

Tanya: LOL gloworm!!

Merwolf: Rohan.. thanks... I try to give her a mature perspective.

*MegBot™: teehee!

WarriorBard: why shouldn`t LL cut her hair dont you think she woulf like to get rid of those spanish hair peices they add to her hair

Rohan: besides, Gab has her wrapped around her little finger

Maritimer: milk chocolate is better

Stoley: yep

Merwolf: (G) Yes...


Shazb: dark

TrueXena: could you be another one of the Triplets? makeing us a Quartet Pooka?

Rohan: I like the fact that Argo is also a mommy..

gloworm: Why would the Centurian's be executing Gab?

EM: Missy did ya know that Godiva has 4 raspberry chocolates?

Dana: romans, centurions - same diff

Merwolf: I don't know if I like the way they're doing her this year... she's really off teh edge....

pooka: thats scary too

Rohan: Do you think Xena will have a child in your stories?

Katherine: thats true

pooka: xena off the edge never

Merwolf: EM - yes... I did.. we have a Godiva shop at Aventura Mall.

ARTIST: that would make a chickens ass than

Cindy: Did you see the pic Mary D put up of LL (Dar) with sunglasses

gloworm: Oh, duh, I was thinking of the Centaurs--horsepeople, sorry

Merwolf: Xena have a child.. I don't know....

Tanya: LOL ARTIST!!!

Stoley: if your not on the edge your taking up too much space

*MegBot™: haha

Merwolf: Oh.. I LOVED that pic!!!

Jen: last season Gab had a bad one, I think it's just Xena's turn

Katherine: good pic

pooka: that place in san francisco is good for choc but i cant spell it

Merwolf: no.. I mean, she's almost too emotional.

Cindy: I made it my wallpaper!

pooka: ghirr something

Shazb: Ghiradeli

Tanya: we have a belgian chocolate place down the street from here

TrueXena: bfriend is here now wants me to leave BWWWWAAAAAAAAA

Spudhaid: Alfred Schilling? joseph schmidt?

Rohan: You give Cyrene such a good charactor. and a new hubby. that is great

EM: I think Gab is really Lost her center

pooka: right thats the one

gloworm: I think its joxer's turn for a bad season


Ripley: tell him we said no TX!

Tanya: FIREND!!!

Merwolf: I agree about Gab...

Merwolf: it makes me sad to watchthem.

Merwolf: not cool.

XenasBard: umm I haven't seen it is it on her board?


Katherine: me to

TrueXena: like i was gonna? bwaaaaaaaa

EM: Every season is bad for JOXER

Dana: terminate joxer

pooka: get the bfriend an av

Jen: lol

*MegBot™: haha

TrueXena: he is sitting quietly

Jen: he's getting better

Shazb: so, Gab's a little schizo this season

gloworm: I agree that Missy's Cyrene is really down to earth

WarriorBard: hey TX tell him to get lost your busy

Rohan: Granilla and Toris are hillarious.

Canuck: naw, need joxer for comic releif

TrueXena: LOL

*MegBot™: teehee!

TrueXena: k

*MegBot™: OK, TrueXena

EM: Nah just make him mature

Shazb: we still watch

Ripley: joxer is to inconsistently written!

EM: I agreee Ripley

Merwolf: Joxer.... is a plot device. Also not cool.

Tanya: Joxer is long as he insn't in too many eps

Nanook: Missy, why don't you like Joxer?

pooka: he's kinda a waste of a character

Rohan: You are planning on a future series for the kiddies, right?

Merwolf: he's an excuse for something tohappen...

Dana: auto is a better comic relief then joxer

Merwolf: Rohan..yes...

Maritimer: agree Ripley, Joxer would be better if he were consistent

Merwolf: he's not his own character.

EM: A BAD excuse

Tanya: yeah..I like Auto

Cindy: Joxer is a plot device not a real character, right?

Rohan: WHooooahhoooo

WarriorBard: J would be bad if he was in any episodes at all

pooka: i think they should have more hades

Merwolf: He's comic relief, or a prop...

pooka: he's cute

Tanya: I love hades!!

Merwolf: he's not a person, so far as I can tell.

Rohan: But what about Jessen's kids, Xena and Gabrielle? Nicknames?

Ripley: Auto is cool, but Bruce Campbell is alway scool!

EM: I like sly humor ... not bathroom

Fayezer: Joxer should only be consumed in very small doses

Maritimer: Ares, mmmmmmmn

Cindy: He seems pretty disposable

Merwolf: and yes, I prefer dry humor.

Katherine: It's like they put him in cause they can't find something else to fill the space with

TrueXena: ok there he is :o)

Merwolf: so the wacky comedies are tough.

Rohan: as opposed to wet humor

gloworm: Hey Miss--any shot at getting any of the Gods in your series more, besides Ares

pooka: oohh pooh bear

EM: I love it when Gab goes into Overdrive

gloworm: sorry, little g

Merwolf: I"m not much on gods...

TrueXena: BF is good he is giving backrub now :o)

Tanya: yeah..when Gab goes nuts it's funny!!

Merwolf: I do like Turbo Gabby, though.

Dana: i don't like the comedies much - tho the quill cracked me up

pooka: send him over here

EM: like in ADITL with her let met do the pinch

Ripley: keep that BF then!

Rohan: LOL Turbo gabby..

Tanya: LOL EM!!!

*MegBot™: rofl

Jen: Gab whacking lol

*MegBot™: haha

*MegBot™: lol

Merwolf: I liked FFG....if I keep the sound off.

*Red™: Shut up, Meg

*MegBot™: ;as "fist" SOUND

*MegBot™: )fist

*MegBot™: Relax, *Red™, I'll hurt ya!

TrueXena: i plan on it!

Tanya: I love when the two in ADITL

pooka: hi meg

Rohan: ROC looked wonderful..

*MegBot™: Hi, Rohan!

Merwolf: yeah.. Iliked ADITL.

Rohan: Hi Megbot

*MegBot™: Hi, Rohan!

s.: how do you get the special sounds to play?

WarriorBard: Missy any chance of more Auto in your stories I was very happy you had him in the end of the last story

Rayner: Hi wiggy

Cindy: Do Hi Meggers

pooka: did meg actually say something

*MegBot™: Hi, pooka!

EM: Loved 1st 20 minutes with Gab and Leah

*Red™: heehee

*MegBot™: teehee!

WarriorBard: )AARG.WAV

pooka: yea

Merwolf: Auto.. him and Sal will show up in the next X and G.

XenasBard: )howl.wav

Dana: and do you have ares as xena's father

Wiggy: Hi Ray

WarriorBard: )AARG.WAV

*MegBot™: )holywoman.wav

Rohan: Missy, you find it hard to write for Hercules. will he come back though?

XenasBard: )KISS

XenasBard: )KISS

Rohan: ewww..stop the kissing.

Merwolf: Oh... yeah, I guess I could bring Herc babck.. it's easier to write Iolaus, though.

Jen: lol

WarriorBard: )crazedam.wav

*MegBot™: teehee!

Rohan: bad germs bad germs

Cindy: )paidhour.wav

XenasBard: )KISS

Stoley: it's getting messy in here.

WarriorBard: )crazedam.wav

Dana: i loved the herc - iolous moment you had that was hilarious

TrueXena: you want the bf in the middle?

Ripley: who is kissing now!

*Red™: nope

Cindy: )shamrock.wav

EM: Except Iolaus is dead

Tanya: LOL TX

*MegBot™: lol

pooka: )KISS

Merwolf: everyone thought I was goign 'there'

WarriorBard: )DEBUT

Merwolf: (chuckle)

Tanya: )AMEN

Dana: yeah - but herc and iolus - no way

WarriorBard: )FAZEIN

XenasBard: )KISS

Merwolf: You should ahve seen some of the mail..

WarriorBard: )gabsong.wav

Dana: but it was cute

Merwolf: EEWWWW!!!!

Jen: lol

*MegBot™: lol

Tanya: LOL

*MegBot™: lol

Katherine: yuck

Dana: the hug - friendship was cute

Tanya: true Dana

*MegBot™: )fatherdied

WarriorBard: )gabsong.wav

fOLLY: you got eww mail?

Merwolf: And I was like.. wait.. you're reading fanfic about two women in a sexual realationship...why is two guys so EEWWWWW

gloworm: nawww, not herc and iolaus. But what was the mail?

Shazb: They just don't have checmistry

Dana: did you get hate mail about that missy

Merwolf: I don't know.. they were just very weirded out...

WarriorBard: )holywoman.wav

Merwolf: and no.. I didn't go there...

Cindy: You like to give us red herrings so we don't get too sure we know whats going on in your mermind, huh?

WarriorBard: )howl.wav

Tanya: I thought i twas cute Missy

Dana: I would have just had them do it to piss of the emailers

Rohan: Missy, nevmer mind, huh?

Jen: lol

*MegBot™: rofl

Merwolf: the gentelmen were the worst.

Merwolf: oh my gosh.

EM: ^Missy liked your anecdote of person who read every story to determine didn't like two women in love

Rohan: what? Gab the lab eat your book?

gloworm: But, X said to G, after she and herc talked that "Tjeu

Shazb: shocker <g>

Roman: haha

*MegBot™: rofl

Merwolf: (G) I liked that too.. they turned out to be a fan.

pooka: Missy do you want to ask us any questions

Dana: I loved it when iolous found out about x and gab and the egg on his face

XenasBard: )TEEHEE


gloworm: Sorry, "They're not." Did gabby think they were?

EM: Wow a convert

XenasBard: )TEEHEE

Tanya: good scene

Canuck: <g>

Roman: haha

*MegBot™: LOL

Ripley: hey XB I think you are sitting on my head!

pooka: MISSY do you want to ask us any questions

Rohan: Will Najara make an apperance. Contrary to many, I liked her

TrueXena: she dont wanna know about us, she already knows we are nuts

Dana: fantastic scene

Tanya: )NO

Ripley: you are covering my much deserved Halo!

Merwolf: Any questions...

WarriorBard: mm Q Missy are jessan and Family staying in town with X&G then or going back to their own family then?

Merwolf: I'm tring to think of some...

pooka: psst tx it worked

Ripley: Nuts is an understatement!

Stoley: Fire away

XenasBard: opps sorry :)

Merwolf: they're stahing in Amph right now.

TrueXena: LOL

Tanya: I thoguth they were setling near Amph

*MegBot™: lol

Jen: i think we should let Missy go write. <BG>

pooka: almost

Tanya: LOL that a hint?

*MegBot™: lol

Merwolf: um.. what was that other question. now...

WarriorBard: Hey whos making funny noises

TrueXena: JEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Ripley: woohoo, my Halo is visible now@

gloworm: After herc and X talked, X told G, "they're not." did gabby think they were

Dana: anyone going to save the transcript here?

Jen: nooo, just being polite <g>

*MegBot™: LOL

Roman: lol

XenasBard: RIP no hallo for you

*MegBot™: haha

Brat: Happy now Rip?

WarriorBard: )AARG.WAV

Merwolf: they were speculating...

Merwolf: (G)

pooka: )Thunder.wav

Tanya: )YES

Merwolf: okay.. gossiping...

Merwolf: just like eveyrone else..

WarriorBard: )thund1

gloworm: Not X&G

Maritimer: the transcript will be up on the Merpups Den

Ripley: But I already lost one halo!

Merwolf: uh huh...

Dana: fantastic

Merwolf: horrible, huh?

Tanya: you never had one Rip

s.: missy - thanks for what you do for all of us!! we appreciate it - and you!!

TrueXena: great to hear Maritimer

WarriorBard: )fist

gloworm: I thought they were above that, but its a woman thing

Rohan: and thanks to RED

pooka: ditto s.

Merwolf: I'm glad you guys like the stories, and have fun with them.

Canuck: here here s.

WarriorBard: )FAZEIN

Tanya: yeppers


ARTIST: you never had one ripley only i do

pooka: yup yup

Ripley: I did too, it went under the furnitrue in teh BS rmember

XenasBard: Missy thanks for comming...I hope you all have a good night... I will talk to you later

Merwolf: It's a guy thing too.. believe me...

Dana: we are a great writer

Maritimer: I think that is correct, Folly?

*** Page from sue in My Corner Entrance: sue logged on

Tanya: LOL Artist...yeah sure

*MegBot™: lol

TrueXena: later XB

Rohan: night, XB

WarriorBard: yeah makes my day to read a update about my fav people

Dana: you

gloworm: yeah, it's an everyone thing

ARTIST: no you didn't it

Brat: Missy thanks for all ur wonderful stories and ur patience wtih us pups!

Tanya: bye XB

fOLLY: correct that we are planning on putting transcript on den, yes

Roman: byeXB

Ripley: Bye XB

Stoley: bye XB

Maritimer: bye

Merwolf: That transcript will be up, right? I" d like to see what I said.

Merwolf: (G)

WarriorBard: bye XB

Rohan: Missy, LOL..

*MegBot™: haha

TrueXena: yeah i think i have seen bf peeking over my shoulder reading some of your stories too

Dana: same here

Ripley: You don't know!

Canuck: heh heh

TrueXena: LOL

Stoley: We won't hold any of it against you!

*MegBot™: LOL

Dana: so you don't get quoted out of context

Maritimer: oh yes we answer your call missy

Ripley: are you sleep typing or something!

Merwolf: don't ask.

Ripley: we know TX does that@

Shazb: hoefully Phill is saving this <crossing fingers>

Oscarama: Gotta go get some sleep now...Thanks Missy! See ya in SM!

Merwolf: I have a very limted short term memory.

Dana: by oscar

Rohan: Bye

Brat: TX does that *g*

Merwolf: that'swhy I never remember names.

Stoley: bye O

pooka: i cant read the stuff that happened when i got bounced twice

TrueXena: LOLyes and i do it well :o)

Tanya: LOL

Maritimer: Merpups Den union 405 is her to serve

*MegBot™: rofl

*MegBot™: haha

Ripley: what were you talking about again?

Roman: bye

Ripley: <g>

Roman: teehee!

*MegBot™: rofl

Rohan: short term memory? what is that?

Merwolf: exactly...

EM: Missy next life have more memory installed

BD: Update, update....

pooka: where is it going to be the transcripts that is

Merwolf: I need an upgrade.

Rohan: LOL

*MegBot™: LOL

gloworm: Can't say you've killed too many brain cells in your youth, can you

Canuck: lol

Merwolf: 128 Meg.

*MegBot™: LOL

WarriorBard: laughing his ass off

*Red™: :yes ... phill is saving it ;)

EM: Heck go for 2G

Rohan: SDRAM

Shazb: at the Merpups' Den site

Cindy: Meg heard her name

fOLLY: upgrade, lol

*MegBot™: haha

s.: missy, do you need 32 more megs of ram?

Rohan: Merwold II..the next generation

WarriorBard: :what alot of fun

Brat: Good one Rohan!

TrueXena: LOL yes she did

EM: Missy gonna up the clock speed?

*MegBot™: haha

* Merwolf * so... did I get enough folks in?

BD: Goodnight, my loved fellowpups!

Ripley: Ooo Merworld II that has a nice ring to it!

Cindy: I am waiting for the movie

Dana: by bd

Rohan: Bye be

Canuck: night BD

Tanya: gnight BD!!!

* *Red™ * this is wild. Missy ... thank you! ;)

Brat: Night BD

Stoley: bye

EM: Nite BD

Ripley: night BD

Roman: bye BD

fOLLY: missy would it help you to have the software you talk instead of type? naturally speaking , etc?

WarriorBard: bye

Merwolf: I"m going to go type... I have to move downstairs to the comfy chair.

Dana: the mini series

TrueXena: cya bd

Maritimer: later

Merwolf: probalby... I have to see how it works...

Rohan: Take care, Missy.thanks for being here

Shazb: bye Missy, thanks

Tanya: bye Missy!!!

Merwolf: I might end up with a sore throat.

Jen: night Missy

Cindy: bye missy...THANKS!!!

Tanya: WE love you!!!

gloworm: thanks Missy

Merwolf: (G)

Dana: goodbye - hugs

EM: Take Care Missy

Ripley: bye Missy!


WarriorBard: well goodnight Missy

Stoley: bye missy

Canuck: bye missy...night

s.: g'night missy

Rohan: Been fun! Haa..

Brat: Thanks for taking out the time to chat with us.. much appreicated!

MONIEB: thanx nissy

TrueXena: THANK YOU!

Ripley: We're not worthy!

Latsric: Pwaise Missy!

jt: bye Missy, thanks

pooka: bye missy nice meeting you


Maritimer: you rock Missy

xxpose1: night missy

Roman: night Missy thanks

Merwolf: night guys.... take care, okay?

Fayezer: bye Missy, thanks

WarriorBard: thanks for coming

Tanya: )KISS

Tanya: )KISS

Brat: Good night Missy!

Rohan: carpol tunnel syndrome..

Canuck: )amen



Maj|k: see ya!

Nanook: Thanks

V@lium: Bye Missy

Rohan: night

fOLLY: ha, you might if you produce as much as we cna read a night

EM: Say Hi to Dar andKerry


TrueXena: )KISS

Merwolf: night PHill.... rocking palance...

pooka: bye missy nice meeting you

TrueXena: )KISS


Stoley: night, night

Rohan: we will be waiting for the update!

Rayner: bye missy.

*Red™: niters ... thanx!

Brat: Its been fun!

Tanya: )AMEN

Ripley: now the kisses are flying!

Rayner: Thanks.

Dana: the queen has left

Rohan: She is gone..*sobbing*

gloworm: take care kids--back to the email

Cindy: Merwolf has left the building

Jen: night Rohan... be talking to ya on the list

pooka: )yiyiyi.wav

Latsric: Merwolf has left the building

TrueXena: THAT WAS THE KEWLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22:45:16 - Closing Log