Welcome to the online world of the Merpups!!

On this page are some of the links that the Merwolfpack has found to be useful or just fun. This is by no means a complete list of what is available or where pups like to travel, but it's not a bad beginning. For the most complete list of sites around, visit the Xena Online Resources.

(Click here for some special web surfing hints from our own merpups Lunacy and Llachlan)

This page will be updated as Missy's stories progress. Please check back regularly!

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Merwolf Links - Sites devoted to the great Missy Good, her stories, and the Merpups!
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  • Merwolf's Cave - Missy Good's home page (bowing to the great one!)
  • Merpups' Den - A page created by the fans of Missy Good (You're on it now...aarrooo!!!)
  • Merwolf Stories on Audio Tape - Just wait until you hear WordWarior say "Gabrielle", You'll never be the same. Check this site for how to order your own set of Missy's stories.
  • Merwolf for the Palm Pilot - A site that has Missy's stories in .doc format for the Palm Pilot pups.
  • Merwolf for Word - A site that has Missy's stories in various Word formats. Perfect for printing, zipped for easy downloading. Files include the Barron or MaryD covers.
  • Pup-N-Stuff - Holly pup, of the incredible trivia contest, has a site of miscellaneous pup stuff.
  • Barbara Maclay Artwork - Wonderful drawings inspired by Missy's stories.
  • The Missy Good Appreciation Page - One of our own pups, Maike, has created an great site in honor Missy. The newest addition is called "The Works", and it is an endeavor to index the information and tidbits about all of Missy's stories. You've got to see it to believe it! These are some dedicated pups!
  • Sheer Folly - The home of Merwulf's Fake Updates and Lauracy's Reviews. There are no paradies better than these! For some real foolish fun head on over to Folly's home.
  • Merwolf Relics - Links to other Merwolf related information including a list of other stories based on Merwolf stories. (Merwolf-squared!) - (was Greypups Relics)
  • The Coffeepot - A whole slew of pictures of pups and others from various conventions.
  • Mushy Merwolf Moments Archive - This site is an excellent addition to the Missyverse.  It has all the MMM's (Mushy Merwolf Moments) and HMM's (Humorous Merwolf Moments) that have been posted on the Merwolfpack mailing list.  If you need that instant warm and fuzzy feeling....go here for your Merwolf fix!
  • The Merpups Baby Album - Ever wonder what the pups looked like when they were...er...pups? (g) Check out these cutie pies and add yourself to the album.
  • The Warrior's Lair - Pup Ciegra has created a wonderful site with covers for a whole slew of fanfiction stories including many for Missy's stories. She's also the creator of the Dar and Kerry photo album listed below.
  • The Adventures of Dori of Amphipolis - Pup Lucia has created the cutest cartoons starring the one and only Dori! See all of Lucia's cartoon at Lucia's Cartoon Connection hosted at MaryD's Australian Xena Information Page.
  • Carla's Montages - Pup Carla has now moved to her own site and has a great selection of montages devoted to Missy's works along with pup-related works and some other Xena goodies. She's just getting more and more talented every day! Go Carla!
  • Merpup Tattoos - Here's a new and different site. Ever wonder what creative artwork the merpups wear? Well...here's a sampling of some of them.
  • The MerPups International Brick - How the brick came to be. The donor list
Tropical Storm - Links to all things Tropical Storm.
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Dar & Kerry - Things of interest in Dar and Kerry's world
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  • A Fantasy Trip - a post-'Hurricane Watch' tale where Y2k and an internet site posting lead Dar and Kerry "on the road again"--though in different directions.
  • 'Within Five Days' - A draft fan fiction screenplay based on the *posted* version of "Tropical Storm." Linked to "Pupsical Storm." This is very cool.
  • Kerry's Palm Pilot - Now that Merwolf has publicly announced what all Piloteers knew anyway - that Kerry has a Palm Pilot - Kerry's Palm Pilot has it's own Homepage (plus a poll)
  • Dar & Kerry's Photo Album - A little montage fun.
  • EDS - The real Borg itself, Electronic Data Systems
  • The Crocodile Hunter - Our girls favorite program
  • Disney - Lookout for all those cameras if you go visiting (g)
  • Miami - Here's Yahoo!'s links and info
  • Fisher Island - A pretty nice place to live, prices range from $600,000 to $6 Million (Wow!)
  • Diving - An encyclopedia of diving resources on the net (Dar's hobby)
  • Martial Arts - A comprehensive listing of internet resources by martial-arts type
  • The X-Files - See if you can figure it all out!
  • Poetry - An international site to all things poetry (Kerry's hobby)
  • North Carolina - As they say "A Better Place to Be"...It certainly was for our girls!
  • Riding - It may not list North Carolina, but here's a great reference site for Horseback Riding and other outdoor adventures.
  • Lexus LX-400 - Interested in owning the car that Dar drives? Here's a place to start...start getting your donations together. (g)
  • Lexus RX-300 - Not quite up to the level of Dar? Here's Kerry's new car! Unfortunately they don't make it in the blue that she dirves, but there's lots of other options. (g)
  • Mustang - And for those who like American muscle...here's Kerry's old car.
  • Key West - Want to relax on the beach in your own little cottage, like Dar and Kerry? Check here for more info on Key West.
  • PlantOut's Key West - Here's some more information on Key West focusing on the gay community.
  • The Dar and Kerry Brick - The story behind the brick and how to find it at Disney World
  • The Disneyworld Tour -(Dar and Kerry in Tropical Storm)
FanFiction Sites - Looking for a story? Check these out! After going here there's no turning back!
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  • Lunacy's Fanfiction Reviews - A comprehensive index of fanfiction reviews by the great Lunacy
  • Cees Reviews - Here's a pup trying to help fill the gap that Lunacy's semi-retirement has left. Looks to be a great place to find recommendations.
  • Del's Fanfiction Reviews - Another source of fanfic reviews reviews
  • The Bard's Corner - A very comprehensive site maintained by our own MaryD. She has just started the Xippy awards for great fanfic stories.
  • Tom's Fan Fiction - One of the first and best fanfic sites.
  • The Athenaeum - A large searchable, categorized index of stories
  • Shadowfen's Index - A great index that loads fast and is simple to use
  • The Ultimate Xena Fanfiction Directory - Another large index site with a brand new search engine
  • The Amazon Ice Company Awards - Looking for an alt story that makes you melt? (NOT PG-13) (Not being updated anymore)
  • Uber Stories - Two pups have have put together a site that lists Janice/Mel and uber-Xena stories. It's got tons of great information and is now being hosted at the Academy of the Bards.
  • The Academy of the Bards - The pups are now in the fanfiction hosting business. If you're looking for a place to host your story, poem, or other written creation...these pups will be happy to help you out.
  • The Swollen Bud Awards - "The Swollen Bud committee is a dedicated group of Xenites -- bards and faithful readers alike -- from around the world, who have come together to give spectacular pieces of fan fiction the attention they deserve. Our mission: to enlighten Xena fans everywhere." - These people know their fan fiction!!
  • Femfic.org - This is a great site that has links to sites with lesbian fan fiction or original fiction. This includes more than just Xena fanfic.
Bard Reference Sites - If you're a bard or want to be one, you might want to check these out
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Other Xenaverse Links - Some major players in the Xenaverse
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  • MaryD's Xena Page - One of the best pages for keeping up on events in the Xenaverse.
  • Tom's Xena Page - Another great resource for Xenaverse info.  Get your Xena computer related stuff here. Tom's page has gone into semi-retirement, but it still has a great wealth of xena-related information.
  • Whoosh! - The Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies. Here you will find essays, articles, commentaries, and various analyses of the television show Xena: Warrior Princess (XWP).  Also houses the most in depth episode information available.
  • ForevaXena - A comprehensive site run by a pup. It is updated almost daily and has fanfic, episode reviews, multimedia, and lots more.
  • Xena Online Resources - The most complete set of Xenaverse links there is.
  • Creation Entertainment - The official Creation Entertainment site - merchandise and convention info here.
  • Sword and Staff - An organization that raises money for charity through online auctions and other events.
Fun Stuff - Here's some other fun sites that the Merpups have latched onto
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  • Dancing Hamsters - A very silly but very fun site. If you're having a bad day go check this one out. It's guaranteed to make you smile!
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