From the Official X:WP Magazine - Issue #11 (page 5) - October, 2000


Back for Good

Further to our report in Issue 9 announcing that renowned Xena fan fiction writer Melissa Good had been commissioned to write an episode of the show, Good has now revealed that she's submitted a further script for Xena's sixth season.

Melissa Good penned the season six show Legacy, the third episode of the year, following a call from Renaissance Pictures' staff writer Steven Sears earlier this year inviting her to become involved in writing televised episodes. The show's producers were so pleased with Good's first submission that they asked her to write the script for a later season six episode, Coming Home, which began filming on the New Zealand sound stages in July.

The plot of Coming Home was still under wraps as we went to press, but we'll be talking to Melissa Good about both Legacy and Coming Home in Issue 14, when we'll also be bring you a special report form the set of her first Xena episode, Legacy.

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