Learn all about Alpha Wolf Herein lies the scrolls that describe our leader a.k.a. Merwolf, Alpha Wolf, Missy Good.

Within this tomb you will find scrolls on Merwolf, the Consort, Gab the Lab, and interviews with some of Merwolfs closest friends.

Herein also lies the Pup Chat Scrolls . These scrolls contain the logged on-line/real-time chats with Merwolf.

Amazon Elders' Book of Wisdom

Amazon Elders Book Of Wisdom

Here you will find the anceint scrolls of Amazons past and present. Within these scrolls herein lies Words of Wisdom for all Pups.

Head these warnings:

  • Unroll carefully, some of the scrolls are quite old.

Hall of Chocolate

Hall of Chocolate

Here you will learn all you need to about the food of the Pups. Beware, this is not for the faint of heart. If you are afraid of calories then run, don't walk to the next scroll.

Herein lies the offerings of Pup Chefs. Please feel free to check-out a recipe scroll. Would you like to contribute a scroll? Slide on down to the "Offerings and Tributes Scroll." When unrolled you will be presented with instructions for adding your scroll to the Merpup Library.


Mom's Words of Wisdom

Urn of Laundry Detergent

Herein lies the scrolls of Mom. Mom, Gaia, has submitted these scrolls to help Pups through life. You will find that it is the wise Pups who heed Mom's advice; even the Alpha Wolf is known to abide by Mom.

Mom has entered several scrolls of advice for new Pups to help you get acclimated with the pack.

Mary D's Heads

Mary D's Heads

Ahhh what can we say about this scroll other than it is not for the faint of heart!!

Mary D, our resident head collector, has graciously allowed us to display her collection of heads from Merwolfs stories.

*** Spoiler Warning if you have not read all of Merwolfs stories ***

Offerings and Tributes

Offerings and Tributes

Do you wish to offer a tribute to the Shrine?

Unroll this scroll for instructions.

When ready to lay your offering down, click on the shrine.



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