Tropical Storm

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Written By: Melissa Good
Produced By: Ladyhawke Productions

Here you will find various bits of information and links that track the making of Tropical Storm - the series.  It's going to be a fantastic ride....

News Stuff:

  • 4/28/01:

    The Ladyhawke Productions website has been launched are it looks fabulous! Check it out here.

  • 3/18/01:

    Missy did a short interview with the here for more info.

  • 2/14/01:

    Keep an eye on the Ladyhawke Productions site. New information will be available towards the end of the month.

  • 1/1/01:

    Ladyhawke Productions will be attending the 2001 NATPE conference (the National Association of Television Program Executives).

  • 12/2/00:

    Check out this new article from the X:WP Magazine #14 - Stronger Than Fiction

  • 11/24/00:

    Missy did an interview with Lesbianation...[click here for the article]

  • 7/14/00:

    Debby and Missy have been hard at work location scouting in Florida.  Check out the results for yourself.  I say they're doing a pretty good job! [Click here]

    From Debby - "This is a peek into the stage that we will be using until closer accommodations are built ..... This is where the office interiors / ILS will be built."

Episode Info:

Episode Number Episode Name Airing Date
01 Old Friends Who Have Just Met 2000??



Other info:

  • If you can't wait for the series, read Tropical Storm, the book. It is available from Justice House Publishing or Also, be on the lookout for Hurricane Watch. It should be published towards the fall of 2000.

  • Join the Ladyhawke mailing list to keep up with the latest news about the production of the series. Click below to subscribe.

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