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Welcome Pups!
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The shrine design team, Missy Union 405, hopes you enjoy the Merpups' Den site.  We will update the site as often and regularly as possible--not having the power of Missy, MaryD, or Lunacy and being subject to the constant distractions they zing in our path...aaaiiiieee such obstacles.  It's like leaping over a stack of leather couches.  But we digress.

Guess What?!? Missy is joining the fabulous collection of Bards who will be bringing you the Subtext Virtual Season 7 of X:WP! Don't miss out! Click the banner above for all the latest info.

Sorry it's been a while....

All of us at the Den were saddened by the death of Kevin "Ares" Smith last month.  We've added a link below with more information on what you can do!

On a lighter note...tonight is the NCAA Women's basketball championship game...Goooo UConn!!

General News and Announcements.

To find out more about Missy's professional work on Xena and Sheena and her published work...look in the Alpha's Endeavors section of the Missy Stats Page .

What is actually new <g>.

March 31, 2002

February 9, 2002

January 5, 2002

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