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Xena's Right Hand Gal Member posted May 10, 2000 03:51 PM

I have a question...actually a two parter.

Not sure if this has been asked yet, but I do remember reading somewhere that Missy said she submitted some of her writings to RT. Were any of those alt fanfic? Does she know if he has read some of hers or any other bard's for that matter? (Alt fanfic I mean)

Well, it was all from my stories, so yes, it was alt fanfic. (laughing) If you mean, did I send any hot sex scenes over, no. I chose two funny pieces, two action pieces, and one piece each that defined how I saw each character. I know RT's read a bit of my stuff off - but we didn't discuss what bits. (g)

And that they have returned to filming and I also thought that I heard her submitted script would be for an ep not too far in to the season...does she know when it will be filmed?

Nope - I don't - I could ask, and they might tell me. (g) But yes - I think it was for the first half of the season. The admin offices at Renpics writer's group were funny, they said they'd be sure to let me know when the ep was airing, so I could have a party. (g)

Thanks for your help! XRHG


IP: Logged ASHTTON Member posted May 10, 2000 04:53 PM

Missy how long is the actual script you are writing? It was 44 pages or so.

Is the process of writng a tv script as easy or hard as you expected?

Because tv scripts are so structured, it was actually a little easier than I expected it to be. Sort of like an intricate puzzle, where everything has to have its place.

Has your script been apporoved or accepted yet to be filmed?

I turned in a second and final draft, after revisions were requested on the first, and now - it's out of my hands. When they finish making changes to it (which I'm sure they will, extensively - since I was basically writing from instinct) they'll send me what's called the shooting draft. Then I'll get to see how much (1 percent I'm told is the average) of what I put in was retained, and what the changes are. (so, in answer to the question, yes, it's been accepted. )

Are you hopeful for the 6th season of XWP and your script?

Based on what I could absorb from listening to the writer's group, to RJ, and to Rob as they talked about the 6th season, they seemed very excited about it, and definitely passionate about the idea that they wanted this season to be good, and solid. (G) Ask me again about the script after I get the shooting draft. (g)

Do you write the dialogue and the story synopsis for the script at the same time like a short story?

It's a mixture. The synopsis is mostly a blow by blow description of what happens in each beat, or scene of each act. You can describe the action, the atmosphere, and put in bits of dialog to be the story point across. So there's a little of both.

Has filming actually resumed in NZ? Are you going to chronicle your adventure of working with RenPics, the script writing process, and the entire happenings for everyone to read someday?

I don't know - (if the filming has restarted) - I think once the whole thing's over, I'd like to put down what the process is - because it was certainly interesting and illuminating for me, and not what I expected. (g)

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