From - April 24, 2000

Xena Fan Gets Shot at Stardom

Fanfic scribe Melissa Good will pen one of next season's episodes.

Here's a bit of news that should warm the hearts of fans the world over. According to's Mania, Xena fanfic writer Melissa Good has signed a freelance contract to script an episode of the show for season six.

"I have already participated in story meetings, and submitted a story sheet, and I am in the process of submitting a first draft of the script to [the] writing team," she told Mania. "ONE script -- so would ya'll please not think this is a huge impact, okay?" Ah, but it is, Melissa, it is -- very exciting for Xena fandom, especially since Good is known for subtext-heavy fic. We can't wait to see what kind of episode she'll turn out.

Of course, we don't imagine that this will become a trend among genre shows, so don't get too excited. Can you really imagine Joss Whedon letting someone turn their epic poem chronicling the long-suppressed, time transcending romance between Cordelia and Spike into a reality? Er, probably not.

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