From BrotherSister (Victoria) - Issue #221 - October 12, 2000


Xena’s lesbian script (writer)

Melissa Good’s ‘Coming Home’ episode of Xena: Warrior Princess has earned her an instant audience for her online novels of lesbian romance. Good has become a Web phenomena publishing daily updates on her latest novel to her loyal and still growing fan email list. What began as writing and posting fan fiction stories on the Web has turned into a four-book deal, a movie and two Xena scripts. Publisher Robin Paterson-Reed commented, "We never dreamed how successful Melissa’s book (Tropical Storm) would be. All of our titles consistently rank in the top 25,000 titles sold at with the top four of five spots often being our books. She posts daily updates to her current story and interacts with her fans daily and for free." But those without a vested interest in flogging Good’s goods can be less than enthusiastic: "one would think lesbian lovers could spice up any story," writes one online reader. "Not Tropical Storm. The tepid love scenes lacked the angst-ridden edge and sheer passion found in far better lesbian-themed novels." But then there’s this: "To anyone out there who is a fan of Xena this is a must read book."

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