Pup Stuff



Pup Stuff

MerPup Album - Photos

Pup Tats - Tattoos

Foraging for FanFic Food - recipes for food in Fan fic Stories, etc. (2004)

The Dar and Kerry Brick - The story behind the brick and how to find it at Disney World

The Disneyworld Tour -(Dar and Kerry in Tropical Storm)

The FuzzyButts and the FeatherHeads- (Forest People and Forest Amazons)

The MerPups International Brick - How the brick came to be. The donor list

The Lady Adrell and Moonchild - 2001 Joining


Fan Fiction

Dar and Kerry - from A to Z - an alphabetical index of characters in the Dar and Kerry series

Ubers I'd Love to Date - 2004 Pup survey

Top Ten FanFic Tales - 2004 Pup survey

Pups' Favorite Bards - 2004 Pup survey

Pup FanFic Recommendations

Merwolf POVs - XnG, DnK POVs


Missy Stuff

Missy visits Hawaii - Local Pups with Missy in 2003

Missy Addiction - by JTD, "You know you're addicted when..."


Xena Convention - Pasadena

Xena 2002 Pasadena Convention

Xena Warrior Princess Convention (Lucy, Renee and Other Guest Stars) May 2001 Pasadena

XWP Pasadena Convention (Pups and Stuff) May 2001 Pasadena


The Ancient Scrolls By FuzzyButt the Elder

The Lila Scrolls - Letters from Gabrielle (fanfic)

The Cave of Ephiny

The Legend of the Ewoiks - The Diaspora of the Forest People

Bacchae Night - Gabrielle revisits a town


Whimsy, etc. by FuzzyButt the Elder

Whimsy - Whimsical bits of puns and word play - PG 13

Xena 'n Gabrielle Lo Ku - short form evocative poems

A Donsy Sonsy Day - poem

Butch Card Carrier - poem

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