Donsy - Sonsy



Sonsy (Adjective)

Definition 1: Fortunate, lucky, having sonse (= good fortune); sensible, shrewd; (of girls) zaftig (full-figured) and comely.

note: donse is the opposite, meaning unfortunate


A donsy sonsy day it was.

Twas a daisy day in the meadows
And the wee lambs gamboled about
But down and donsy was me spirit
And me mouth was in a pout

Then frolicked ye across me sight
Full sonsy was yer bonny bod
Me lips broke me ears wi a smile
When ye tossed me yer saucy nod

Ye flew into me arms
And crushed me in yer embrace
Me tongue was broke wi joy
Me tears rained down me face

I thank the gods above
And all the spirits below
Who blessed this worthless lad
That ye could love me so

Jim FBtE