Pup Tats

For whatever reason, Pups and Tattoos seem to go together. And Pups like nothing better than to compare their marks of distinction.

Depicted below, for your viewing pleasure, are tats, owners (some anonymous) and anecdotes. Contributions accepted, see the bottom on how to send in a photo, anecdote or correction.

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Gabrielle's Dragon tattoo from FIN

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Ouroboros (Snake swallowing its tail - symbol of infinity)
Tattoo belongs to Dana Scully of X-Files.
Shown here as part of a discussion on Xena's tattoo in DCTM.

 xenatat.jpg  xenatat.jpg
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Xena - Gabrielle's symbol
An example of what Xena's tattoo might look like from Missy Good's story Dark Comes The Morning.

Alphabetical by Pup Name

 susanceltic.jpg  susanceltic.jpg
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Alias - Celtic Horses


Lucy tattoo
Click HERE for Angela's explanation of the tattoo and larger photos. 

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Anne (CrashingBricks)

The double womens symbol I did myself when I was 18. Angel was a nickname for an ex.

The Angel is Michael, and he is a coverup. The old tat under it was Queer as F**k.

The word lover on my right forearm used to be a nickname.



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ArdentTly - Chakram, Sword and Scroll

7.98 Kb
Ardently - Bard and Daggar

13.82 Kb
ArdentTly - Rampant Leo

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Carol Stephens
- Dolphin

 That's Linda Crist, Carol Stephens, Denise Byrd, and me - in that order.


 cate-tat.jpg  cate-tat.jpg
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Cate - Labrys / Moon

It's a labrys (double-bladed ax) in front of a full moon ... both of which were representative of the nicknames my partner and I were using when we met online back in late '96 ... :> ... it must be love, huh?

Cate, *an Aussie pup* (8/2001)

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Charlene - Chakram
Here is my tattoo....

I'm THE Charlene from the con.

27 Jul 2007


18.15 Kb
Christy - Tribal Sun

17.86 Kb
Christy - Capricorn

The first one is a Tribal Sun its on my lower back, the second one is my zodiac sign for Capricorn its on my right ankle.

Christy (8/2001)

 celestqq.jpg  celestqq.jpg
14.92 Kb
CJ - Fem Symbol, Rainbow, Scales (Libra), Yin/Yang, Dolphins

Cortney also has the dolphin and scale on on her back. They are kinda like marriage tattoos for us because we have the same one. It represents the things we have in common and not. We are both Libra therefore the scales, the female sign cuz, duh, we're woman, the rainbow because we're lesbians, and the dolphins cuz she loves them and the yin-yang cuz I love them. So there you go....our story. A piece of us both. That's how I like to refer to it.



10.97 Kb
Cortney - "Family Loyalty" in Chinese calligraphy

7.14 Kb
Cortney - Honu - Hawaiian Sea Turtle

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- Xena' chakram
My handle is cuzinpepper aka Elara.  My tattoo is Xena's chakram on my chest.  Hurt like crazy;  it is my 3rd tat.  And the most painful thus far.  But I love it.  Akemi Lied.

 debox3.jpg  debox3.jpg
6.53 Kb
DeboX - Kanji / Hiragana

The top symbol is a Japanese translation - Kanji, to be exact - for Xena Warrior Princess.
The symbol below it is Japanese - Hiragana - for "Ga".


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Denise Byrd
- Dolphin 

 That's Linda Crist, Carol Stephens, Denise Byrd, and me - in that order.


 gabs-wb-chakram.jpg  gabs-wb-chakram.jpg
67.20 Kb

Thought I'd add my own vaguely Xena themed tattoo to it... yeah right... who am I kidding it's a darn Chakram on my right hip... couldn't decide for ages what to get as a tat then plumped for this... hope you like...





I am from Sunny California. 100% Irish, from my naturally curly strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes, very fair skin and all the freckles to go along with it.
I got this tattoo 2 years ago as a birthday present to myself. It is on the inside of my left calf. It measures 5 inches across. And was worth every second of pain in the three hours it took to complete. Thanks, and happy tatting....

gwizz460 (9/28/2004)




Jenny D M

I saw the tattoo page and would like to add mine.
It's little X and G by Lucia.

Jenny D M




Juliet Williamson

Did this for my 40th birthday last September, it's a Labrys engulfed in flames(for my burning pride), and smoke that rises up behind and above to form an image of the Goddess spirit. The purple shaft is for gay pride too, as is the interlocking double female symbols at the top of the labrys to show I'm a proud and out lesbian. The labrys is my connection to my Amazon ancestors. I love the site and seeing others' pride tattoos!!! Thank you!!!

Juliet Williamson

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Just One Anne

my screen name has changed, to begin with
it is now Just One Anne ::chuckles::
this tattoo is on my inner right forearm and translates to Bad Girl
I wish it wasn't quite such a fuzzy pic, when I get a better one I'll share
meanwhile, enjoy!

Just One Anne

 katxng.jpg  katxng.jpg
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Kat - Xena and Gabrielle

Kim - Dragon

14 Kb
Kim (Timber) Gunderman
 Attached is a picture of Kim (Timber) Gunderman's tattoo on her inside right forearm. Kim is a lurker on the Merwolf Pack list.

42 Kb
Kimmy's tattoo is on her ankle. Read more about the tattoo here

 larisatat.jpg  larisatat.jpg
8.24 Kb
Larisa - Xena (on the arm)

Linda - Celtic dolphin

Here is a picture of my tattoo. I put some thought into it. The dolphin - one of my favorite creatures - is done as a celtic knot symbolising one with nature (harmony) and the ying yang within the waves is for the the balance within one's life.


36 Kb
Linda Crist
- Dolphin

 That's Linda Crist, Carol Stephens, Denise Byrd, and me - in that order.



8.66 Kb
Lyric - Quill and Ink Jar

I have a tat of a quill pen and jar of ink on my right hand and wrist. The image is so red, because it was taken right after I had it done.


26 Kb
Matsu71 - Snake

Took me ages to finally get a tattoo; I'd known the exact design five years before I went out to have it done (spring
1999). I've always been partial to snakes - this one's modelled on a house sign in Prague old town.


   chelle-tattoo01.jpg 38Kb
chelle-tattoo02.jpg 24Kb


87 Kb
Miss Ellie - Celtic Knot

109 Kb
Miss Ellie - Dragon named Chester, on right, umm, chest


36 Kb

Dophin in wave
Missy - Dolphin

(1) - That's Linda Crist, Carol Stephens, Denise Byrd, and Missy - in that order.

(2) - Dolphin in wave

 mullarkytat.jpg  mullarkytat.jpg
16.76 Kb
Mullarky - Chakram, Sword and Quill.
This is a drawing of my tattoo that I have on my left forearm.

Nadine - XenaBear
Nadine's Xenabear

Twas my happy 40th bday gift to myself. Is on my very freckled outer right calf. A special thank you to my bestest friend Jasmine....my Xena twin...who was a pleasant distraction from all that needling goin on. Yeah baby...we are the coolest!!!! lol

Pat - Sword and Chakram
 My xena chakram, swords tattoo. it is on my left leg, outside of calf.


30.67 Kb


9 Kb

Here it is! Brand-spankin' new! My first tattoo!! Inked 7/29/01-12:55pm. It's on my left calf.

A little background: The three Korean symbols stand for my beloved martial art "Taekwon Do" and the red and blue swirls represent the Yang and Um symbols (or ying yang as many people know them), in the Korean flag (with the colors matching the flag as well). I will be adding the rest of the flag's detail at a later date (probably at the Cherry Hill con, so I can go back to the same place that did this one).


Here's a shot of my new (unfinished) tattoo, that I got in NY. (2002)



Opustat.jpg 40Kb

OZtat.jpg 77Kb

swordtat.jpg 41 Kb

Phil /OZ

<aka Warrior Nut Case>

Explanations...hmmmmmmmm...let's see...

Well, Opus the penguin (from Bloom County by Berke Breathed) is one of my favorite comic strip characters. Doncha just love the "why me" look and the Carmen Miranda hat? This was my first tat.
(right shoulder)

The sword (with the quill on the blade) comes from one of the first fanfic stories I ever read...Choices by Allyson Heisey. Excellent story. Better tattoo than what the pic shows too. (left calf)

An original drawing by Lucia. The wizard hat is for "OZ", the scroll and quill for my association with the Royal Academy of Bards and the pawprint...well, y'all can figure that one out. Btw, the quill is green and the pawprint is blue...go figure. <.bg.> (right calf)





I’d be honoured if you’d display my new tatt on the MerPup tatt page. It’s on my right bicep and is a Celtic/Tribal mix meaning ‘Rebel’.
PolarPup (9/2009)




Reality Dreaming

My name is lea realitydreaming@aol.com
This is the same tattoo xena got in the ep "between the lines"





This is my first tattoo....gotten in CA while attending the 2005 Con. We got the idea (my friends got the same tattoo) from one of th eXena calendars. I can't wait to get my next one!!

Ren (the lurker pup)





Here is a pic of the tattoos on my left upper arm. They look a bit squished because I used my scanner to take the picture.

Unorthodox, yes. but it did work. I have no images of the one on my leg, as it doesn't look nearly as pretty. : )

shay : )



60.35 Kb
Talira - Blue Dragon

96.08 Kb
Talira - Green Dragon

71 Kb
Talira - Triple Moon

56.96 Kb
Talira - Wolf and Horse

These are the four I have the best shots of; I have three more I am trying to get good shots of, but where they are located makes it difficult. Thanks

Nancy / Talira

8 Kb
Terri - Angel

Hey, this is my angel. She's on my right upper arm.

American by birth,
Southern by the grace of God


196 KB
Tiger - Roaring Tiger

dragon-big.jpg 189 Kb
Tiger - Dragon

155 KB
Tiger - Two Tigers

152 KB
Tiger - Tiger and Waterfall

Tiger - Tiger head

Once a Tiger, always a Tiger; and our Sterling Silver Tiger bears the visages of her namesake indelibly on her skin and in her soul.

Enjoy these four tattoos of the Noble Tiger and her heavenly companion, the Imperial Dragon

Please send photos (paper or file), stories, additions and/or corrections to

FuzzyButt the Elder, mailto:piggywonx@aditl.com

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