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August, 2004

Hi Missy

I was just wondering if you ever thought to put up a cookbook of Dar and Kerry favorite recipes from all your books and maybe be a small portion of the book could be devoted to the journey of soulmates.

I have to tell you one of my favorite things in reading your stories is coming across a section that mentions a Florida dish or a cuban dish from your Storm Series or a favorite in the Journey Series or a friendly mail of yours dicussing something you made ..and trying to recreate it in my kitchen ....a lot of disasters there. LOL. I sure hope you think about doing something like that..I know I would certainly buy it..

I would love to be able to make the stuff you write about ..instead of guessing and ending up throwing it in the trash or ending up in the bathroom for a while <g>

Kellie Mc Millan


Frosted Flakes and Whole Milk (Dar / TS)

Dar's cuban treats she eats for breakfast



Colleen's favorite cookie recipe

Carrot Sticks (Kerry, TS)

Graham Crackers and Milk

Kerry's trail mix

Soul mates cooked apples




Dar's favorite pasta and wine

Duks' favorite dessert or dish

Kerry's Meatballs (Kerry / TS)

Kerry's' spicy main dish

Marianna's favorite dessert or dish

Missy'sfavorites.. breakfast lunch dinner




Buttery Nipple

Jose`s Mojitos

Cuban coffee

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