You know you are a Missy Good addict when...

compiled by JTD

last update, Oct 2004


  1. Whenever you watch Xena...

    ... you wonder why Ares: Warrior Puppy (R) isn't around

  2. ... you wait for Toris to appear whenever one of the episodes takes place in Amphipolis
  3. ... you miss Cait in an episode with Amazons
  4. ... after reading stories with a lot of Cait in it, you hear yourself say "super" all the time
  5. ... your favorite curses are "Hades' balls", "Centaur poop" and "Hera's tits"
  6. ... everytime you watch Star Wars and Chewbacca appears you wonder how Jessan got the role
  7. ... whenever people talk about the Gabdrag and "The Bitter Suite", you tell them how it all REALLY happened
  8. ... if you read all the way up to "Festival" you know Xena has one more amazing skill we definitely didn't expect
  9. ... the first bookmark entry on your browser is
  10. .. if someone asks you about a good fanfic site, you can actually recite all Missy-related by memory
  11. ... you check Missy's site at least once a day to make sure she didn't post a new chapter while you weren't looking (please allow for addiction variances here. Some merpups corrected me into three times a day or even three times in ten minutes J
  12. ... every time you watch X:WP you look for Xena's and Gabrielle's bond necklace and their wedding rings
  13. ... you'll never look at appleseeds with the same eyes ever again
  14. ... you start giggling at the sight of blue frosting
  15. ... you have your very own personal stuffed leather animated warrior pillow
  16. ... you start writing a story that involves Xena setting a bone and you honestly ask yourself if she really puts the pinch on them, sets the bone and takes the pinch away or if that is what Missy Good writes
  17. ... when you try to get to her site for an update, get a "Forbidden: 403"-message and promptly hyperventilate (Sherryl)
  18. ... when you go the nearest pet store just to find out what Kissing Gouramis and Siamese Fighting Fish look like (Narmin)
  19. ...when you're looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving, not because you'll be able to see family and friends but because you'll be able to stay online past midnight. (Isurus)
  20. wonder if there are still bound books out there
  21. ... you can’t remember when you last held one in your hands and read it for pleasure
  22. ... you wish they’d hurry getting those ST:TNG-PADDS into production so you can start reading Missy in bed without depleting your printer’s inktank all the time
  23. ... you seriously consider getting yourself a laptop just for the purpose mentioned above
  24. ... (only for Europeans:) you‘ve developed a strange routine of getting up in the morning, turning on your computer, make some coffee while it boots, get yourself breakfast while you reload Missy’s site and sit down in front of it to read the update while having breakfast
  25. ... you actually got to to find out more about the Crocodile Hunter-show that Dar and Kerry seem to be so obsessed about
  26. ... whenever someone suggests a treat, you immediately cry out "strawberries and chocolate"
  27. ... you’ve developed a strange addiction to chocolate milk
  28. ... you actually know what a merpup is
  29. ... you can list at least 10 items that will be found on merpup’s island
  30. ... although you fail miserably and all your friends laugh about you, you keep trying to juggle while running your morning round
  31. ... your teacher asks for a report on a popular author and you sign up to write a report on Missy. She says no. You spend ten minutes explaining that not only is Melissa Good a popular author but a goddess incarnate. (Yes, I really have done this! -Julie)
  32. ... your friends just walk away when you mention Missy Good, Merwolf, Dar & Kerry or "Gotta check my update". They've heard it all before.
  33. Although the rest of the family calls the dog "Tiger" (or whatever his/her real name is) you always call him Ares when no one else is around.
  34. Whenever you watch Xena going into a cave in the show, you wonder why she isn't getting claustrophobia. (all three by J. Gordon)
  35. regularly check the bookstores for "The Warlord's Guide to Conquering Greater Greece", that Xena mentioned in "Circle of Life"
  36. ...while reading TS, you keep going back and forth to MapQuest to locate Fisher Island, Kendall, Crandon Beach, etc. OK, I admit it, also Alpha's addy. (I am NOT a stalker--besides I'll probably never make it to Miami, anyway, so Missy doesn't have to worry)(by tlc)
  37. you start reading the series, finally take a bathroom break, and wonder why all the clocks in the house are showing the wrong date (by Dave)
  38. you're listening to a CD and you can think of a Missy scene where each and every song could be perfect for the movie.
  39. you keep finding ways to arrange your schedule around Merwolf updates and Xena episodes.
  40. you tell everyone at your graduation party that they have to leave before 7pm or else they MUST shuddup and sit down and watch a Xena rerun.
  41. now that you've been 18 for a while and exercized all but one of your legal rights as an adult, you're going to drive down to Willmington, NC, and getting a tattoo of a chakram around your ankle.
  42. during re-run season, you scrounge for pictures of X & G with their Mehndi tattos and practice drawing the same Mehndi's in the same location on YOUR body. (Speaking of which...I'm almost out of henna.)
  43. After hurricanes, tropical storms, and other east-coast annoyances, you comb local wooded areas for a fallen tree that would make an excellent Amazon fighting staff.
  44. You try to think of inexpensive ways to upgrade your computer so that it could somewhat resemble Dar or Kerry's, only to realize that if you add anything else to your computer, it just may explode.
  45. You collapse on the couch after a jog around your circle, forget running eight miles a day.(all by Kerry Hurley. Thank you for sharing, Kerry!)
  46. When the Proff hands out the exam you give him the eye so he knows *who* he is dealing with
  47. (*blush*) You join a kick boxing class and the instructor thinks you are nuts cause you ask when you get to learn those flippy things so you can attack the bad guy from behind...
  48. Your landlord catches you attacking a perfectly nice boxing bag with a broomstick... -anyone need a roomate? ;-) (all by Maria)
  49. Your Prof. describes a character you're discussing in class as "kind of a Warrior Princess" just so the class can get a chuckle at your expense. (hey, i wouldn't add it to the list if it didn't happen regularly!)
  50. Your kick boxing teacher asks you to please stop wearing the Callisto t-shirt to class, because you're scaring him. >;) (all by Chrys)
  51. When watching TV and seeing a cake with blue icing (very very blue!) you either grin foolishly or giggle for the rest of the show... (by Chiclet)
  52. After reading the latest update (and when she's outoftown doing Dar-like stuff) you reread all the previous stories, even though you've read them so many times, it's a good thing they're on computer or the paper would be torn, ripped, stained (not breaking for eating), etc.(by giggles)
  53. When the friends you canjoled into reading TS immediately think of you when they see two businesswomen on the street- one tall and dark, the other short and blonde. Really happened.
  54. You are watching the weather and a stupid grin gets plastered on your face because there's a tropical storm forming in the Carribean. Then you wonder why they aren't mentioning Missy.
  55. You start eating meals in front of the computer so you can catch up on MerwolfPack without wasting time to eat.
  56. Your parents start getting worried when you spend several hours a day on the computer and aren't reassured by the "it's only the pups" explanation for how you know you aren't talking to sickos.
  57. One of your goals in life is to walk on Crandon Beach.
  58. Lexus commercials make you grin like an idiot.
  59. One of the friends you cajoled into reading TS actually got hooked and printed out HW, then TS so her boss could read it. And you're happy because someone you know in RL finally understands Missy Magic plus you can now actually talk about Miami, Nov. 2000, Crandon beach, and bubblewrap without getting (really) weird looks.
  60. You seriously consider naming one of your children "Kerrison Renee".
  61. Every love song you hear makes you think of D&K.
  62. You want to beg Debbie the producer to film part of the movie near you just so you can crash the set.
  63. You have the TS: the movie logo as your desktop wallpaper.
  64. You were really mad at your mom because she opened your copy of TS when it came in the mail, before you could get at it.
  65. You find yourself smiling for absolutely no reason just because you started thinking about D&Kor X&G.
  66. Just picking up TS or opening a computer file written by Missy makes you grin like a fool.
  67. Your friends look at you weird because you've started using "Hades' balls" and other similar phrases instead of swearing.
  68. You have a Missy quote/scenario for every occasion, and don't hesitate to mention it whenever possible.
  69. Watching TV has become a casting exercise for The Movie.
  70. Your friends don't understand the importance of Nov. 2000, and you've stopped trying to explain it.
  71. Your friends were shocked that you actually started reading "romance novels" because that's all you could come up with to describe TS, due to the fact you were impatient to get back to the book.
  72. The phrase "mushypup" is firmly entrenched in your vocabulary.
  73. You spend half an hour trying to think of more examples for this list. (every single one of the above 18 by Ressik! Great going!)
  74. You book a trip to Disney World so you can go to all the places Dar and Kerry were.
  75. While at the Magic Kingdom, You tell the clerk that you JUST have to have that Pooh Bear, then when you get sniff it.. (both points from Mel aka BitrSuite3)
  76. You can spot a Lexus 470LX at 50 paces, and you can also tell when it's just the 320 or 420 series and not the one Dar drives. (Jo and Donna - Canadian Pups)


    ... you found this website and list!


BTW, there are more points at the Merpup's Den, section Merpup's Anonymous. ;-)


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