The Dar & Kerry Brick

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Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 08:58:41 -0500
Subject: [MerwolfPack] Dar and Kerry Disney World brick


The Dar and Kerry brick is at the Ticket and Transportation Center outside the Magic Kingdom.

Facing the ticket windows, find the first flagpole (the one furthest to the left). The brick is to the left of that flagpole by a few steps.

It is easy to see even at a little distance as it is the cleanest brick in the vicinity. We are still trying to discover the explanation for that particular phenomenon.

The 'H13' and '519' on the bottom is the registration number. It pinpoints the brick's location in Disney's system.

As to why the brick is cleaner and lighter than its neighbors: There's a rumor going around that says when Pups visit the brick, and no one is watching, they quickly bend down and give it a little smooch for luck in finding their soulmate << ick! germs! >> ... sorta like kissing the Blarney Stone or rubbing the Buddha's Belly.

(( ... and that's how urban legends are born <grin> )) FBtE


History of the Dar & Kerry Brick

Once Upon a Time.....

In 1999, Creation decided to have a convention in Orlando, and Pups began to make their own plans for a gathering. (The list was only about 600 strong at the time) We decided that the Character Breakfast at the Grand Floridian Resort would be a great Dar and Kerry choice for the group, and so arrangements began to be made. I was working at Disney at the time, so I was in charge of getting the breakfast together.

Disney was still selling bricks at Walt Disney World, and since Missy had recently married Dar and Kerry in Hurricane Watch, I sent out a note to the people who were coming down and doing the breakfast what the interest would be to purchase a brick for Dar & Kerry as a surprise for Missy.

We ask folks to commit a dollar apiece and word spread privately to folks. Soon we had enough to get both the actual brick, and Missy a Lucite copy of it for her office.

I went out to the Magic Kingdom and filled out the paperwork. I was only allowed 3 lines, 16 characters per line so what I ended up with was

FEBRUARY 14 1999

I used Feb. 14, 1999 because that was D&K's wedding date, and the Eternal Soulmates tied them neatly back to Xena & Gabrielle without ever mentioning them. <g>

The brick actually arrived in plenty of time for the con/get together, but since they lay them in sections, the brick was at the kiosk at the Magic Kingdom when we presented it to Missy. It was placed sometime in July of that year, I believe, and has become a ritual pilgrimage for new pups who come to visit Orlando.

And they lived happily ever after... THE END. :-)


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Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 01:41:04 -0000
Subject: [MerwolfPack] Re: DnK brick

And the day so many of went to Disney together... the brick was in the display kiosk thingee. All day pups at different times went to look at the brick. The poor-perky disney kids didn't know what hit them :} I think they were getting a feel for the sort of people that would be asking about that particular brick. Late in the evening as we were leaving, we decided to take another look. Two of us walked up to the kiosk and without us uttering a word, this lovely young man said would you like to see the dar and kerry brick<LOL>

And there are some strange pics somewhere out there from the next year's O-Con. We stayed ALL day at the park and several of us were leaving when the park closed. there was no one at the T&T area. So we decided to take our pic as we lay down next to the brick<G> Hey, y'all know how hot it gets down there, we were getting lightheaded from heatstroke and dehydration<G>

Wonder who has those silly pics?

Thanks Denise that as a very fun idea, and lasting, too.

-- from Judith BNC