The Forest People

(drawing created and copyrighted by Lúcia A. de Nóbrega)

 The Forest Amazons of Thrace

(drawing created and copyrighted by Lúcia A. de Nóbrega)

"Who needs Hooves and Harlots, when we have FuzzyButts and FeatherHeads"

--FBtE 2004

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 FuzzyButts  Featherheads

 Population as of October, 2004

FuzzyButt Elders


FuzzyButt Juniors


Honorary Members

  • Jessan and Elaini of the Forest Dwellers


  • Ares of Amphipolis (wolf)


 Population as of October, 2004

Distinguished FeatherHead Elderss




Honorary FeatherHeads

  • Cait of the Amazons
  • Dori of Amphipolis
  • Ephiny of the Amazons, Amazon Regent
  • Eponin of the Amazons
  • Gabrielle of Poteidaia, Amazon Queen
  • Xena of Amphipolis


  • Guardian (Tap's Owl)

(*) charter Member

Here, in the Amazon Cave of Honor, we place a feather for you, fallen comrade.

Fly swift and free, released from the mortal body, and soar into infinity....until we meet again.

<see Ephiny's Cave below>

 In the Elysian Fields

Who Are FuzzyButts

We are FuzzyButts, FuzzyButt Elders, Honorary FuzzyButts and even a FuzzyButt Mascot (gender and species being a non-issue here).

Some one asked what we do. Well, we love to sit by campfires, dance under the new, full, anykine moon, howl with the pups, hoot at puns and toast s'mores. And sleep. And eat (esp.chocolate). And read Missy's stories and get all mushy. And rescue Amazons from pig traps. And tell stories of our ancestors.

Just don't call us Ewoks.

Who Are FeatherHeads

The Featherheads are the Amazons of the tribe in the forest near Amphipolis. We are the hard livin', hard lovin', hard drinkin' daughters of Artemis. Our motto is "One for all, All for fun".

We have feathers for our heads, leather for our bods and blue icing for our, ummm, warpaint.

Our heartbeat echoes in our drums, wild, intoxicating, syncopated, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, gyrating around a fire, flickering shadows in the forest night. YEAH! Pass that ale.

Our favorte foods and drinks are: nutbread, chocolate, Olympic beer, morning mush, chocolate, Buttery Nipples, Retsina wine, and chocolate.

Membership is by invitation only. You have to invite yourself in by sending a request via bird, messenger or email to the census keeper (see address below). Don't forget to tell us whether you want to join the Featheheads and/or the FuzzyButts and what category you belong in.

Membership dues:

FuzzyButts = one M&M paid annually - or - two Smarties (lower exchange rate <g>)

Featherheads = one feather per year.



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Census Keeper : JimFBtE (at) aditl (dot) com

last update: October 2004