The Dar & Kerry Disney Tour

A list of places Dar and Kerry visited at Disneyworld
as reported in Tropical Storm By Missy Good

You're going to Disney and you want to visit the places that Dar & Kerry did in "Tropical Storm"? Not a problem, with this helpful map and our trusty instructions you can take the DaK Tour.

Day 1 (Tuesday) Arrival/Magic Kingdom

From Orlando International Airport: Take the BeeLine Expressway to I-4 West (towards Tampa). Get off at the Magic Kingdom exit (26a). Drive through the new gateway. Be sure to be in the next to the far right lane as you approach the toll plaza. (The far right lane is reserved for buses.) Tell the Cast Member at the plaza you are headed to the Grand Floridian. Go straight to the light, then turn Left. You will pass the Ticket and Transportation Center, then the Polynesian Resort to your right. At the stop sign, turn to the Right. Follow the road around until you reach the entrance to the Grand on your right. Tell the Cast Member at the guard shack you'd like to look around the hotel, and drive to the front for valet parking. (Trust me, folks. It's worth the two bucks.) The stairs and elevator to the right lead to the second floor mezzanine level, where the monorail is located at the front of the hotel.

*Please note: Dar and Kerry were Disney guests, and had full use of all transportation systems. Unless you have a guest card or Disney ID, you may not want to attempt to ride. They have been known to check for them.

Day 2 (Wednesday) Office/Blizzard Beach/EPCOT Center

Leaving the Grand, you will want to turn Right at the light. This will bring you around past Shades of Green, Exxon, and the Raceway. It also puts you back on the main drag. To get to the Office Building, take the third exit (Downtown Disney). You will then go through 12 lights, passing the Studios(3), Carribbean Beach Resort(5), Typhoon Lagoon(8), Team Disney is on the right and Downtown Disney Westside is on the left(10), Exxon(11), and the Casting Building(12). Immediately past the Casting Building is the SunTrust Building, which is where our heroines went. If you reach light 13,you've gone too far, but if you turn into the MarketPlace section of DowntownDisney here (on the left), you can visit the Rainforest Cafe. From the Grand to Blizzard Beach, take the second exit, and follow the curve to the Right. The first right is the Coronado Springs Resort. The first left is the entrance to Blizzard Beach. From Blizzard Beach to EPCOT Center, turn Left at the stop sign. At the third light, turn left again, which puts you back on the main drag. Exit to the Right.

Day 3 (Thursday) Animal Kingdom

Okay folks, this is the missing day from the story. But I have permission from the Alpha herself to send Dar and Kerry here. From the Grand, head back to the main drag. Take the fourth exit and follow the road straight to the park.

Day 4 (Friday) Office/Disney-MGM Studios/Departure

You already know how to get to the Office complex. To get to the Studios from the Grand (necessary, to keep them off the 'Go There' bus) take the third exit off the main road. You will pass the back of Tower and Fantasmic on the right and Boardwalk on the left. At the third light, turn Right and proceed into the park. Upon leaving the Studios, get into the right-hand side of the two left turn lanes. Turn Left, and go through three light before taking the exit marked I-4, 192, 417. Go straight, getting on 417, and heading straight to the airport. (417 is a toll road)


Because of where the office building is located, it was necessary to send Dar and Kerry back to the Grand BEFORE they went to the Studios. Otherwise, Kerry would  have to have been sitting in Dar's lap to have her nose pressed against the window. And I think that would have put them on the GT Bus before they were supposed to be!

Compiled by the Orlando Pups, vetted by Denise who verified the directions. (2002).