Butch Card Carrier


This is for Judith and all the other tool-belt mamas.

I did this just for fun <g> after reading Judith's email about building a computer desk and all the replies. (Hi, Tiger!).

It's plainly *not* a literary work of art and there's no music to it. And I don't mean to make fun of anyone or belittle the stereotype.

This is just for laughs. Please enjoy it or ignore it as you see fit.


The Butch Card Carrier <song>

Tool belt hung from jaunty hips
Strutting down a hardware aisle
Sparkling eyes over ruby lips
Lively steps and a big ole smile

She's a tool belt mama
A bad-ass gal
with a green-eye sweetie
as her best pal

Nuts and bolts and Revlon, too
Keep those nails lookin good
Sweating hard in the midday sun
But my sweetie's my nightime fun


She's got them leather pants
round her luscious butt
wears a big gold chain
with a quarter inch nut


Don't mess with her
Those abs are real
They make 'em tough
These chicks of steel


But a doe-eyed smile
Can mush her up
She may look tough
But she's still a PUP


Jim FBtE 6/2002