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A Pup Survey - July 2004

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Votes   Title Author
23   Tropical Storm Series Missy Good
12   I Found My Heart In San Francisco Series SX Meagher
10   Exposure series Fanatic, TNovan and Tonya Muir
10   None So Blind LJ Maas
9   Shaken/Stirred/Strained Series (Shaken) KG MacGregor
8   Madam President series Blayne Cooper & TNovan
7   Lucifer Rising SL Bowers
7   Redemption Sue Beck
6   The Story of Me Advocate
6   Tiopa Ki Lakota Redhawk
5   Accidental Love BL Miller
5   Heart's Passage Cate Swannell
5   Icehole Kiera Dellacroix
5   Meridio's Daughter LJ Maas
5   Rebecca's Cove LJ Maas
5   Silent Legacy (Glass Houses) Llachlan
5   The Deal Maggie Ryan
5   The Light Fantastic LA Tucker
5   The Promise of A Lifetime B. S. Raven
5   Words Heard in Silence TNovan & Taylor Rickard
4   Castaway Advocate & Fanatic
4   Conspiracy of Swords Shadowriter
4   Honor Series Radclyffe
4   Into The Dark Sharon Smith
4   Iron Rose Bleeding: Anne Azel
4   Surfacing: Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza
4   The Bluest Eyes In Texas Linda Crist
4   The Gaslight Series Nene Adams
4   The Woman I love Series GS Brinkley
3   Code Blue Katlyn
3   Coming Home Lois C Hart
3   Crystal's Heart BL Miller & Verda Foster
3   Destiny's Bridge and sequels Carrie Carr
3   Her Sole Desire BS Raven
3   High Intensity Bel Wah
3   Kwaidan Series Nene Adams
3   Life's Little Edge Roselle Graskey
3   The Growing Sue Beck, TNovan, and Okasha
3   The Reef Lois Kay
3   The Speed of the Beat of My Heart Michal Salat and Joann Muscolo
2   Alias Smith & Jones Advocate & TNovan
2   Banshee's Honor Shaych
2   Beneath The Surface Barbara Davies
2   Cobb Island Blayne Cooper
2   Cold Alison Carpenter (Midgit)
2   Engravings Of Wraith Kiera Dellacroix
2   First Kim Pritekel
2   Fractured Tapestry Kiera Dellacroix
2   In The Blood of the Greeks Series MaryD
2   Infinite Possibilities(Voyager crossover) Cate Swannell
2   Learning To Climb Sharon Smith
2   Loves Masquerade Radclyffe
2   Mulligan Series KG MacGregor
2   Nano Series Jules Mills
2   Noemi Katia Ruiz
2   Of Drag Kings And The Wheel Of Fate Susan Smith (Smitty)
2   Perfect Pitch JC Wilder
2   Resa Journs
2   Swept Away Linda Crist
2   Take Time Out R.L. Johnson
2   The Inside Out LA Tucker
2   The Return Tas
2   Towards The Sunset Della Street
2   Truth or Dare Meaghan O'Brien
2   Under The Gun Lori Lake
1   A Jealous Harvest Jamie Boughen
1   A Narcoleptic's Guide To Romance Vivian Darkbloom
1   A Saving Solace DS Bauden
1   A Year In Paris Malaurie Barber
1   Adeptus Major PsiDragonis
1   Aggar series CH Wolfe
1   Alex and Samantha Series Carole Giorgio
1   Alternative to Uber Chelle
1   Amicus Humani Generis S.B. Zarben
1   At Charon's Dock Kate
1   At Your Word Phair
1   Belle, Booke and Kandel McJohn etal from INKUBATOR
1   Billie and Cat Series KD Bard
1   Black Magic MJ and Cephalgia
1   Blind Side of Love Dreams
1   Bloodlines Koki Wolf
1   Body Parts Larisa
1   Chicago 5am L. N. James
1   Conqueror series Gin
1   Conqueror Series LJ Maas
1   Cooking On High Crème Brulee
1   Cyberepic Redhawk
1   Danté's Island Gabgold
1   Dead & blonde + rest of the series Jean Marcy
1   Deep Cover Pardee
1   Define Destiny and sequels JM Dragon
1   Delirium Tremens Vivian Darkbloom
1   Devil Series K Simpson
1   Different Dress Lori Lake
1   Driven Sue Beck and TNovan
1   Echoes From The Mist Advocate
1   Egypt series Ali Vali's
1   Emoria series Mindancer
1   Family In Blood KD Bard
1   Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill, Kill!: Sex And Violence Became Her  
1   Finding My Way Mavis Applewater
1   Fire and Ice Friction
1   First Contact Missy Good
1   First Light Emily Duncan
1   Getting It Right KG MacGregor
1   Gloria's Inn Robin Alexander
1   Graceful Waters BL Miller
1   Gun Shy Lori L. Lake
1   Hand in Hand Zuke
1   Harbor Radclyffe
1   Heat Wave Midgit
1   Her Lisa S.
1   Hidden Desires Vertigo
1   I Know This Bar Girl Bard
1   Infinite Loop Meghan O'Brien
1   Infinity series Redhawk
1   Just Between Series GL Dartt
1   Just Like Xena LJ Maas
1   Learning To Climb Sharon Smith
1   Leather and Lace Greek Warrior
1   Lorimal's Chalice Jane Fletcher
1   Lost Larisa
1   Lost and Found Series Fantasy
1   Lost Soul Walking DJWP
1   Many Roads too Travel Karen A. Surtees
1   Matter of Trust Rad
1   Mickey Knight series JM Redmann
1   Millennium Series GL Dartt
1   Most Cherished Dreams D
1   Mother may I + series R. Lordon
1   My Sister's Keeper Mavis Applewater
1   No Ocean Deep Cate Swannell
1   Nurturing Souls DS Bauden
1   Passion's bright fury Radclyffe
1   Past the Point SLBowers
1   Persistence Of Memory Paul Seely (and Jennifer Garza)
1   Plan D Fly Big D
1   Poetry in Motion Harley
1   Provenance Cruise
1   Queen's Lane I. Christie
1   Reunion Angharad Governal
1   Seasons/Mysteries Series/ Anne Azel
1   Second Chance Lynne Norris
1   Shadowland Radclyffe
1   Sherwood Series L Graham
1   Storm Surge Katlyn
1   Strings Attached Inyx
1   Taught By Love Zoe
1   The Caretakers Daughter Gabgold
1   The Cloak BL
1   The Commitment Series with Billie and Cat Kd bard
1   The Coward Mark Annetts
1   The Dancer Jim
1   The Family that Love Built Series Psyche -b
1   The Foundlings Gabrielle Goldsby
1   The Hawk Run Chronicles PsiDragonis
1   The Headmistress Felioness
1   The Infinity Series (Highlander Crossover) Redhawk and Company
1   The Kink Series Penumbra
1   The Last Train Home Blayne Cooper
1   The Lion And The Lamb Lois Cloarec Hart
1   The Magic of the Heart CJ Harte
1   The Nano Series Jules Mills
1   The Right Thing SX Meagher
1   The Road to Glory TNovan and Advocate.
1   The Valiant Series D
1   The way life should be D Tremaine Braund
1   The White Trash series Vivian Darkbloom
1   Touchdown Kim Pritekel & Alexa Hoffman
1   True Colours + seq. Karen A. Surtees
1   Tumbleweed Fever LJ Maas
1   Turning Tides AK Naten
1   Twist of Fate Jessica Casavant
1   Ubermadness Bat Morda
1   Under Construction Vertigo
1   Undercover Mavis Applewater
1   Underworld Chronicles Nene Adams
1   Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost Ali Vali
1   Vendetta Talaran
1   Waiting In The Wings Ali Vali
1   Wall of Silence GabGold
1   Welcome Home Skippy
1   Western Chronicles BL Miller and Vada Foster
1   What's In A Name Kd bard
1   Wild Kim Pritekel
1   Women In Prison Elaine Sutherland
1   Women on Fire Plaider
1   World! Crème Brulee

Note: This is becoming more of a "Favorite FacFic" list than a "Top Ten" list because so many Pups are saying "You already have some of my favs on the list, but you forgot XXXXX". Ah, well <g>.

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