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(This site is an archived site for Merpup reference. Items may not be up to date  - August 2007)

Welcome to the Merpups' Den! A pack gathering site and cyber celebration of the Great Goddess Bard Merwolf: Alpha Leader of the Merpups. Although Merwolf goes by many names, her real one is Melissa Good. She is the author of impossibly good Xena: Warrior Princess fanfiction epics, updated while you wait, hovered over the reload button...drooling.

The heart of the Merwolf pack mission serves to bark loudly in admiration of Missy's talent for exploring and expanding the timeless relationship of Xena and Gabrielle.

So put your paws up and sip a glass of chilled chocolate milk. Press your nose on any of the links to romp around the rest of the territory. (If you are a "newborn pup", then check out some words of wisdom from "mom" to help you on your way.) Don't spend your time dodging pup claws and buying duct tape in bulk. Learn the ins and outs of Pack Behavior.

Please dig through each section to your heart's content and link up with other pups
to howl "Pwaises to Missy."

Feed your addiction at Merpups Anonymous. Give free reign to the little voices that keep you wondering about when Missy will get Xena to invent bubble bath. Find new chew toys to occupy your imagination while waiting for the next update.

Make a pilgrimage to the Merhaven Shrine and attain deeper understanding of the "Great Goddess Bard". Embrace Mom's words of wisdom at the "Urn of Laundry Detergent". Dabble in the "Hall of Chocolate". And consult the "Book of Kibbles" for a list of Holy Foods, special preparation guidelines, and application suggestions...just don't drip any on your keyboard.....

walking paw prints (Missy likes these)
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