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Mom's Words of Wisdom!


Mom's Words of Wisdom:

Mom's Advice about how to avoid spoilers for Missy Stories you haven't read

Collection of Laundry Tips for Merwolf

And to kick off the Save the Laundry Time '99 Campaign.....Mom's Advice on Cleaning Burnt Oil off a Frying Pan (no we do not mean Xena's creative juices!!!)

Mother's Guidelines for Good Health in Winter

Mom's Words of Wisdom for Missy at the Santa Monica Con

Mom's Words of Wisdom for new Pups, Part I

Mom's Words of Wisdom for Newborn Pups



Mom's Advice about how to avoid spoilers for Missy Stories you haven't read:

Here's what you need to do. Be sure you hang out in Merchat instead of Merwolfpack until you catch up on your reading. On Merchat the pups talk about trivial things just to pass the time in between reading updates. No spoilers ever because all they ever care about hanging around until the nex update. They leave all the creativity to Missy except for painting each other with green paint and making up exotic drinks and designing a virtual wolfhole to hang out in.




Collection of Laundry Tips for Merwolf

Missy is a goddess bard, who presumably likes to wear fresh clothes. The problem: How to keep laundry and other chores to a minimum so that she will be able to provide ample updates for the ravenous Merpups.  The Complication:  She lives in Miami where, although the humidity makes it fun for Dar and Kerry to frolic on the water, it also turns damp laundry into a veritable mildew farm.  Please send your helpful tips on how to save that laundry time from going down the drain insert content email addy here>--we would be happy to share the list with all Merpups....after all we need to find a time to reread Missy's stories and other inspirational fanfic, right?



And to kick off the Save the Laundry Time '99 Campaign.....Mom's Advice on Cleaning Burnt Oil off a Frying Pan (no we do not mean Xena's creative juices!!!)

First, throw away the brillo pad and put some lotion on your hands--quick!

Second, scrub down the countertops and stove with cinnamon/nutmeg soap--diluted of course.

Third, spray some Obsession around the kitchen and open the windows to get the smoke smell out.

Fourth, carefully take the frying pan and deposit it in the garbage.

Fifth, call out for some Thai food and relax!



Mother's Guidelines for Good Health in Winter:

It has come to Mother's attention that a significant number of you have been ill lately with various ailments from bronchitis to flu. Since Winter is just beginning for a large number of you, and some of
you may have trouble remembering what Winter is, Mother is very concerned that you are not taking proper care of yourselves, and has decided that a Health Bulletin is in order (see below). 
Northern Pup Version -

1) Stay warm.
Now, you all know that Mother believes in having fun, but she recommends moderation in all things.  Did you have to run around and play in that Icy Queu all night long?  And did you even have your snowsuits on?  And exactly what were you queued up for anyway?  Hmmm? 

Southern Pup Version -

1.  Stay warm.
Pups of the Southern variety need to be very careful to determine whether they are looking at Celsius or Fahrenheit thermometers before they go outside in their bathing suits.

1a. But don't get burned by the sun.

If you do not have access to an adequate sunscreen product, you may use Mother's home recipe--

Three part Vicks Vaporub mixed with one part blue paint.  If you do not have Vicks Vaporub, you may crush eucalyptus leaves into anything slimy that is available.

What To Do If You Get Sick:

For the coughing sickness--find a partner and use the Vicks (with or without blue paint).

For the head sickness--see Mary D.  She has the ultimate cure.

Love, Mom



Mom's Words of Wisdom for Missy at the Santa Monica Con

Missy, Dear -

This is your old Mother again (the cyberlife one, not the rl one) -

Now don't you let any of those insatiable pups force you into wearing yourself out at that conference!  I mean, really--read your stories, lift up a queue of 125 pound pups, party, party, party.  You'll be a wreck.  Just tell them your mother won't allow it, okay? Being the bad guy is part of a mother's job!

Mom (who, after reading the "transcript" of the chat in the Palace, has this mental image of Merwolf crouched in a corner chuckling and doing her best to ward off a swarm of crazed tribbles all talking at once.  Not to mention dancing and howling and gods know what else!)



Mom's Words of Wisdom for new Pups, Part I

Welcome to the list(s). 

Mother's advice:

1. Go to the Shrine and read all about this craziness: http://www.merwolf.com/merpups/shrine

2. Go to the list of Missy's fiction and start at the beginning with A Warrior by Any Other Name:

3.  Read until you're caught up, but feel free to take breaks in between on the list.

4.  Dive right in and make yourself at home.  This is a crazy place, but safe and fun.

Mom (who really MUST get to bed now)



Mom's Words of Wisdom for Newborn Pups

Dear Newborn Pup -

This is Mom.  Don't worry.  Slightly confused and intimidated is the natural state for new merpups.  After about a day you'll still be slightly confused, but hopefully no longer intimidated.

Mother's Tips for Newborn Merpups

1.  First of all, welcome Dear.  Always glad to have one more pup. The more the merrier, as you will see soon.

2.  Next, go to http:/yahoogroups.com and click on the User Center. Check the box for Digest.  This will batch your mail messages so that you get 25 at a time grouped together into one message.  This makes it much easier to breeze through all the mail until you get used to the volume and decide what you'd like to do.  By the way, there are three lists (And you thought you were getting a lot of mail now!)

See, Missy had a message board on her site, but the pups crashed it with too much traffic, so TrueXena set up two lists on Onelist:

MerwolfPack - for discussion of Missy's stories, issues relating to XWP, conference information and other sort of "official" business. When the traffic got to be too high on this list because some pups
wanted to chat while waiting for an update, TX began another list:

merchat - for pups who just want to hang around and wait for the next update while having fun with each other.  These pups are a little wild and crazy.  They've built an imaginary virtual community in the backyard.  It used to have a foxhole, which was renamed a wolfhole, but then it got filled in with mud during a huge virtual waterfight. Then they built a virtual bomb shelter. Watch for details and a sketch sometime soon, but for now, just know that the BS contains a bar, a waterbed, an extra wide leather couch (like the one Dar and Kerry have), a pool table, a jacuzzi, a fireplace, a fully stocked kitchen and a comfortable chair for Mom.  This week they added a snowblower and a tractor with a plow.  You sort of have to experience this list to understand it, but you can usually find a bartender on duty. Sometimes the merchatters go over to ICQ (nicknamed the icy queu) to chat also.

MerwolfVoices - is a brand new list started by Robin The Energizer Mommy to talk freely about issues and topics that are not specifically/directly about the topics adressed in the list MerwolfPack, but this list is not intended as a place to chat, per say. 

3. Go to http://www.merwolf.com/merpups and look through the Merpups' Den.  This is a compilation of pup history and antics and can give you a feel for what you've missed so far.

4. Some pups handle the mail by setting to Digest unless they're actually at the computer, then switching to Single when they get home. That way, by the time they've read through the digests, they have a few real time messages so they can see what's happening right now.  If your mail service allows you to filter, you can have the list mail moved automatically into a folder when it arrives.  That way all your mailing list mail is together, and you can see what else is in your mailbox more easily.

5.  Dive right in and introduce yourself.  The pups on all three lists are extremely friendly, and will most likely welcome you with a group slobber (would have been a group hug, but wolves don't have arms).

So, anyway, have fun.  This was a serious message because the mail really is overwhelming and we don't want anyone to be buried alive before we can even meet them.  But usually Mother's messages attempt to be funny, so don't expect serious again!

Mom (smooch)(hope this helps)



Stay Tuned for more Words of Wisdom

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