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 Alias  Isurus  Rachel Hahn
   Jeff Eastmond ... see Xodiac  
 Ana, Pastor-Pup, B-Day Pup  Jeff Jay  RecPup ... see Becki
 Audrey  Joe and Gin  Renee, the Artist Pup
 Becki (RecPup)  Jtd  Rhiannon SilverFlame
 BerlinPup  (Leslie and) Jude  
 Birda  Judith  Roman
 Bop #1  Just One Anne  SCM
 Brandy  KarmaHappens  Shana...see Chiclet
   Kat aka CeddyPup  
 Brat  Katherine  Sherryl
 Candy  Kathy Neville  SnuggleGrrl
 Cat T (and Drake)  Kelley  Sokol
 Cate  Kerabe  Subee
 Chaseher  Kim  Talia, The MacGuyver Pup
 Chiclet (Shana)  Lady Adrell (and Moonchild)  Talia and Sherryl
 Chris, The Great White North Pup  Latsric aka Crystal  TalkAttack14
 Chris and Cc6    Tamrin
 Christa  Lenore  Tanya, The Bartender Goddess
 Cie  Leslie (and Jude)  Tap, the Wizard (a.k.a. Pat Winterburn)
 CPT Skip  Linda and Barb  Tara
 Dawn  LisaMoose  Terri Pick
 DeboX  Liz Brock  Tessa
 Devon  Llachlan  Tiff
 Docile Dreamer aka Jheri (with Gina)  LoryJade  Tiger
 (Cat T and ) Drake  Lucia  Tina
 Druth McClure  LynB  Trish, Ardently
 Elvis, the Sixties Singing Pup  Marcie  TrueXena, Royal Amazon Trouble Maker Pup!
   Mark Annetts  
 Erin, the RodeoPup  Markski the WonderPup  WarriorBard, The HandyBARD
 FuzzyButt the Elder  Markus, aka Zaphod, The Silly Pup  WarriorNutCase, the GabWhackin' Amazon
 Gaia, aka Mom  Martin Hooper  Windborn and Pat
 Helen (Moderator Pup)  Matsu71  Wode & Tater
 Honey (Musician Pup)  MerPeg, The Urban Legend Buster  Wulfwin
   MerWolf, the Alpha, Missy  Xandrina
   Michele, The Official Tour Guide  Xeenababe, aka Susan
   Milli  XenasBard and Adam
   Miss Ellie  Yuri
   Mistress Lisa  
   (Lady Adrell and) Moonchild  
   (Susan) Mullarky  
   Pat'sBard (Bard)  
   KrisB and Paws  
   Psycho Pup  

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