The Seventh-Ever XenaFest

Sunday, June 9, 2002, 11 .am. - 3 p.m.

University of Hawaii-Manoa
Hawaii Institute of Geophysics 110

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Welcome to the Seventh-Ever Hawaii Xenafest, 2002

Getting an audience is easy with a bit of persuasion

It helps to have two Xenas for recruiting

Even families are "invited"

These fans eagerly await the start of the XenaFest

XenaFest organizer and emcee Jackie Young starts if off

First comes the Martial Arts demonstration

How to chop firewood without hands

Big wood needs two helpers

Little girl, BIG staff

Little girl, BIG punch

Flickering Sais in the hands of the young master

The Society of Creative Anachronism demonstrates serious sword bashing

Whack! Take that!

What's a Fest without an auction ...

or the ever popular costume contest?

Kathy runs the back room sales

Even Xena helps here

A Mejiro visits Xena

Talented artists, too

The keynote speaker, Robert Trebor aka "Salmoneus"

RT regales us with anecdotes from the XWP show

Autographs and book signing ...

with families...


even janitors

Pau Fest, and a leisurely dinner with good friends

Photos copyrighted by Jim Yuen 2002