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Terri and Answer, Jan 2000 PupMeet

betean.jpg 41 Kb
Bev, Terri and Answer in living room
teanpc.jpg 23 Kb
Terri and Answer on PC
teanpli1.jpg 42 Kb
Answer and Terri at Pali Lookout with Lanihuli in background
teanpli2.jpg 39 Kb
Answer and Terri at Pali Lookout
teanstf3.jpg 48 Kb
Terri and Answer eager to defend
teanstf1.jpg 57 Kb
Terri attacks Answer
teanstf2.jpg 61 Kb
Answer press Terri Back
teanstf4.jpg 50 Kb
Terri parries Answer's leg sweep
tejiman.jpg 30 Kb
Terri, Jim, Answer with Pup essentials, a box of chocolates and a GabWhacker
terjimans3.jpg 162Kb
[large version]
terjimans.jpg 159 Kb
terjimans2.jpg 42 Kb
[large version]
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