The  word ?rokushakubo? means 6 foot staff. Roku is 6. Shaku is a measurement approximately 1 foot. Bo is staff. It is made from hardwood. The Bo is approximately 6 feet in length, in principle the Bo should be at least one fist length taller than the wielder. Its diameter is between 1 and 2 inches. The Bo can be straight or tapering towards the ends.

The Bo was used as a walking staff and as a yoke to carry loads in buckets or baskets. In the latter case, the Bo was placed across the shoulders and the loads were suspended by rope from the ends.

The Bo depends entirely on Te (hand) techniques. Proper turning and twisting of the wrist is necessary. Kobudo Masters spent many years practicing with the Bo before attempting combat.

The Bo is gripped with the hands spaced one-third down from each tip. When held horizontally in front, the right palm is facing away from the body and the left hand is facing the body. The opposing grip of the hands enables the Bo to rotate. The power is generated by the back hand pulling the Bo. The front hand is used for guidance. It is important to twist the wrist when striking and poking just like turning the hand over when punching.