Scroll III - 3/20/2002 Jim Yuen FBtE

Dearest Gabrielle,

You won't *believe* this! I am so excited. Wait, let me start at the beginning.

About six moons ago, our village was attacked by some passing warlord's roving band. I don't even know his name. Anyway we were able to protect most of the people and fought off the b*astards. We lost five men and two women and had 22 wounded, but we survived.

Sarah and I helped where we could. We took in two of the travelers who were hurt in the attack. They were staying at Hog's Breath Inn at the time. One was a hunky young man (Hey! Even at my age, *I* can dream, can't I? <grin>) whith a broken leg who turned out to be an itinerant bard on his way home.

His name is Virgil.

Surprise! We found out that he *knew* you, Xena and Sarah and that he was Joxer's and Meg's son. Did I tell you that he fought off half a dozen men until one guy chopped him in the leg? That's how he got hurt.

So, of course, Sarah fussed at him and treated him like some poor injured lamb (remember the lamb you snuck into our room and nursed back to health? Mom said the room smelled of sheep for months). I was so busy taking care of the farm and stuff that Reba, our nosy neighbor who said "Hmmm, seems that Sarah is sure spending a lot of time with that Virgil guy..he must be really sick" that the clue-by-four finally whacked me upside my head. My little babykins is falling in love with Virgil.

While Virgil was recoveing, he talked about wanting to run an inn of his own. Meg has his sisters and brothers helping her run the Sword and Sai and Virgil wanted to do his own thing .. you know how kids are these days. But we have Hog's Breath as the town inn and Poteidaia doesn't need another one.

Well, it seems that Aliyah who took over Cyrene's inn in Amphipolis is having problems and wanting to settle in the country with her man and farm again. And our farm hasn't been the same since mom and dad crossed over. I'm just not cut out to be a farm wife and being a widow and all, it gets tougher every year. Anyway, it took a while, but we cut a deal to swap the farm in Poteidaia for the inn and land in Amphipolis. I'll be an inn-keeper and Sarah and Virgil will help run the place. You always said you liked my cooking, so we'll see how it works out.

And then, Virgil asked for Sarah's hand. On his knees and holding her hand. He even asked me for permission beforehand. Sarah burst in tears (I think she's flashing back to Gurkhan and how she feels she doesn't deserves any happiness) and finally said "yes". I am *so* happy. My baby is getting married. Woohoo! I'll probably regret it when the grandchildren arrives and I have to help babysit them. Did I say how happy I am?

Would you believe those two even decided on what to name the inn? In honor of his father and his adventures with you and Xena, it'll be called "Jox 'n Chix".

We're going to relocate there in a moon or so, give us another moon to fix it up and we'll be ready for business in time for the Harvest Fair and all the traveling merchants that visit Amphipolis. And one week before we open, we'll have a big wedding for Sarah and Virgil (if thay can wait that long..heh..heh). We would love to have you there. We know that your travels may not make it possible, but come if you can. You still have two moons to juggle your travel plans.

I miss you so much. You're my only siister and I love you. Mcuh love, too, from Sarah and Virgil.

Come visit soon, you're family and you're always welcome.

Love, Lila