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WARNING--Trade secret patent information regarding the Hurricane Watch Project is revealed below. Please read at your own risk. We recommend that you have a Hurricane Watch 1 clearance level before commencing.
(Spoiler Alert <g>) Research intensity may cause proportional reaction...cold shower protocol is recommended after debriefing below.

Chemical Application Breakthrough--"Liquid Soap"
Miami, FL

M. Good has proven her ability at working with materials at their melting points. In her latest discovery, liquid soap was applied in a wet lab. The results have delighted and amazed the scientific community. In the word of one of her fellow researchers, "Missy rocks!" There are still questions that remain unanswered regarding the nature of the soap experiment. Although the lab results were aesthetically appealing, further tests will need to be conducted to determine their validity. The S.O.A.P Foundation has generously agreed to sponsor Missy and her two top assistants in their further research of soap melting points. It should be mentioned that the exact olfactory and tactile properties of the liquid soap are uncertain at this time.

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