Mary D's Heads

Bound part 8

Mary D's first head was found while she was immersed in Bound.  Mary D had come to love Missy and was enjoying her third novel when what did she read:


Well, this will at least catch their attention. She decided, then grabbed the dead forest dweller’s battlecoat, and heaved him up, straining hard against the weight. You’ve only got one chance at this, Xena. Better make it good, because it’s going to look extremely stupid if you don’t.

Taking a deep breath, she got herself ready, then released her grasp, and drew her sword, putting all her remaining energy into three savage cuts that sliced through the russet body with a wrenching, grating sound.

Five parts. She noted, trying to catch her breath. Not bad, Xena, not bad. You haven’t quite lost that macabre touch after all. Walking forward, she grabbed the severed head, and picked it up, continuing to walk towards Secan’s forces. Saw the uneasy fear in their eyes, and smiled. When she was in range, she drew her arm back, and let fly, sending the head into their midst, and striking the tall silver lieutenant squarely in the chest with it.

Mary D was hooked and was looking for more.

Winters Ending part 7

It wasn't long before Missy satisfied Mary D's lust for beheadings, only this time it was a different sort of beheading:


Gabrielle picked her head up, and saw what Xena was looking at. Rurik, dazed, and getting to his feet unsteadily. Xena knelt and put her down. "Don’t go anywhere, ok?"

The warrior stood, and walked over to him, standing quietly while he straightened up. Then she picked him up by the throat and slammed him against the tree, sending a cascade of ice crystals down over both of them.

She shook her head, scattering them, and examined him.

"Xena." Gabrielle's voice was quiet, but insistent.

'What?" She asked, drawing her hip dagger and fingering it.

"He didn't hurt me." Damning words from the bard.

A long pause from Xena. "He didn't touch you?"

A sigh from her partner. "He wanted to.. gave me some stuff.. it backfired. But no.. "

Now Xena turned around, and looked her right in the eye. Gabrielle met that gaze for a minute, then dropped it, and looked at the ground.

The warrior returned her attention to Rurik. "You're lucky." She told him, in a low growl. "If you'd have touched her, I'd have ripped both your arms off and beaten you to death with them." She paused, and looked at his sweating face. "Is that what you get out of this? Pleasure from molesting helpless captives?"

He spat at her. "Not from the likes of her, or you.. but there's more fish in the sea."

Wrong answer. The warrior mused, as the wolf surfaced, and she let it.

"Not for you." Xena said, in a silky cold voice. She put a knee against his chest, and reached down, grabbing his groin in one powerful fist. His eyes started to pop out, then she clenched hard, and pulled with all her strength, ignoring his scream, waiting until she could feel the flesh separate and vessels rupture under her grasp.

Then she released him, and watched him slide down the tree, his eyes rolling up into his head, and animal like grunts issuing from his mouth.

Xena dusted her hands off, then turned, taking in Gabrielle's horrified stare with an internal wince. She crossed back to her, and knelt down, capturing the bard's chin in her hand and tilting her face up. "Hey.."

Gabrielle swallowed hard, and tried to control her breathing. "I… " Oh gods.. oh gods..I can't believe she just did that…

"Gabrielle.. that wasn't for you." Xena said, gently.


Neighbors watched in stunned silence as Mary D jumped up and down yelling "I have a new head, I have a new head." Since Mary D thought those type of heads would clash with her decor, she put them in a little draw string puch and they hang inside the 2nd skull."

Promises Kept part 8

Mary D had to wait through 2 more stories before adding to her collection. Missy provided Mary with many scenes of action fighting and death but no heads. Mary D was soon to be a very excited woman:


Her sword slashed out, beheading two men at once, and she jumped down into the first ranks, cutting and stabbing. She pulled her chakram out and used it as a second edged weapon, cutting gashes into armor, and sinking it's edge into chests as men screamed in fear and disbelief.

Another yell, and she leaped forward, slashing and taking off an arm, a leg, she turned in one circle with her arms locked and gutted three men, leaving a pile of bodies in her wake.

Her blood was up now, and the part of her that was Ares was surging and awake, and she headed into the lines with a deadly, unstoppable fury. The half closed gates limted the flow of the soldiers, and as she killed her way forward, she let the falling bodies help her block the rush too.


Mary D's collection increased by two. It was heard from her mates in Australia that she was beaming from ear to ear and singing "1 head on the wall, 1 head on the wall, if one should happen to fall I will have 2 heads on the wall. 2 heads on the wall, 2 heads on the wall, if one should happen to fall I will have 3 heads on the wall."

Tropical Storm part 16

Mary D's collection was growing but she wasn't satisfied. When she heard Missy's new story was to be an Uber story her mates found her sitting in front of her heads looking sad. After much cajoling they convinced her to read the new story. Soon Mary D's neighbors heard shouts of "Off with his head" coming from her house. The neighbors knew Mary had her sites on a new head for her collection.


Kerry exhaled slowly, and moved.  

Backwards, until she was pressed against Dar's warm body. "No." Her eyes found his. "You've taken away every god damned thing I've ever loved in my life from me. You're not taking this you son of a bitch." Her jaw clenched.

"Don't be stupid, girl." Kyle said, from between gritted teeth. "You know this is in your best interests.. now move!" His voice rose to a commanding bark.

"Bite me." Kerry replied. "Now you better get out of here, before I call the cops and have your disgusting, ugly ass arrested."

He raised the gun, and pointed it at Dar. "Fine.. I can see the roadblock.. one more bullet riddled corpse in Miami.. who in the hell would even notice." He motioned to Dar. "Move away from her."

Kerry reached behind her and grabbed hold of her companion. "No."

"Stupid bitch." Kyle lifted his aim towards Dar's head. "I wanted to save myself the cost of buying you something to wear not blood splattered. He aimed carefully. "Say goodbye to your lover, you pervert."

Kerry felt arms close around her. "Go on." The low voice shivered down her spine. "I'll be all right."

She felt a rage building. "Why are you doing this, Kyle? Even if I go with you, I'll never stay.. we both know that… why can't you just leave me alone?"

"Because no worthless woman is going to get one over on me, that's why." Kyle answered bitterly. "You're going to come with me, and I'm going to see you back where you belong, like I promised your father I would." He motioned. "Now move, or I shoot your pal there."

Kerry hesitated, then she turned and hugged Dar. "I'll be back." She murmured softly. "I promise you."

Dar saw the triumphant look in Kyle's eyes, and understood what was behind it. She put her arms around Kerry and hugged her back. "Take care of yourself." She whispered. "I love you.. don't ever forget that."

It hurt. Kerry tried not to think about how happy she'd been just a half hour previously, then she released Dar, and backed off a little, turning to face Kyle with a fierce expression. "You're going to pay for this."

He reached out and jerked her closer, then shoved her towards the waiting car. "Oh no.. but I'm going to enjoy this moment for a long time." He raised the gun, and aimed at Dar. "Sending you to hell, bitch… say hello to Satan."

Dar met his eyes grimly.

"No!" Kerry yelled, throwing herself forward, between the gun and her lover, as Kyle's finger whitened on the trigger.

Dar met her halfway, grabbing her out of mid air and whirling around to protect her body from the gunshot, as both Kyle and his partner fired at the same time.

The seagulls yelled a protest, and scattered, leaving the street in curious silence. Slowly, a dark head raised up from the dusty surface, and looked around. "Wh… " Dar blinked, seeing the two, slumped figures not far from them. She glanced down at Kerry, who was huddled under her, both hands clenched tight in Dar's shirt. "Hey.."

Green eyes fluttered open, and Kerry gazed up at her in shock. "What happened?" She whispered.

Dar rolled to one side, and blinked. "I…. " Her eyes took in the two still forms, and the dark puddles spreading from under them. "I.. .did they shoot each other? I don't unders…" She looked quickly around, seeing the furtive eyes peering out of the back window of the restaurant. "Guess I'd better call the cops." She stood, then offered Kerry a hand up. "Are you all right?"

Kerry staggered to her feet, and fell against Dar's body, clutching her unsteadily as she gazed in horror at the two men. "Oh my god." She whispered.


Mary was so excited she created a special page just for Dar and Kerry on her web site, the DaKverse. Rumor has it that Mary D's neighbors have been sending Missy E-mails on the side pleading for her to keep feeding Mary D's hobbies. Evidently she has been looking at their heads, taking measurements and calling them Steve.

Hurricane Watch part 3

First of two heads

As Missy started writing "Hurrican Watch" an echo of howls was heard through the Pupverse and things were knocked off of low tables by the wagging tails. Soon, Missy introduced "Steve" and not only was Mary D screaming for a head the whole Pupverse was!

Mary D was heard once again singing "1 head on the wall, 1 head on the wall, if one should happen to fall I will have 2 heads on the wall. 2 heads on the wall, 2 heads on the wall, if one should happen to fall I will have 3 heads on the wall" as she made room on her trophy case. Friends and neighbors were overheard saying "not again." When Mary D was stung by a nasty fish while swimming her husband swore he heard her yell "Damn, I've been bitten by Steve, off with his head."


"I am a lawyer." Steve added. "And boy, I hope you guys have insurance." He snapped at her. "This was disgraceful, not to mention dangerous.. "

"Yeah!" Jose grunted.

"Hold it." Kerry stood up, and walked between them, seeing that Skippy was about to burst into tears. "Stop yelling at her. It's not her fault." She gave the guide a quietly sympathetic look. "She's just doing her job."

Skippy gave her a tremulous smile. "Thanks."

Kerry grinned warmly back.

"Shut up, you whore." Steve spat disgustedly.

The blond woman turned to look at him, aware of the sudden motion on the peripherals of her vision. "Excuse me?"

"Your Dar's whore.. we all know it.. so just shut up, and go lick her or some.. " He never even saw the fist that hit his face, sending a sharp crack across the porch. Steve's body slid down onto the ground bonelessly.

Kerry shook her hand out. "Ouch." She winced. "That hurt like heck." Everyone was looking at her, including Dar, who had stood and started to walk over. "And for the record. I'm not anyone's whore."

An awkward silence fell. Finally, Skippy cleared her throat. "Um… would.. anyone like some cookies?" She offered with desperate cheerfulness. "We've got three kinds, and some juice.. while we wait for the bus, I mean.. I've.. asked the camp manager to get your things from the cabin, and I.. you know, we've never had anything like this happen before, and we're really sorry.. really, really sorry.. can I get you all some juice?"

Long pause. "Cookies?" Her voice cracked a little.

Mariana, mercifully, came to her rescue. "That would be great… and if you have Calamine lotion… I'm sure it wasn't your fault.. let's see if we can find some band aides, too." She ushered Skippy inside the hall, as Kerry walked back over and sat down next to Dar, somewhat self consciously. Her hand hurt like hell, and she cradled it in her other one, staring down at the swelling knuckles as though they belonged to someone else.

Jesus. She'd hit someone. Worse, she'd hit the assistant vice president of marketing for the company she worked for. All over a couple of words. Ashamed, she glanced up at Dar.

Warm, proud blue eyes gazed back at her, over lips that held a definite, gentle smile.

"I shouldn't have done that." Kerry whispered.

"No.. but it's all right." Dar told her, reaching deliberately over and taking her hand, examining the bruises carefully. "That's going to hurt for a few days."

"Mm." Kerry absorbed the warmth of her lover's fingers around hers. "Looks like yours did that night." She murmured, glancing around at the rest of the group, who were studiously looking elsewhere. "This is really messed up."

"Don't worry about it." The dark haired woman told her. "We'll get through this… trust me."

Liquid green eyes gazed up at her. "I do."

Dar nodded a little reassuringly, then sat back, and exhaled, willing that driver to hurry.

Hurricane Watch part 5

Second head

Mary D and the rest of the Pups were howling with glee after Kerry decked ol Steve. Missy, in her typical style of keeping her den of pups happy, gave not one Steve beheading but two.


Loud, angry voices in her outer office. Maria, moving quickly to stop an advance on her inner door, the secretary's voice sharp with outrage.

"Maria!" Dar called out. "It's all right."

Silence, then the door slammed open, and Steve stalked in, banging it behind him and striding across the floor to where she sat, backlit in sunlight. "What in the hell do you want?" He snarled.

Dar took a sip of her coffee, tasting the richness of the cream on the back of her tongue. "Sit down." She replied quietly.

"Look, I don't have time to play games with you, Dar. " Steve replied, remaining on his feet. "I should have known better than to expect you to keep your end of a bargain… but don't worry. There's plenty more where that came from."

Dar studied him. He wasn't bad looking, or he wouldn’t have been if half of his face hadn't been covered with a bandage, and the other half still red and raw from poison ivy. "I'm going to fire you." She remarked conversationally.

He snorted. "Sure.. go ahead… I'm going to enjoy the hell out of suing your ass for it." He put his hands on his slim hips. "I won't have to work for a few years."

"I'm firing you for cause." Dar pulled a folder out from her desk drawer, and examined the contents. "You falsified your employment application." She reviewed it, her voice mild and thoughtful. "It's not actionable."

He stared at her. "What?"

She slid a copy of the application over to him, with two entries circled. "You stated you graduated from UM with an IS degree. You didn't." She tapped the paper with her pencil. "And you said you worked for Anderson from 96 to 98. You didn't.. you were let go in late 97."  She folded her hands. "The application states any falsification is grounds for immediate termination. "She pointed. "You signed it."

Dead silence.

"You're fucking serious." He half whispered, half screamed. "Everyone puts shit on their resumes, you freaking idiot."

"Mm… " Dar nodded. "Most people do… but if you get caught, that's what happens." She agreed. "And yes, I'm serious." She gazed at him. "You want to sit down, now?"

He stared at the application, then at her. "What about you.. you're screwing your damn assistant.. what does that get you?"

She thought she really should be getting mad. But instead, she almost felt pity for him. "That's not a termination offense." She informed him. "And the penalty for it is up to the individual employee's supervisor." A very brief, very fleeting smile. "And often depends on the relative value of the affected employees."

"You piece of shit." His eyes hated her.

Kerry's voice echoed in her ears, and damped down Dar's sudden, seductive desire to reach across the desk and shatter his jaw. "You know, Steve.. if you'd put half the energy you spend hating me into doing your work, you wouldn't have bounced in and out of three companies in the last two years." She advised him quietly. "You keep blaming me… and frankly, my life's too complicated for me to even give you a passing thought."

"What the hell are you talking about?" He asked, on an irregular breath.

Dar leaned forward. "Look.. I'm sorry I pursued a tired issue way back when and got you in trouble.. if I'd known then what I know now. I'd have just let you rape the system and get away with whatever you could, okay?"

He stared at her.

"That was ten years ago, Steve… I'm not the same person.. and I don't give a rats ass about you anymore… just drop it, and move on." Dar continued. "I'll give you a god damned recommendation if you want… that'll get you into any Fortune 500 you hand it over to…just leave all that crap in the past, all right?"

For a long time, their eyes locked, as the silence drew out in tense, brittle minutes. "You don’t' have to do that." His voice dripped with bitterness. "Just put down on your little, proper form that I quit, all right?"  He stood up and dropped the folder onto her desk. "Congratulations… I hope you take your little victory and stick it up your ass."

Her eyes followed him out, and she sighed. "Asshole." She shook her head, then dialed a number.

"Security, Amos." The gruff, male voice answered.  Dar explained quietly what had happened, and received a brief, understanding response. Then she hung up and dialed Mark.

"MIS…oh, hi, boss." Mark's tone was cheerful, and it put a tiny smile onto her face. "Damn good to hear your voice."

"Lock out Fabricini's access." Dar sighed. "He just quit."

"Ooo ooo..oooo.. "Mark warbled. "Hang on.. " A rapid fire rattling of keys followed. "Shazam! Done." He chuckled. "Way to go, boss.. you rule."

"Yeah." Dar grunted. "I have to call Mari… how's the rerouting coming?"

"It sucks." Mark responded. "We're going to be here all night."

"Mmph." Dar disconnected the line, then sighed. "Well, Ker… I tried. I really did." She muttered to herself, as she dialed the Personnel office. Mariana's secretary answered. "Is she in?"


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