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Pupbones Silver Charms

These are just fantastic! Xenonbia Wright has created 2 very special silver charms...perfect for every merpup. The first is a silver pup bone with paw prints on it. For those who were at the Pasadena convention, this charm will forever remind you of the merpups ability to turn negatives into positives...a lesson that will serve us all well throughout our lives. The second is a silver paw print cutout. Both are exquisitely here for more information and how to order.

Fanfiction CDs

Need the perfect present for the fanfic fanatic?? Here's just the gift you've been looking for! A cd chock full of fanfic from some of the best bards in the Xenaverse! Volume 1 is already available...and pup Cie is hard at work on Volume 2. These are not to be missed! For more info on Volume 1 click here. And stay tuned for info on Volume 2!

Dar and Kerry in 2000 Bumper Stickrrrs

In the words of the Stickrrrpup:

"I tell you... since I've had my BumperStickrrr on my little car I've found lane changes are smoother, my car stays cleaner longer, I'm also getting smiles from so many more drivers and I swear my gas mileage has improved ;)

But they're not just for automobiles!

No, these commercially-printed, adhesive-backed stickers will stick to just about anything. And they're vinyl so they can withstand the elements. I encourage all pups to get a handful and stick them anywhere and everywhere."

Bumper Sticker order info

MerwolfPack Logo Shirts

A new bunch of pups are taking orders for shirts and hats with a fabulous merpup logo on it! Click here to check it out!!

WordWarrior Tapes

You have read Merwolf's stories. You have printed them off and bound them and reread the mushy sections (or rather the sections of extra-concentrated mush, since the mush just flows through the whole text!) until you know them by heart. The voices of the characters call out to you in the night. And now, for your ultimate story enjoyment, you can own tapes of Missy's stories read by WordWarrior, a professional voice actress of great renown!! For more information, tap your paw here and tattle on.

The Panther and the Fox

Have you ever wondered what that painting looked like that Paladia gave Xena and Gab for their joining? Well, look no further! The pups, with Missy's approval have commissioned a professional version. The painting is an original oil on linen by Nancy Albrecht. For more information click here or contact Dave Gentile.

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