Pack Conventions

Howl at the moon with your fellow Merpups, and maybe even be blessed with a Real Life chat with your favorite bard in the elevator! The Merwolf's Pups will set up their own versions of Amazon festivals at upcoming Xena/Hercules conventions and Pup Gatherings.

Not sure what to expect at a X/H Con when you meet up with fellow pups? Well neither did we, but with help from Lunacy and CPTSkip and the following reports from previous conventions you will get an idea of what goes on *there*.

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Pup Plans

Here's a listing of the various pup plans that are coming up on the schedule.

  • DragonCon
    Missy is the track leader for the Xena track at Dragoncon and has some really great panels and guests planned. Check out the details here.

Upcoming Conventions

The following are conventions that pups will most likely be attending.  Have fun!

  • Creation Salute to Xena and Strong Women of Sci-Fi
    Orlando, FL   MAY 25-26, 2002
    Holiday Inn International Drive Resort
    CLAIRE STANSFIELD (Alti of Xena)
    ALEXANDRA TYDINGS (Aphrodite of Xena)
    CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN (Ivanova of Babylon 5)
    CHASE MASTERSON (Leeta of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
    NICHELLE NICHOLS (Uhura of classic Trek)
    MISSY GOOD (Xena writer, fan fiction author)

  • Orlando Bardcon 2002
    Orlando, FL  MAY 25, 2002
    Coronado Springs Resort

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