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The following are various ways that the merpups are interacting in the virtual den.  Feel free to try one or all of them!!  Since pups are so creative, there are always new ways of interacting that are being attempted.  This page will try to keep an updated list of what's available. 

Main Mailing Lists | Regional Pup Lists | Message Board | Chatting | WebRing

Mailing Lists | Merwolfpack | Merchat | Merwolf Voices
| Merwolfdigest | MerwolfTapes
| Ladyhawke-TS-Update | Merhawkes Chat

All Merpup related mailing lists can be found at http://www.yahoogroups.com/. There is a free registration procedure that you must complete in order to subscribe to any list. To look at the archives of a list click on the list name below. Click on the name of the list to subscribe.  For some pointers on email protocol check out the Pack Behavior page.

Merwolfpack          The Merwolfpack FAQ

This is the original mailing list for the pack.  As it is still evolving, there is no hard and fast rule about what this list is about.  It seems to be a place for pups to talk about Merwolf stories, XWP episodes, other fanfic of interest to pups, and a bunch of other things.  The great Merwolf herself contributes to this list.  The list generates anywhere from 200 to 500 posts/day and has over 2000 pups on it.


This list was created to handle the volume overload from the Merwolfpack list. This list is for more chat oriented discussion and/or role-playing, or as it's been referred to "fluff". It is populated by a bunch of very friendly, rowdy, hilarious bunch of pups. Please join if you're looking for a lot of mail and a lot of fun.


This list is specifically for fans of Missy Good and other interested parties who would like a place to voice their opinion, test the waters and just walk through life with others of a like mind. There seems to be a desire to talk freely about issues and topics that are not specifically / directly about the topics addressed in the list MerwolfPack. This is a discussion list, not a chat club. The difference is that we are here to learn from each other and walk together, not to rattle on about our navel fuzzies. This is NOT the place for flames of any kind, mindless banter, bad language (unless it's because you can't spell), or bad mouthing anyone. For more information, email nwbird@houseofbards.com.


It seems that pictures don't show up on digest versions, so all those who subscribe to the digest version of Merwolfpack can leave this on reg. mill. and hopefully artists will post here, thus alleviating the problem of the missing pics! Do Not put this list on Digest or you will be defeating the purpose.

Some tips from Mom about using Merwolfdigest


A list to discuss details regarding making audio tapes of Missy Good's stories. For more information, see Ordering Melissa Good's fan fiction on audio tapes.


Ladyhawke-ts-update is a list dedicated to bringing you updates from the LadyHawke Productions page for Tropical Storm - The Film. Tropical Storm has been written by Melissa Good and produced by Ladyhawke Productions and is being turned into a film. Keep up to date with events on the set of this upcoming movie! Have a chance to talk to the producers and writers - You never know who might turn up! .


A List dedicated to role playing and general chat about Tropical Storm The Movie that is being produced by Ladyhawke Productions.

Regional Pup Mailing Lists

DC Pups - There's no list for those near the beltway, but you can contact Lida Verner for more info.

ChicagoAreaPups - As the name says...the windy city pups can be found here.

Nepups - For New England pups.

SoCalPups - For Southern California pups.

TexasPupMeet - For Texan pups.

BayAreaPups - For San Francisco area pups.

CornPups - For those pups in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, etc.

SEAXena_Merwolf - For South-East Asians to discuss TV show Xena:WP and the fan fiction of Merwolf.

Message Board

A Merpup related message board can be found at www.delphi.com. There is a free registration procedure that you must complete in order to join the fun and be able to post messages. To join the board click on the name below.


This is the main message board for the pack. Although the Merwolfpack mailing list is the primary source of communication, many pups hang out here to talk.

Chatting | mplayer | IRC | ICQ|AIM | The Palace

There are a variety of ways to chat with other pups in a real-time mode they are listed below with instructions:

Mplayer - "Merpups Unite"

Mplayer is a Web site that supports not only text-based chatting, but also with microphone and speakers.  You can actually talk with other pups!  It's very cool.  It is also only available to PC's not Mac's, sorry.  To get involved at Mplayer do the following:

Go to www.mplayer.com where you will need to register (it's free) and download the mplayer software.  Once you have the software installed, launch it.  When you're connected, click on the Chat button and choose the Friends&Family area.  In there will be a room called "Merpups Unite" or something that starts with "Merpups".  The room is created each day by whoever gets there first.

IRC/Talkcity - #Merpupspack

There is an IRC chat room out there for the Pups.  You can get to it via a couple different ways.  If you want to use the Web, you can go to here to sign in.  The first time you do so, you will need to register with Talkcity (it's free) and pick a screen name.

If this link doesn't work for you, you can go directly to www.talkcity.com and sign in there.  Just search for #MerpupsPack.

If you want to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat)on your PC, you need mIRC to get to the #Merpupspack chat room using chat.talkcity.com server and ShadowX network. If you don't see this server on your list just add it and put chat.talkcity.com in the IRC Server field.  If you have a Mac you need to download ircle. If you have problems connecting, email ieva .

Every now and then, the channel hosts Open Mic Night-share your bardic tendencies, hear some great stuff. Be there..who knows what kind of stories may be told! More info.


ICQ is a way to send immediate messages to other ICQ members on the internet.  To get on ICQ, download the software and register with them.  They will provide you an ICQ number that is like a screen name.  Other pups who are on ICQ can be found in the Pup Directory.


AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is another way to chat in real-time with people on the Internet.  Because it's from AOL you can chat with anyone who uses AIM or is an AOL member.  To use AIM, download the appropriate softwarefor your computer, and register a screen name.  Other pups who are on AIM can be found in the Pup Directory.

The Palace

Palace software allows you to interact with others in a much more graphical way. Here's a description from Time Magazine:

"The rooms in the Palace, are lushly decorated spaces peopled by creatures whose whimsical plumage may be even more important than what they have to say. Wandering through these computer-generated spaces are avatars ("avs"), visual markers of a human presence that can be pretty much anything, from a wolfhound to a smiley face, James Dean to your own humble head shot."

In the Merpup world there are currently 2 different Palace spaces that you can go to. The first is the Whoosh! space, where all types of Xenites gather including Merpups and where there are special events held. It is also the best first place to go to get the Palace software and instructions on how to enter this new world of communication.

Once you've gone to Whoosh's site and installed the software you can add any number of other Palace spaces. Here's one that has been setup by a fellow Merpup. --> for more info: email pterry@columbus.rr.com

Merpups WebRing 

The one and only webring dedicated to connecting Merpups world-wide.  Add your site, be it fanfic, art, gossip, or just plain fun. If you're a Merpup, you're in! Go to the Merpup WebRing home page and sign up now!

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