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You know you're addicted when.....

  • You frantically hit the refresh button several times a night hoping for an update.
  • Missy' s stories are the first thing you read in the morning and the last thing you read at night.
  • You've lost count of how many printer cartridges you have gone through printing her stories.
  • Instead of surfing the net for research topics, you are reading about how dense Dar is.
  • You dress up as a forest dweller for Halloween (and all your friends know what it is because you've talked so much about the stories).
  • You stay up until two in the morning to get the latest update and sleep through your 9:30 class.
  • When playing Monopoly with your brother you ALWAYS choose to be the wolf (ok, so it's really a dog) and you name it "Ares".
  • After checking for updates for the 10th time and finally seeing there is one, you run around screaming "WE HAVE UPDATE" until you realize your wasting valuable reading time.
  • When you keep checking the TV guide for the episode "At a Distance"
  • You expect Cait to beat up Tara.
  • You think apples are the most romantic things ever.
  • You call out to your 4"11', 85lb employee in a crowded room to get her attention, however her name is Dina, not Xena.
  • The phrase, "centaur poop" is now a part of your daily vocabulary.
  • You're a MerwolfPack member! ARRRROOOOOO!

walking paw prints (Missy likes these)
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