This is a picture of Miss Ellie in her persona of Pre-School Teacher.

And here is the story of how I got my name:
People have been calling me Miss Ellie for a long time. Bill and I have worked with teens for years. The parents of the kids in our Youth Group did not feel that it was respectful for their kids to call me Ellie. I did not want them to call me Mrs. Maziekien, so we compromised on Miss Ellie. Later when I taught in grammar school, the kids in my class all called me Miss Ellie. Their parents call ed me by that name, too. I think it is a term of endearment. (Jeez! At least I hope so!)
Then I worked as a teacher in a day care center where all the teachers were called Miss Kathleen, or Mr. Israel, etc. I fit right in!
Even my Bill and my son Zeke, who is a lurker pup, call me Miss Ellie. My other son, Mike, calls me Mom. Go figure!

This is a picture of me, Miss Ellie, and my son, Zeke, who is a lurker pup.


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