Lúcia A. de Nóbrega of Brazil need no introduction to MerPups and Xenites worldwide.

She is the image creator of many of our most beloved characters, including Lil Xena and Lil Gabbrielle, Dori of Amphipolis, Ares the Wolf Pup, Lil Dar and Lil Kerry, the Squirrels and other pups of all sizes and shapes.

Her warm and intimate renderings of Xena and Gabrielle, Lucy and Renee, Dar and Kerry, Eva and Zoe and many of our favorites Uber characters remains unparalleled.

The MerPup Album proudly presents Lucia as seen from her own eyes and the eyes of the camera.

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Lucia and Susan Mullarky at the 2001 Xena Convention in Pasadena, Ca.

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Susan Mullarky, Honey, Lucia and FuzzyButt the Elder at the 2001 Xena convention in Pasadena, CA.

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The real story of how Lil Xena and Lil Gabby came to stay with Lucia

One night I was watching Xena and fell asleep. Suddenly I heard a whoosh sound in my bedroom, I awoke and thought it was the TV but no, it was a small chakram swirling around the room till it stuck on my closet.

Right after that I heard a little voice saying "Look what you did, I told you it's not safe to play with your Chakram in the Temple of the Fates. Now you've cut our life lines by accident. The Fates will have to fix it and Gods know how much time it will take!".

The voice came from the wall, and I saw two little girls halfway in the wall and half way out of it. They were looking at me with suspicious faces.

"Calm down Gabby, They sent us to this dimension while they are fixing the lines so let's enjoy while we are here, Okay?" The little warrior stepped out of the wall, pulled her friend through and looked at me with little guilty faces.

Well, that was it, they are staying with me while the fates are fixing the lines and while they are doing it they can't grow up, they remain little girls forever!

By Lucia, March, 2002


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