Katherine McDaniel (ceddypup-Ceddrwyn Drebon)

I got my pup name from a mud I was playing on in which my character's name was Ceddrwyn, nickname Cedd. This name is an adaptation of Cerridwyn (I think that is how you spell it) a Welsh goddess. She was the goddess of the cauldron and wisdom. There were a few players that created a vampire family-the Drebons-and I was inducted and I have used that name ever since.

As you can see by the photos I have a very cute son who I love sooo much.
He is the one true love of my life and right now he is what is keeping me going through the troubles I am currently facing. I love him so much that I just have to include him with these pictures. He is an honorary pup and his name is David Harold McDaniel, III or Trai for short.


Note: I am not a witch, or wiccan or anything in that general area of religion, I am christian. But I respect and admire the many different faiths that exist and the intricate ways the explain how the world works.
If anyone is interested in anything else about this goddess you can try these sites:



Feb. 2003

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